Thursday, June 9, 2011

What A Difference A Lamp Makes

While trying to straighten up some things in the garage, I saw two lamps that I havn't used for a while.  Now I know that some people have a real hate/love relationship with brass, however it is making a comeback in a big way.  So, there were two brass lamps that I used for years and loved.  So how would they work now?

As you have all seen, I have two white lamps in my living room and love the look with my white sofa and chair.

This is a picture that I had in my files so you can see the white lamps a little better. (I forgot to take a pic before I switched things out)

Then when I switched them out for the two brass ones, I was totally shocked at the overall feel of the room.  Everything totally changed.  The room took on a completely different vibe.

This is the one I found at a garage sale and then painted white.  I love it.  Look at the accessories next to it.

This is one of my brass ones.  Now look at the same accessories.  Big difference!!!

This white one I found at GW, love this detail.  It is on the other side of the sofa.

 Now see the difference here too.  Amazing to me how everything seemed to change.

So, white lamps, or - - - - - - -

Brass ones?   So, what do you think?

Does your room change with just the change of a lamp?  Tell me about it and what you think about these two.

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  1. I can honestly say I love them both......but I am a lamp junkie!!!
    Have a Great Day!

  2. I"m no help Marty I like both looks. I think I like the white for summer and the cool light look... but the brass ones add a warmth and richness to the room. Amazing how a lamp can do all that! Love the accessories too! Beautiful look both will be interesting what people say!

  3. I love the brass, it gives the room a softer, cosy look. The white ones give a brighter look. So go with the look you are aiming for!

  4. Marty I love the look the brass lamps gave your room! Love the size and shape of them too! Martina

  5. Everything looks so pretty!
    have a great day,

  6. I think the brass lamps look best only because I want you to give me the white ones. HA! HA!

    I really think the white ones look good for this season. Opens up the room and makes it look cool.

    The brass looks warm and great for the fall and winter months.

  7. You're does make a big difference. I had a beautiful brass lamp from when we were first married. I gave it to my brother about ten years ago. After seeing this I think I want my lamp back. Brass really is making a comeback. Everything looks gorgeous, as usual, in your room Marty.

  8. WoW! Choices...I really love the brass, but the white is great too. I think you might just switch them out whenever the mood strikes you...Absolutely no mistakes, both are great!

  9. White - summer
    Brass - fall

    Both lamps look wonderful. And you are right, the lamp change makes a totally different feel to the room. Who could have guessed.

    - Joy

  10. Marty , they both look great!!

  11. I love the brass ones there. They bring a shiny surface to the tables that is very pretty. :)

  12. I think the brass goes so well with the mirror behind the sofa. But I sort of like the idea that others mentioned about going with the white in the summer and brass in the winter. And I totally agree - brass is back!

  13. I too like both types Marty, but the brass ones sure look good!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  14. You're right, Marty! Everything did change....and I like it! :-) Love that room any way you do it... So pretty and Luxe...


  15. Love the change, the brass lamps are lovely but so are the others.
    Your home is so pretty, whatever you do just seems to look divine.

  16. I thought I was going to say I liked the white better. But then after gazing for a few moments, I'm actually liking that brass!

  17. Marty, white for summer to keep things cool: brass for winter to warm things up. Both are beautiful. I especially love the white lamp with the bas relief on it. Too pretty.

  18. Hi Marty, Like so many others I also can't believe the change in the room just from different lamps. While the white are wonderful I favor the brass because it looks more traditional and formal. It will be interesting to see which ones you choose.
    Have a delightful day.

  19. I think the brass is a nice change. I too had some brass lamps and had grown tired of them, but with your latest switch out, I'm gonna have to pull them out of the attic and use them again!

  20. Oh absolutely, your metal accessories just pop in the picture with the brass lamp, Marty! They've got a warmer feel to me so maybe you could use them in the Fall and Winter, and keep your white lamps for Summer. It would be great to be able to switch them out with your pillows when the seasons change!

  21. Since it is summer, I prefer the white. I always want to change things up for the seasons. I agree with many of the other ladies...brass for fall/winter, white for spring/summer!

  22. Wow, Marty, isn't that amazing? Such a difference just from changing the lamps!

    I think I'd go with the white for summer and then change to the brass for autumn and winter. Thank you for showing that brass can still look great--I'm guessing there are lots of people who have brass lamps that will now feel empowered to use them with pride! :)

  23. The brass adds a touch of warmth and "dressier" (is that a word?), and the white has a more casual look. It would depend on what kind of look you are wanting. I know what you mean about the brass. I used to have a lot of it around my home and went on a mission several years ago and got rid of and packed away. Now I wish I had kept certain pieces, and others kept and used the rubbed bronze spray paint on them.
    How is your Grandson that was injured?
    Enjoy your evening.

  24. MArty, it is amazing how a lamp, or a pillow can totally change the vibe of a room. I think I agree with white for summer, and brass for fall/winter. Your home is gorg!! Sue

  25. Great new lamp Marty! It does make a difference, especially with the other accessories.

  26. Hey Marty...I can't believe I'm saying this but I love the brass. I think it's the reflective quality. They glow and are almost mirror-like. What a nice change...I normally change out lamp shades for a different look but I just might have to try switching the lamps instead...thanks for a great post!

  27. I didn't know that brass was making a comeback. Well, shoot... I just got rid of a bunch of it in the attic.

    I think that room is so pretty that it looks great both ways. The brass does give it a remarkably different look.

  28. I like the brass! Why does it seem know one likes brass anymore? The white looks great with the white accessories!

  29. Marty you are so right about a totally different feel with those pretty brass lamps!!That's amazing!

    I have a new blogging friend coming for a visit Monday and need an amazing change like that- you think if I change out my lamps that my house will look clean?? I am so behind with doing the Rodeo Bible Camp and now too pooped to do much of anything else. I will have to work like a tornado Saturday!

    bee blessed

  30. Love the change! I like the brass lamps, glad to hear brass is making a comeback, I've kept using my old Stieffels all these years, still like them too!


  31. I love both! My vote is to switch it up. Go with brass for awhile and then switch it back to white. It'll be like you have an entirely new room!

  32. Hi Marty,
    I think they both look great! I would probably use the white ones for spring/summer and the brass for fall/winter, cause it gives a nice warmth to the room.

    It is amazing how just lil changes make such a difference. Love that!!

    Hope you are doing well hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  33. Marty,
    I just read on someone else's blog who said that she heard that brass is no longer in style.
    Here is what I say to that....


    Brass is always in style in my home and in so many others!! I LOVE the brass as I think it gives the room a warm and welcoming feeling and an air of elegance!!
    The white lamps are nice but I would rather them in a more casual room!!



  34. Love them is a great idea...switch them in and out every few weeks. Wait...isn't that what we do anyway, change things up every so often. Ta Da...issue solved!! Sorry that I have not posted lately. Blogger has been a real booger...couldn't comment most of the time and issues with staying signed on to my blog. Still having sign on problems but the commenting seems to have resolved. Anyway, great to be able to drop comments again.

  35. Love them both, but you definetly are making me rethink brass. I have painted a lot of brass white in recent years and got rid of some brass lamps in my last garage sale. I liked the reflection in the lamp in the last shot.

  36. Because the brass instantly warmed your room, I would choose those.
    Whites can be tricky, I think.
    Have fun changing things..:))

  37. ooo, and I meant to say that *THEY* say brass is coming back in a BIG way. I've always liked it, tho and never have painted over my brass pieces.

  38. I'm with you Marty! I have been adding brass back into our living room lately. I just realy like the warmth of it. Your "new" lamps really make a nice new statement!

  39. love the white one

    and your emma bridgewater butter

  40. Hi Marty! Thank you so much for coming over and linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week. We always love having you! And I agree with another comment that it is just fun to "switch" (pun intended) things up now and then and maybe do the white for summer and the brass for fall/winter. I still have some burnished/aged brass around my house and I love how warm it makes things feel. I think people move too quickly away from classics and I really just love the mix of textures. You do a great job of that! :-)