Monday, July 4, 2011

72nd Table Top Tuesday

Welcome to the 72nd Table Top Tuesday.  We are going to do a little tiny switch out for the 19th of July and have a


These are always such fun parties, and you guys always create the most wonderful cloche vignettes.  Now remember, we aren't snobs, you don't have to have a glass cloche, you can use an apothecary jar, birdcage, wire cloche, terrarium or anything in the world you can put a display in or under.  So use what you have and let's all get inspired.

We are going to have a fabulous GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!  Remember these stunning Salt Cloches and Teapot spoons that my friend Chie @ Chubby And Chieque sent me from Sweden a while back.

She is graciously offering another set of 4 and the spoons as a giveaway for the Cloche Party. 
To enter just go to her blog   Chubby and Chieque and sign up.

I think they are so beautiful and I didn't want to just save them for a tablescape, so I've used them in other vignettes.  Here to hold some of my shells for a coastal display.

 Aren't they absolutely fabulous.  So link up your vignettes and then make sure you scurry over to see Chie at Chubby and Chieque and enter.  These really are such special treasures and I know you will love them.  Our time tables are a little different.  So she will have her post up later this evening or early tomorrow morning.

  Now I can't wait to see what you have for this week.  Link up below, but don't forget to mark your calendar for  July 19th.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. Hello Marty,
    I am planning to participate in your Cloche Party. It happens to land on the same date as my tea party so I can combine the two easily. Always fun to decorate with cloches! Thanks for hosting and a happy Fourth of July to you.


  2. Hi Marty! It's been too long since I've participated in Tabletop Tuesday, so I'm glad to be here! I hope you've had a WONDERFUL 4th of July. Thank you for hosting this lovely party each week!

  3. I will definitely have to try my hardest to join in with your cloche party. I will try to summer-ize my house a little (it's winter here!) just for the party!

    Take care and best wishes,
    PS Hope you had a great 4th of July!

  4. Love the shells in those cloches, Marty. Nice and summery. Hope you had a good 4th.

  5. Marty,
    I'm anxiously awaiting your Summer Cloche Party!!! I remember vividly my first cloche party was with you in the time goes by rather quickly! Thank you for the offer to join a giveaway;however, I've been abundantly blessed and will graciously decline. Looking forward to more inspiration on this week's Table Top Tuesday. Definitely time for a change On Crooked Creek!

  6. I love how you have displayed your shells in the cloches. So pretty!

  7. Hi Marty...thanks for hosting. I'm looking forward to your Cloche Party...I got one not too long ago at TJ Maxx so this time I'm prepared!
    Have a great week! By the way, I am making curtain panels for my daughter's new house. I got panels at IKEA and am adding a custom top like yours. They are turning out pretty good...can't wait to see them actually hung. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  8. Happy 4th Marty! Love your beachy cloche. Cheers

  9. Hi Marty...

    Oooh...this is just so sweet of you and Chie! I adore the little salt cloches...this is the first time I have heard of a salt cloche! And...I have been wanting a set of those little teapot spoons for the longest time...they would match my silver teapot napkin rings! A warm and hearty thank you to you and Chie both!

    I just met Chie yesterday and have already added her sweet blog to my list of blog follows. I'll be sure to go over and sign up for this awesome giveaway!

    Well dear friend, I think that adding the pretty seashells to the little salt cloches is just adorable! Sooo pretty! I'm not sure if I will be able to make this next cloche party. My sis from Texas is coming up about that time! Ohhh...I sure hate to miss! You know that I love your cloche parties, my friend!

    Thank you so much for hosting the TTT party! Sure appreciate you, Darlin'!

    Love ya,

  10. Marty,
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!!
    Thanks for hosting!!


  11. Hi Marty! I can't wait! The cloche parties are always so much fun!!
    The giveaway is gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Shells under glass are always a classic look!Your salt cloches look very similar to my little butter cloches! I like to make herb butters and put them in them. Hope to participate in the cloche party. I'm busy, busy with work!
    Thanks for hosting.
    ~ Sue

  13. Well, Marty, shells go perfectly with SALT cloches, don't they? :-)

    Lovely -- as always.

    Maybe I will actually hop into this Cloche party -- finally! We are having the glass conservatory cleaned and "adjusted" on 7/19... does a glass room count as a cloche?

    (It was supposed to be done 2 days before the wedding, but it was raining too hard!)

    Enjoy the rest of the Fourth!

  14. Marty, I love the salt cloches and I am headed over to enter the giveaway. I always enjoy your cloche parties and find lots of inspiration there. Thanks for hosting this week.

  15. Marty, your sea shell cloche displays are adorable! I always enjoy visiting your lovely blog. Thanks for hosting the party.

  16. So pretty.

    I will be joining in on the cloche party this time. I'm so excited as I always love to see all of the creative ideas.

    I have posted about the upcoming party on my blog.

  17. Hi Marty, Your coastal display is lovely! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!
    Blessings, Beth

  18. Oh how pretty Marty -- I hope to join you, think I missed the last one. Love your shell display.

  19. You're getting me really excited about the cloche party! Can't wait!! :)

  20. Can't wait for the cloche party, always so mayn beautiful ones. Love your seashell display-now if I could just remember what I did with my shells...

  21. Hi Marty,
    Thanks so much for stopping by, your comments always brighten my day. We'll be linking up to table top Tuesday and can't wait for the cloche party!

  22. Hope you're having a great holiday, Marty! Your cloche parties are always popular, and it's fun to see what everybody comes up with. Your cloche's are darling with the sea shells under. Thanks for hosting!

  23. Marty, it's been soooo long since I've dropped by & I'm linking up too! I've missed visiting - just busy with summer stuff. Hope you have had a wonderful 4th! Thanks for hosting and hope to link to the cloche party too, I've got something new - I want to share.

  24. Hi Marty! I am planning on participating on the Cloche Party, and thank you for hosting!

  25. I love your beach collection Marty. And it looks great displayed in the cloches. Happy 4th! And thank you for hosting Tabletop Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the cloche party.


  26. Hi, your tabletops, as always.
    Great giveaway...
    xo bj

  27. These are just tooooooo cute.... hae to have know to go with the rest of my cloche collection.. lol... Happy 4th Marty to you and yours.
    hugs ~lynne~

  28. Such an adorable cloche set! I love the little spoons. Sounds like a fun party.

  29. What adorable accents these are! I can see using them for every holiday and occasion depending on the filler - they are perfection! Thanks for hosting and sharing your creative ideas.

  30. Hi Marty, joining you today. Thank you.

    I added a thumbnail to my post but don't see it or a little red X.

    Happy Tuesday.


  31. It is there now, sorry Marty. Too little sleep. Ha ha.


  32. I love those little bitty spoons with the tea pots on them . so cute .

    and doesn't sea shells look good in anything? also so cute

    thanks for the party today I needed it


  33. Love your shell display. Thanks for hosting TTT.

    Jocelyn @

  34. Hi Marty! When you came over and left me a comment it dawned on me that this is actually TUESDAY and that I have a TABLETOP in my post so I hopped right on over here to join in your lovely party! :-) Thanks so much for always being a gracious hostess.

  35. Love the cloche seashell and the give away - looking forward to the party - Jennifer

  36. Sweet Marty I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog. I'll stop by your friends blog too. How wonderful you know how I love a giveaway. Hugs♥

  37. What a nice gesture! I'll be sure to run over to her site, right after I hit "submit" here.
    Your vingettes look lovely with all the shells inside.
    I FINALLY found a few cloches in my shopping travels, so I'm hoping to be able to join in this time.

    Hugs to you Marty & thanks for hosting TTT again & again. 72 times! WOW!


  38. Just linked up, Marty! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  39. What a fun and fabulous giveaway! I love how you displayed your shells in them, too! Thanks for hosting such a fun party! xo