Friday, July 29, 2011

Designer Kopy Kat #2

I've been having a great time going back through a lot of my decorator books and really looking at all of the vignettes and displays and trying to copy some of them.  I seem to always do things in pairs and place everything symetrically.  However the vignettes that seem to catch my eye and are the most interesting are not symetrical at all.  So I am trying something different again.

 The dining table is my latest attempt at copying some of the pictures that I see in the designer books.

 Most of the pictures that I liked had something dramatic as the focal point.  So I am using my champagne bucket floral arrangement as my focal point.

 Then all of the vignettes had something to ground the display.  So I'm using a huge cloche with a silver bowl of fruit.

 There was always something unexpected in all of their displays also, so I am using the candelabra.

 Not something that I would normally think to do, but I do like the result.

So, what do you think?  Are you open to trying something different and seeing how you like it?


  1. I really like this one Marty. It does add interest. I love love love the runner. Did you make that? It goes with my kitchen curtains LOL!

  2. Marty,
    where do you find the energy to make beautiful vigenttes every day..

    looks so pretty

  3. The champagne bucket arrangement is simply beautiful.

    I'm really enjoying this series. I don't have the patience to study as you do, (or the time) so I appreciate all of the hard work you put in to share with us.

    Enjoy today.

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  5. I love it, love it lady Marty, you as always, do such great decorations with your vignettes! I totally adore the elements you've used for this new copy-kat idea! Who copies who, did you say????!!!!! Love. FABBY

  6. I like how that turned out. The silver is stunning and what a big cloche. Now I bet someone will want to copy yours!

  7. Marty as always you always surprise me with your beautiful ideas. This is really pretty.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my loosing my job.
    Friends like you will help me get thru this and I so appreicate you.
    Now I am off to read your earlier post about feeding a crowd for five dollars. I may need this. lol
    Love ya

  8. You pave the way for us on all things, Marty! It is perfect!

  9. Beautiful Marty!! I love all your silver pieces! Martina

  10. I like what you did -- I am a pair person as well. But I like your new vignette.

  11. This looks great! I tend to always line everything up symmetrically, but it's so much more interesting when break out of that comfort zone.

  12. Marty, I love your gorgeous vignette! The arrangement in the champagne bucket is stunning! It all is! This pretty display will carry you through the fall. Thanks for the great advice!

  13. Looks great Marty! I love everything in the vignette!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  14. Hi Marty,
    Loved your vignette, it really came out very well. Love how you did the table runner - and it is a very pretty table runner as well.
    Very polished looking.

    Blessings, Nellie

  15. This is like a free eduacation on design for us!!!! Thank you! I love your vignette and agree that the bucket arrangement is beautiful!!!! XO, Pinky

  16. Marty,
    Gorgeous, dear friend! The color palette is stunning! Since following your blog over the past year, it is now difficult for me to use a runner without scrunching it!

  17. I always love your displays Marty! So pretty!

  18. I tend to think symetrical, also, but this asymetrical arrangement is very dramatic! Love how you tied it all together with the silver pieces.

  19. It's a beautiful vignette, Marty....Christine

  20. Beautiful, Marty! I feel your pain trying to break away from symmetrical ... you nailed it with this fabulous vignette! Love the feathers ... it makes me want to decorate for Fall! (What type of camera do you have?)

  21. you know how I love silver, so you know I love this!!

  22. Looking good!

    I have noticed that in photos things are a little "messy". By that I mean they have movement, and to get that look, things are just a little askew. Doors are slightly open, chairs are slightly out of alignment and fabrics are rumpled.

    Not at all like I have them at home, but that is what gives a picture some "life".

    I am also a symetrical person. I guess I just like balance in my life.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  23. Lovely display! Love that runner to!


  24. WOW! Marty, you've done it again. This is so beautiful and I love your table runner! I'll bet you made it! Great cloche too!
    Thank you for wanting to come to my party. I didn't know what day to use but thought my party would work well with your Tabletop Tuesday so hopefully everyone could hook up to both.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. I love it too. I fight myself on the symmetrical thing all the time. I am very symmetrical and very linear. Your vignette is well thought out and very pretty!

  26. Looks so very Country French!! I'm going to have to do what you're doing, a great idea with the details in decor books! xoxo Debra

  27. Beautiful job Marty! Love it!