Saturday, August 27, 2011

Instead of Vases Use Whatever

Funky Junk Interiors is having a fabulous party and the theme is to show all the things you use as vases.  I use just about anything I can find, so I thought I would show you some of the treasures I've used in the past.

How about a wine carafe.  Makes a great vase and looks wonderful in a rustic setting.

My dad's old tool box is always a favorite.  How about the basket on the wall too.  That's a vase isn't it?

A champagne bucket is perfect.  You can put all kinds of arrangements in them.

An old painted cracked pitcher.  Perfect for a faux arrangement.

A metal compote works great.  It seems to elevate a simple arrangement to new heights and gives it importance.

So what kind of "vases" do you use.  Can't wait to see.


  1. MArty you always have such pretty displays, my favorite is the silver champagne bucket, beautiful!! Martina

  2. I just stopped by from Kate's Place. I really like how you used all kinds of things for vases. Love your blog and have signed up as a new follower.

  3. Your vignettes are in a class all of their own.! Beautiful. Part of their allure is the way you contain everything and then put it all together.
    I get so many great idea from you!
    xo Yvonne

  4. Marty, I love the way your table looks with the sunflowers in the toolbox. I like the tablecloth, too. The whole look is clean and simple. Shannon

  5. What a great display with all the ideas for vases, yes, yours are wonderful and pretty. I specially love the champagne bucket, it sure puts the elegant note. Thanks for sharing, Marty...hope you have some time to come and visit. Have a nice and safe weekend. FABBY

  6. Love, love, love it all! You always do such a great job!!!
    I just started my first linky party, it's a Pinterest Pinning Party. If you are into Pinterest, then I would love for you to join and share some of your pin boards!
    Thank you!

  7. HI MARTY!!!!
    You always have the best ideas, I have only used an old wine bottle the fatter kind for flowers....real flowers once. But I love all your displays!!!

  8. Marty, you always make everything look great! I guess I do use other things also instead of vases, I have just never thought about it until I saw your post.

  9. Marty you are the queen of vignettes. Love your dad's old tool box and your vignettes are inspiring.

  10. All those are great vases, Marty. Love that old tool box and still looking for a reasonably priced one.

  11. I always love your vignettes and the way you repurpose items to create lovely florals!

  12. Marty, your wall pocket/basket is so pretty. How have I missed it?