Friday, August 19, 2011

These Remind me of Faudree

I did a little garage sale running around this weekend and didn't find too much, but I did score a few things.  What I really liked the best were a couple of small paintings that I found.  If you read any of Charles Faudree design books, then you undoubtedly have noticed his love for his dogs and he has some fabulous paintings everywhere.  When I saw these, I thought they looked so much like the ones he always shows in his designs.

Isn't this little painting gorgeous.  Taking a picture of a painting is so hard, but you can see how precious that little face is and the whole composition was just wonderful.  Love him laying on the sofa next to an open book.

I thought this one was absolutely stunning also.  Love the woodsy background and the way the light shines on his coat.  Beautiful colors.

These are both small, only about 7 x 7.  I think I will have them matted and find a couple of fabulous frames.  Guess I will be making a trip to HL soon.  Both of these little paintings were only $2 each.  I absolutely love them, and I think I scored.

This lady had a lot of paintings, some really big, but most weren't subjects that I liked.  Of course cows are always a favorite of mine, so I picked this one up also for $3.  I think it works great in the kitchen for a change.

 Wonderful colors and the scene is so peaceful.  It's just so hard to get a good picture.

At the same sale I also found this cute little dog figurine.  Such a cute little face.

 Now you know I couldn't leave it all white, so out came the stain and he got a new coat.

 I like him much better now.  He just needs to sit and dry for a while then I can play with a new vignette.

Did you find anything this weekend, seems like there were a lot of yard sales going on.


  1. Those pictures, do indeed, look like they would be seen in one of Charles Faudree's books. Lovely.

  2. I wish we had garage sales around here like that. Great Finds! Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Oh, Marty! You were so lucky to find these prints. The spaniels are my favorite. What a bargain!

  4. didn't go garage sale-ing today...just couldn't get going...but I need to have you pick me up a 2.00 print...I need one in my home!! Love the dog with the book...adorable!

  5. Great deals Marty,
    I really love that cow pic!
    Now I am itchin to go garage saling!
    Hugs friend,
    I got our blogger luncheon pics up too!

  6. Marty, I love those dog paintings and they will be wonderful matted and framed. Great cow piece, too.

  7. Oh Marty, I collect dogs and anything with them! Your small paintings of dogs are great and specially the white pug figurine!, we lost our "real" pug Ben last year and I want your white dog... better, fixed up by you!
    Great finds, it's so exciting to come home with new things for vignette playing! Lots of hugs.

  8. Hi Marty, I love your pictures-so are adorable and I would have picked them up too. I just got back from sales this morning, got a top for me, a small crystal clock for our bathroom, a book for a grand and a Christmas decoration-all for a total of $2.00. Yippee!!!! I'm trying to be good cause I'm saving for our trip to the San Juan islands in Oct.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Beautiful! You made out the new look for the little doggie! Have a wonderful weekend Marty!

  10. Marty our yard sales happen tomorrow! I didn't find much last week though! I think with this economy people are holding on to what they have vs buying new!

  11. Marty, you lucky dog! Hehe. Being a mom to three precious canines, I adore your pictures. The cow picture is cute too. How do you find such good bargains? Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Shannon

  12. Wow Marty, these are wonderful!! Great score!

  13. Great finds, Marty. The pictures are lovely, all three. Can't wait to see where the doggy finds a vignette home. ~ Sarah

  14. Hi lovely lady.
    We have our Big Garage sale in Sept. The hold neighborhood has one on the same Day!!!Yes the same day over 600 garage sales going on the same time... I need to take some photos of this day !! It is always on a Saturday from
    7:00am to 6:00pm !!! love your post Marty..
    XXOO Diane

  15. Marty -- such fabulous finds! I love the staining on the little white poochie :)


  16. Your pictures are treasures for sure, would love to find some..anything from Charle's books are great in my mind.. hugs ~lynne~

  17. Marty, the dogs are adorable. But, oh, that cow! Love him! So sweet. I recently got a couple of old French black & white photos of cows to frame. I agree with you, cows are FABULOUS! Linda

  18. Love the dog art and what you did with that sweet little pup..
    when I tried stain on my white rooster it was orange:( what did I do wrong?? thanks in advance for your help.

  19. Oh Marty you are killing me! Those spaniels are Cavalier King Charles spaniels, in the Blenheim color -- just like our Dion!

    I don't know who did the first picture, but the second is a copy of a George Stubb's 19th century portait of a Cavalier.

    I always think the Stubbs looks as if it has two tails!

    I am so jealous! Want to sell them? I'll double your money! hahahahaha!

    BTW the cow is darling, too but I've never held one in my lap!

  20. Oh, Marty! I LOVE those doggie pics! It does remind me of Charles Faudree's beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniels! And I love the cow, too...great finds! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  21. Hi Marty, I love the paintings and I bet Faudree would love them too! I just got his new book and it is wonderful...full of beautiful pictures. The little pug is adorable.

  22. Yes...these little King Charles Spaniels remind me of Faudree too. They are such adorable dogs. What a great find! So cute.

  23. Oh Charles, how I love him! and those dog paintings look exactly like his. What great deals you got at the sales. I've been somewhat lazy in the garage sale department lately. Need to get out there. Can't wait to see you new doggie vignette!
    Marianne :)

  24. Faudree is wonderful! These prints are adorable and I agree, very Faudree-ish!

  25. Cute stuff, Marty! I love the cow painting, and those doggies are too sweet.
    I also love the way you glazed the white dog. It looks a lot better.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  26. Oh Marty - you had me at Faudre. LOL I love King Charles Spaniels, and I love how he always features his in his books. But what I love the most is the cow painting. I am also a fan of Frenchy style pastural scenes. That is a great one. Hope you have a great weekend. Luv u!

  27. Love your little dog, so cute with the stain. Can't wait to see where in you place him. I am really loving the cow pictures everyone is using now, and I think yours is the perfect size. I did go to GW yesterday and found a few treasures. Now I need to take some pictures so I can share.

  28. Marty,
    Those pictures are gorgeous! The one with cows is likened to the newest fall edition of Romantic Country Magazine with a "to die for" kitchen vignette!!! I'm on the search for a small wagon for my 89 year old Dad. He has a great step grandson who needs a wagon...wish me luck!

  29. Pictures show up really nice on your site. The color & detail are so rich looking. What color stain do you use on the dog statute?

  30. You did score. I would have totally bought those paintings had I seen them!