Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage With A History

Yesterday I showed you my old Malt Machine and I had several questions about it. 

If you are as old as I am and lived in a small town you might remember that there were usually Soda Fountains in almost every drug store.  I don't know the exact year, but around 1945-46-47 my parents owned the Soda Fountain in a drug store in a small town in Texas called White Settlement.  If you are familiar with the Ft. Worth area, it is just west a ways. My mom ran the Soda Fountain and my dad worked at the Bomber Plant (Convair) making planes for the war.  I remember the long counter with the shiny stools that twirled round and round.
  Town was 1 block long and there was a grocery store called Hill & Macks, a post office, drug store and the school was across the street.
My sister and I use to walk across the street after school and do our homework in one of the 3 booths.  I was in the 1st grade and I thought it was so cool.  All of the kids use to come in with their nickel and get a coke.

 I did some research online and found out that the Hamilton Beach Number Thirty was made in 1940.  The Soda Fountain had 2 of these.  When they sold it, my mom kept this one, two of the original malt glasses and one of the straw holders.

 I love the dents in the top and the black wood knob.

 I drank a gazillion shakes out of these glasses and so did my children, grandchildren and now my great-grandson.

 Fun memories of my childhood from a time when life was so simple. 

Thanks for joining me down memory lane.  Don't forget to get your posts ready for Table Top Tuesday, I will have Mr. Linky up this evening.


  1. Miss Marty - You are so lucky to have this piece of your childhood and to be able to share with your children, grandkids & now grandgrands. Loved the story behind the old Malt maker!


  2. Just melts my heart like ice cream on a hot day! Such wonderful memories!

    Growing up in my hometown the soda fountain ran by the Greeks was closed before I was born. They just up and left one day with everything in it. As a kid we use to love to go stare in the window at all the things in it. It sat there that way for 40 years and about 10 years ago someone bought it remodeled it and opened it with all the vintage things still in it!
    So I enjoy it now, something I missed in our town growing up!

  3. Oh Marty! What a treasure. The color is oh so yummy too.

    I have been through White Settlement when I lived in Mesquite, TX.

  4. What a treasure to be able to share with your grandchildren. My husband will love seeing this. He began as a "soda jerk" at about fourteen and ended as a pharmacist years later. He's always liked a drugstore.

  5. What a treasure to have. I remember them and the soda fountains very well. Hung out at one after school many days.

  6. I well remember soda fountains!

    I worked at a drug store in Shreveport Louisiana in the very early 60's and made many a malt and shake with one of these machines.:-)

    Thanks so much for the memories, Marty.

  7. I love this Marty, what a wonderful treasure you have in your kitchen. I use to love to get strawberry soda's. I have not had one in years!! Now I need to find a place that can make one!! Yum. Happy Mondayxo Kathysue

  8. Such a family treasure! I grew up in a little town in WI, and we had a soda fountain in Zimmer's Drug Store until I was about 6 or 7 yrs old. For years afterward, the drug store used the old counter for displaying merchandise - but we all hoped someday the soda fountain would make a return. It was magical! So happy that you have such a precious piece of your family history.

  9. worked in the drug store in my home town when I was a kid and we made malts and shakes on a machine simular to yours. Brings back memories. Thanks, Richard at My Old Historic House

  10. Hello there dear lady!

    What a lovely blessing to have the malt machine and especially the wonderful memories! What a heart warming reminiscence! The post below with your precious son, grandson and great grand son was a delight as well; you are indeed blessed Marti! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    ..,(As you may perhaps know, I have been unwell and struggling to keep up with my blogging and visits); yet I love it!!

    ~ As always, God has been most gracious depite these sufferings nonetheless!

    I'm looking forward this week to at long last, once again partaking with your delightful Tabletop Tuesday!

    Please pop over to my Silken Purse blog if you get a free moment, of you'd care to Marti, I'd love to have you visit!

    Cheers and hugs,
    God bless from Wanda Lee @

  11. The "simple" life... yes - Where has it gone? GREAT keepsake Marty!!We have one too - but NOT vintage. I like your better =)

    Have a wonderful week!
    xo Lynda

  12. What a sweet story! So glad you still have your treasure. :)

  13. Oh Marty, what a precious and useful tresure. Loved reading the history :o)

  14. What a wonderful treasure you have. I sure remembe of soda fountains...hmmm....those were the days !

  15. We had a soda fountain in town when I was growing up. I remember going in for vanilla cokes and green rivers. Lucky for us, there are still a few in our area-I just had a vanilla coke in a restored soda fountain on Saturday!

    We have one of these vintage milkshake machines. Ours is also mint green and tucked in the basement. You just reminded me that I should get it out and use it when the little grandboys are here!

  16. What great memories from your childhood. Those were the good old days of a more simple and carefree time. Bring 'em back.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful time and wish I had a malt/milkshake right now.
    Hugs and happy days,

  17. I too remember the soda fountains & having the vanilla coke float!! Mmmmmm...... Nice & cold on a warm summer day!!
    What wonderful memories!

  18. My favorite was a cherry phosphate!! Perfect...

  19. I sure wish my grandkids could experience the dimple life. I worked at our local drug store when I first graduated. Made lots of shakes on these old machines. ??????

  20. That piece is so cool, but I love the history even more!

  21. What a great treasure Marty and even better memories!! Martina

  22. Marty,
    "Mr. Ed" and I drove to the next town during our dating years and drank a soda from that same stlye soda machine at the local drug store. The town was one block long! Kindred spirits, indeed! Thanks for the memory!

  23. That is an absolute treasure! You are so lucky to have it.

  24. What a treasure, Marty, so vintage. I love the color too....Christine

  25. Hi Marty,
    How cool, a duck egg blue mixer, I'm envious :-)

  26. These items are treasures to say the least! I love anything sentimental with a history from my past. Thanks for sharing!!!

  27. Marty, this is the coolest thing! Wow, 1940! I'd leave it out all the time because it's just so awesome to see! Fun post!

  28. These are wonderful pieces and I love the color!