Monday, September 12, 2011

Rafia Covered Jars

 I have been trying to make myself stay focused since I cleaned the closet out and purged a ton of things this summer.  So with all the new clothes, I went through and took another group of things to GW.

Well of course you have to browse while you are there.  I didn't see a whole lot, but this fun green rafia covered jar caught my eye.  $2.99 and 25% off Senior Day.  These have become so popular to decorate with.

 It fits right in with my demi-john and my other rafia covered jar.  I almost have a collection.  It's amazing at how different all the designs are. 

I've seen all kinds of these in magazines, some with rafia, some with twine, and even some with chain or wire.

So, what do you think, are these going to become a classic or are they just a fad?


  1. I know how you feel about purging the closets and then continually finding things when you are out and about! I am having the same problem.

    I like your rafia bottles and jars, I think they are classic.

  2. That's a good bargain. I think they are very warm and would make any room look great. Have a good day

  3. At least it looks like you may of taken more in to GW then you took out...good for you! Great find!

  4. Looks wonderful Marty.

    I need to get busy purging a few closets around here!

  5. I don't think it's a fad because they are beautiful and useful too. I love how you arranged everything.

  6. What a great bargain! I agree they are so cute but also very useful!!

  7. I think it is going to be a classic. Do you remember when the wine bottles were covered in rafia (kind of a basket-weave effect on the base). Maybe that look never really went away, it just got changed a bit. Anyway, I really like your collection.
    :) CAS

  8. They are beautiful. I think they look great.

  9. Marty, please come purge my closets! I keep so much because I tell myself I can "shop" from my attic later instead of buying so much new. Although I do this, I need to get some kind of a critical eye to know what to get rid of!

    You got a great deal. I think the jars will be around for a while. They seem very classic in feel to me, but just in an updated way. After all, glass and jars have never gone out of style, so even if the raffia is out of style, you can always cut that off for a new look.

    Have a great week!

  10. It is a constant battle to not let the closets "burst at the seams". If you are like me, you always feel so much better when the closets are nice tidy and not crowded - I can find what I'm looking for. Yes, you have a collection now, or is that another one?!

  11. Great find Marty! The whole reason for us purging is to make room for new things to come in LOL!! Martina

  12. Marty, I love your rafia covered jars! I found a Demi-John with the basket on it on Saturday while thrifting. I was so excited! I just love your little vignette you have created too.

    Enjoy your day,

  13. Well in my house they might look like a fad, but your vignette makes them look like a classic! They look wonderful! I did allot of purging when we put the house on the market, but since we have a closing date now, time to do
    some serious purging and packing! Have a blessed week.

  14. Marty,
    I have no clue...but they are gorgeous in your vignette!!!

  15. That is so cool, Marty. Lately. I've seen the rafia w/o the jar. Maybe I should pick one up to see if I can find a mate. Glass/rafia--seems pretty classic to me.

  16. I like your new jar, Marty, and I like all three together even better...Christine

  17. My aunt had something like these on her bar in the sixties. I think they are here to stay because they are pretty and fun!

  18. Coming over for some inspiration for my Fall Mantle Marty. Looks like you have lots of pretty ones to choose from! Hope to have a few vignettes done soon so I can join your party- it's been too long!! I did a summer mantle using that pretty shell ball you gave me but I never could get any great pictures to show it off---

    Hope it is cooling down there for you. Raining right now and a bit chilly here. Am glad I got the last bit of my plants planted this morning. I am always buying reduced almost dead plants but I knew I needed to get them in soon before the frost comes our way- It has already snowed up in Pikes peak so it is soon in coming!

    bee blessed