Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simple Fall Arrangement

The fantastic and lovely Barb @ Grits and Glamour is having a fun new party called Keep It Simple.  Well, since that fits me to a tee, I just had to play.  I wanted a small fall floral arrangement for the bookcase, so I dug out a bunch of scraps of things to see what I could do.

I looked through all of my vases and planters to see what would work.  I love this little cache pot and the color is a perfect mustard gold for fall, so since it is a small size and the color is good, this is going to be my pick.

I really don't want this arrangement to have flowers, so I dug through all the scraps of grasses, twigs and berries that I have and found a few leftovers from other projects.  Wow, not much here, but here we go.

A small piece of floral foam and some moss and I am ready to start.

These are some scraps of grass that I had left over from other projects, so I just placed them in randomly to give the arrangement some structure in the middle.  Some of the other grasses and berries are so feathery, they need something to help support them.

I snipped off all of the pieces of feathery grasses in yellow and stuck them in all over.  I put a couple of the fall leaves in the front and then added a small stem of berries that I had to one side.  Ok, I need something else, back to the bag that has all the small stuff in it to see what I could find.

I had 5 really small feathers that I think will give the interest I am looking for.  I decided since they were small they would have more impact if they were grouped together and on one side of the arrangement.

I like small arrangements and this one turned out kind of different.  It looks great on the bookcase shelf.

Just a tiny bit of fall color for this shelf.   The yellow ties in with the landscape in the cow picture too.

This was fun and definitely simple.    Look around at all of your scraps of leaves, grasses and berries and see what you can create.  Kind of fun to work with these elements instead of flowers for a change.

I am linking to Keep It Simple at Grits and Glamour

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  1. That is so pretty. That is what I did for my Fall door wreath. I just used stems & pieces of this n' that!!
    Great Post!!

  2. It looks so adorable. Great Job.

  3. I like your arrangement. The container really sets it off. Or the flowers really set it off.

  4. How neat is that? I love all of your fall decor and this project is one that I want to try, it's simply awesome!


  5. Marty,
    What a lovely Fall floral arrangement, dear! Petite and perfect sizing for your entertainment center...perfect price!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  6. Marty, I really like your arrangement and the container. It is just the perfect size for that area. Your cow picture is gorgeous and works well in the vignette as well as the cute little sheep. Hope you are feeling much better.--Shannon

  7. Perfect for Fall Marty!
    Lovely container and vignette!

  8. So pretty!! Just perfect in the space where you placed it :-)

  9. Just lovely Marty! It looks really good on your bookcase too!

    Love it!

  10. Hi sweet friend! Thank you for joining in my eery first Keep It Simple Party. I just LOVE that container. I am a container nut. Your berries and leaves and feathers were the perfect filler. Just the right size for your little vignette. I would say "simply" perfect. :) Thanks again for sharing. Hugs, Barb

  11. Oh, the pot is so pretty....I love the color. Such a sweet arrangement.


  12. I am always tearing things apart and making new arrangements. I've noticed that feathers are in a lot of the stores and magazines this season, so you did a great job adding them to your darling arrangement.

  13. Simple and lovely! I adore that cache pot...what a fun graphic it has on it!

  14. Lovely, Marty! It looks great! You make it look easy, but you really have the right touch!

  15. Oh Marty I just love that arrangement! So beautiful! I'm still having trouble thinking "Fall" since its still so hot here... Please stop by and enter my Goodbye to Summer~Hammock Giveaway!

  16. Miss Marty ... there is nothing simple about this! It looks beautiful ... the different heights ... the florals you chose and the vase is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Simple is my middle name:) It looks great Marty!


  18. Marty, You make flower arranging look so easy...and pretty. Pretty cache pot too. Happy Fall.

  19. Very pretty, Marty. I love it tucked into your bookcase.


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