Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Answers to Most Asked Questions

You guys are all so nice to always leave such lovely comments on my home.  I so appreciate it.  You also have asked several questions that I have tried to answer individually, however since they are asked so often, I thought I would do a post and try to answer the most asked questions all in one post.

Drapes - I get wonderful compliments on my Living room drapes.  Here is a close up picture of the fabrics I chose when we moved into the house.  I made the drapes, they are just simple lined panels using two different fabrics and a small loop fringe to edge the header.  Both fabrics were purchased at a discount fabric store and cost about $7. yd.

The header fabric is a deep chocolate crushed textured fabric with a velvet pattern overlay in a rust color. 

The bottom fabric is a soft cocoa brown with a small velvet rust design.  The diamond pattern is a really soft cream color.  It is a substantial weight fabric and drapes really well.

I am also asked about the furniture in the room.  Everything in this room is something that I have had for many years and was purchased for previous homes.  When we moved into this much smaller home, these were the pieces that seemed to work the best, so that's what we used.  I also love the eclectic look it gives the room, collected over time, which is exactly what it is.  The huge mirror didn't seem so huge in our previous home, but it works wonders in increasing the size of this small room.  It actually makes the room feel twice the size it really is.

 Next, I am so often asked to show a step by step of how I change a room from one season to the next, so I thought I would show the changes from summer/fall to fall/winter.

This has been the look I have had for most of the summer and into this fall season.  I love how light and bright it looks.  Lots of white, bright yellow and orange.

Here is the room warmed up for fall/winter.  More brown, rust and green.

Here's how I make the changes.

A close look at the two chairs in the front window.  White throw and scarf on the table with yellow and orange plaid on the white chair.

Changed out with browns and rust for the Fall/Winter look.

All of the accessories stayed the same, I just changed out the white scarf for a couple of brown and rust ones.

The white throw was replaced with my mink one.

The plaid pillow was replaced with a rust velvet one with tassels.

The bright Iris pillows with yellow, orange and green paired with bright orange and green accent pillows.  The coffee table is also draped with an orange runner.  Perfect for the lighter Summer/Fall look.

The Iris pillows are replaced with some dark brown florals and the orange is replaced with a bright rust .  The table runner is switched out to one made from the same fabric as the header of the drapes.  The brown gives the sofa a warmer-cozier look for Fall/Winter.

This is a close up of the pillows.  Still using the same basic colors, but now instead of yellow,orange and lime, we have more brown, orange, gold and green.  I think the mix of fabrics always makes a huge difference in any color scheme.  Note that the green and rust pillow both have a pattern, but the brown one makes the statement.  Mixing all the textures together creates a much more interesting look.

I am often asked about the table cover also.  The top fabric is a rusty/orange pattern fabric that is simply a square trimmed in fringe and cut large enough to touch the bottom of the under tablecloth.

The bottom tablecloth is a beige with gold and brown in the medallion pattern.  This is the same fabric that my ottoman is covered in.  I made both of the  tablecovers and covered the ottoman. 

In the dining area the plaid table runner gave this fall arrangement a really light look, and tied the yellow/orange and lime in with the Iris yell/orange pillows.

The plaid runner is replaced with the rust medallion one that was on the coffee table.  There is still a fall table vignette, but a little more elegant than the previous one.

The cornacopia is moved to the buffet for now.

Have you guys been keeping track of all the different fabrics and patterns in this room?

Drapes - 2
Pillows - 7
Window end table - 2
Round sofa table - 2
Sofa - 1
White chair - 1
Brown chair - 1
Leather chair - 1
Total - 17

I think the mix of all the textures and fabrics is definitely what makes this room the most interesting and pleasing to look at.  Whether it's a summer/fall or fall/winter look, mixing it up makes things fun.  As you could see in both rooms, the accessories stayed the same.  Not one thing was changed, just the accent pillows and fabrics and yet we do have two totally different looking rooms.



I hope this helps you to make a few changes in your home to create a totally different look without re-inventing the wheel.  That makes decorating fun and keeps the cost down too and I hope this answers most of your questions.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and thanks as always for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits.


  1. simply lovely, marty. i think you have assuredly "hit on"....the use of many types of fabric in a room can change everything! so i am headed to my scarf draw and let the "marty magic" happen here!

  2. Marty,
    I love all the fabrics and different looks. Your home is beautiful!

  3. I love the different looks you create in that room. The colors, no matter which season, always look warm and cheerful. I also like the way you use scarves, in fact you inspired me to get one for the coffee table in our family room. I haven't accomplished the Marty look yet but I'm trying. Might show it if I succeed.------ Shannon

  4. You are certainly a talented seamstress and decorator. Your mix is fabrics is masterful.

  5. Your home really is special, Marty! Love that mirror and the pieces you've collected and put together in such a lovely way.


  6. Marty, I agree that you missed your calling. You have marvelous decorator skills.

    And I love your sharing the "behind the scenes" info on how you do things... that is so useful.

    Your home is also just about the best laid-out "small" home I've ever seen -- every bit is so well planned. It lives large!

    Why, it even lives up to that gorgeous big mirror.
    All the best -- Cass

  7. I love the warmth & coziness that your house gives off. I love, also, the different textures & fabrics. You work wonders in your decorating & creations.

  8. Marty, you know how much I love your home! No matter what you do with changes it always looks cozy and inviting!

  9. If I had just read about the changes you made for the seasons, I would have been skeptical. But seeing the pictures lets me see the change that it really does make. Thanks.

  10. Marty you're so generous in sharing your beautiful things with us and yes, you are "our own" decorator and your home is so beautiful and looks so much larger than you say it is, you have a way to decorate it and you know your home sooo well to be able to create such perfect decor for it! You are a very talented lady, not many people know, perse, their own homes to do just the right and perfect thing for it. Have a wonderful weekend. FABBY

  11. Love the colors and I love your room.

    Thank you Marty for always being so kind and positive to me. I appreciate your encouragement.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. You have a lovely home! I have admired your drapes from afar for a long time, but up close they are FABULOUS! I've never tried to make anything with a lining, but I'm very tempted to try after seeing yours. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  13. So so pretty! I love that table skirt and all your warm fall colors everywhere. Your pillows and drapes are very nice too. I love how things change in a room with the seasons. It's time to get our fireplaces ready now!

  14. I nearly fell over to know that you only paid $7 a yard for the window covering fabric. Is it a store in Phoenix? I have been to Fabric Depot on Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix and get overwhelmed by their choices. You have such great taste in everything you do!

  15. In Jessica McClintock's decor design book, all of her table clothes puddle under the tables. I love the effect but cannot find clothes that large or fabric wide enough from which to make them. Do you think she sewed two large panels together? If so, what to do about the seam down the middle? Hide it or just live with it?

  16. Looks like a Traditional Home magazine spread! Looks great!
    Bonnie :)

  17. You have such an eye for coordinating fabrics. Well, entire rooms for that matter. I love how you mix things up, move them around and in doing so creating a wonderful new look.

  18. A wonderful post, Marty. I love your eye for fabric and color, and I really like the way you inspire me to change for the seasons.

  19. Your house always looks straight out of a magazine. I love your seasonal changes and the warmth and warm colors of your home.

  20. Marty, your home is just gorgeous! I love how you get the different classy looks for each season! Your drapes are fabulous, I'm so impressed to know you made them! You truly are so talented!


  21. Hi Marty! Oh, your home is always decorated so beautifully and you are an excellent seamstress! I love your draperies and I know you make all your pillows too! You do know how to mix the patterns and they all look fabulous!
    Thank you so much for your prayers. I thought I was on my death bed a couple of times! :)
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Marty I never get tired of looking at your gorgeous home. You are the queen of vignettes and your rooms always look so put together. Great fabric combos.

  23. What a wonderful post, Marty! Thank you for giving us a "behind the scenes" glimpse into your amazing talent! I love all of your plush fabrics ... how you change your color palette out with each season ... the fabulous layers you add to your vignettes, as well as the elements you use to create them! You're always so inspirational ... thank you! xo

  24. They are both absolutely lovely, Marty. Being able to combine lots of different textures & fabric patterns is a real knack (maybe we should call it an "art") that not everyone can do. You do it very well. I love mixing things up, but it's frustrating if you are working with someone who just doesn't get!
    :) CAS

  25. Marty, your home is beautiful! The colors are warm and inviting and well put together! It's also so clean and organized. Happy Weekend!

  26. Hi Marty...

    Ohhh...this was such a fun post, dear friend! Of course, I have always said how very interesting I think it you change your home's decor for each season! I love how you broke it all down! I also loved getting an up-close peek at your fabulous draperies and the table coverings that you made! You are such a talented seamstress, Marty! They are truly exquisite!!!

    Thank you again for sharing your gorgeous home with us...and all the "how to's"! I loved it!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  27. HI Marty, it is after midnight and I should be iN BED but had to tell you how much I enjoyed this post! You are such a TALENTED seamstress, I am so jealous!!!!:) Your fabrics are ALL gorgeous! I have always loved the drapes and I. too. am a pillow fanatic! Thanks for the tour. Your home is SO warm and welcoming. XO, Pinky