Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogging - My Two Cents Worth

Cindy @ Whimsical Musings is doing a whole series on blogging. She is giving some fantastic advice for new and older bloggers.

Also Debbie @ Debbiedo's Blogging and Blabbing did one of her "Coffee Talk Series" posts today that is fabulous and all bloggers need to read. 

 I thought I would throw my two cents in on a couple of subjects about blogging also.  I think we all blog for a variety of reasons, however I think we all find that the friendships we make from blogging out weigh any of the reasons we started in the first place.  Debbie has a picture on her post that so totally described a friend, that I just had to borrow it.

Debbie, I have never seen a friend described so perfectly, so I hope you don't mind that I borrowed you picture. 

First I would love to talk about comments.  We all love comments, it validates us and our efforts to create something others want to see.  It helps our self esteem and it confirms us as individuals with our own tastes and talents.  However, if you blog only for the comments, sometimes you will be really disappointed.  You may find that you have 1000 followers and only receive 20 comments.  That can be really disappointing if you are wanting and needing those comments.  Remember, there are a lot of lurkers out there. 

I have removed a comment here about lurkers as it appears it has offended several people.  I by no means intend to offend anyone.  I do understand those that do not have blogs and who don't want to comment or don't have the time to.  Commenting should be something you wish to do, and not commenting is certainly ok. 

Then there is the blogger that leaves you an email that thanks you for visiting their blog, however that person never visits your blog to leave a comment.  Thanking someone for a visit and a gracious comment is nice, but shouldn't you say that on their blog and not in an email since you have never been to their blog and you have no idea what they just posted.

I think the most impolite comment is the one that simply says "Nice".  If you read a post and you really do think what they've created is "Nice", can't you expand on that just a little.  It appears that you are just going through the motions, maybe didn't really even read it, possibly didn't like it and at the very least have nothing really good to say about it.  However, I would so much rather have a "nice" than have some comment that shows the person really didn't read the post at all.  Time is short and a "nice" is perfect sometimes, I just think we should try to add a little to it if we can.

Now I am the worlds worst at making all the rounds and visiting everyone everyday or even every week.  Real life just gets in the way.  I think we all follow many more blogs than we are able to comment on for every post that person does.  I know I miss a ton of them.  I really don't want blogging to become a chore and make me feel like I have to visit every single person every single day or I am a really bad person.  That just isn't real life, however I do try very hard to make the rounds as much as possible and to try and visit those that so consistently visit me.  I don't want to be rude and not visit anyone, and I understand that not everyone can always visit me.  I just think we should try to visit when we can.

I love blogging and I have made so many fabulous REAL friendships here.  I also love sharing what I am doing and I so enjoy all the feedback and encouragement.  I really love all the critiqueing and suggestions also.  That's what friends do.  They help each other, and to me that is a great big part of blogging.  (Now, don't get me wrong.  If a critique is really a harsh criticism, then I think that is totally out of place and that person is not being a friend.)

To sum up my thoughts.  I think you should treat each other the way you want to be treated.  If you read a persons post, then leave them a meaningful comment.  That is common courtesy.  Remember, you've been invited into their home, so be sure and be a gracious, loving and friendly guest.  Don't say nothing or leave by sending them an email.  Be the kind of guest in someone else's home that you want them to be when they visit yours.

 If you want to have comments, then leave comments for others.

If you want someone to visit your blog, you need to visit theirs.  Then if you visit, leave them a comment on their post, let them know you were there and you read it.  Tell them what inspired you.

Don't leave them an email that says "Thanks" when they leave you a comment.  Most people don't expect a thanks, they much prefer that you return the favor and comment on their blog.

The main thing is to remember Blogging is being good friends with others and treat them like good friends.  It doesn't matter that you've never met them in person.  They are friend just the same and should be treated like special friends that just came into your home.


  1. I agree with everything you said 1 million percent Marty.
    thanks for posting this ,especially about the emails. When someone posts a comment I go to their blog to say thanks plus I get to see what they've posted in case I missed it.

  2. great advice Marty; blogging has brought wonderful & meaningful relationships into my life. Thanks for sharing your "two cents" and for your visits & comments too!

  3. You nailed that one Marty! Someone emailed me and said the same thing they see is happening. Leaving a note of thanks in the email versus never paying a visit. Now, I will do that on occasion, however, you can rest assured I make my way over soon. Also, if they are a new blogger, I am certain to go pay a visit..providing they are linked to their blog via email. much to learn still. It ain't easy but we try our best. Glad you liked the bra friendship cartoon, I just adored it, and stole it off google. If we find it missing, we know why LOL. Loved your two cents and it is worth the read! I admire you very much, for all your time,friendship, spunk and kindness!

  4. Very well said Marty. I agree with all of it, especially the "treat people the way you want to be treated" part. We try to teach the kids in school that all the time.

  5. I guess I'm not sure what you really want from this blogging experience. Comments, I guess.

    I've read your blog and not left a comment and there are times I have. I don't know that you've ever read mine. Maybe I'm part of that "don't want it to become a chore thing".

    I have less than 30 followers. I've seen that many more read than leave comments as well. I figure if someone is moved to comment they will.

  6. Could not agree more Marty.By the way, I have always found you a very gracious and kind commenter and someone who has always had the time for everyone, so even if you feel sometimes life gets in the way,my experience regarding you commenting has always been extremely positive.AND I would just like to say thank you for all the times you did comment on my blog, and for the kind and supportive way you do it.I apologise for lurking sometimes, I very often read but do not comment because I am in a hurry to get do to so much stuff and then don't have the time...but always enjoy your blog :-).Hugs .Bea

  7. A great post Marty, says it all.
    I do often visit and read blogs when I don't have much time, and unless something really stands out for me I probably wouldn't leave a comment. I'll have to think again and make more time to comment.
    Have a great week!
    Rose H

  8. great post, I always ask myself why am I blogging and I am not sure I have found my own answer yet. Not the real answer, I wish I had more followers, yes more comments but I treasure the comments I get that are real. I feel I have gotten to know some women well via blogs but I blogging....hmmmm

  9. Great post Marty! You pretty much said it all and I like you would much prefer a visit with a kind comment than just a reply email stating "thanks". Blogging should be fun and us "ladies" should always try to encourage each other...thats what makes blogging so much fun and very rewarding!

  10. I'm one of those who doesn't comment often enough. I read a LOT of blogs every single day, but sometimes just don't know what to say. After awhile saying nice, lovely, gorgeous, and pretty just seems over done.I try, but I read so many blogs it's hard to leave a comment each time.

  11. you are spot on Marty! we all LOVE it when others leave us comments, so we need to take the time to do that same. i often go to leave comments and blogger won't let me which is very frustrating!
    great advice :) Kate x

  12. I love reading your blog and many, many others. I don't always leave a comment. I am happy people read my blog and don't mind that they don't leave comments. I have a stat counter so know who visits from where. Lurkers are welcome anytime. My time is limited so I pop in to blogs a few minutes throughout the day. Some are close friends and I leave a comment everytime. Others I leave one about once a week and others I do try to leave one every few weeks. I just don't have the time to leave comments on everyones blog and if they don't want me to visit without leaving a comment then they should post a warning at the head of their blog.

  13. Hi Marty,
    I have been a terrible blogger this summer, in fact, I have barely been on anyone's blog including my own.
    There has been so much happening in our lives, that like you mentioned, life got in the way.
    I am proud to say that I am back and ready to blog.
    EVERYTHING you said is spot on. I couldn't add a single thing.
    Not blogging was lonely, as you said, want comments? then comment.
    Way to go girlfriend and it's great advice for all the bloggers out there.

  14. I blog to hear myself blog ;-)

    I visit many blogs daily, but if they already have 30 or more comments and I feel I would just be repeating the "nice job" comments, I don't leave a comment. But, I almost always become a follower. I feel becoming a follower is the nicest "comment" I can leave.

  15. If I add...yeah that a 3 cents worth??
    I don't get that email thing. I added an email..I have gotten 2 besides spam. If I get a comment that has no reply on it..guess what...???? I go to the blog!
    And the thing about taking time...yep, it does...and it takes ME time to go to blogs too!!
    Well, I better be quiet...or it will have to be 4 cents worth!!!

  16. I think commenting is a lot like spending at least a nickel at a garage sale...It makes the owner feel like the work they did was not in vain and that a "treasure" that passed from one home to another. K

  17. I have to admit that commenting has more often than not gotten the best of me. I save every comment in my email in box. They stay there until I can visit that person's blog and return the comment. Comments might sit in my in box for 2 weeks but I always get there eventually. I can say with total honesty that I have never left a one word comment. I never will either. I think it's very rude. Why bother? I would love to explore blogland more...I would love to visit the thousands of blogs I have never seen. But the fact of the matter is that I can't keep up with the blogs on my blogroll. More than anything, I would love to make blogging my full time job. :o) But of course that's not going to happen so I'll just go along as I have...trying, trying, trying.

  18. Hi Marty, Great post and I've got to say I'm always inspired when I visit you and other blogging buddies. Great info for new bloggers too.
    Have a great afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  19. HI Marty,
    Wonderful post and I love the picture!! LOL. I agree with you 100 % ...I am guilty of visiting and not commenting mainly due to time..but I do try and leave a comment some time during the week on each blog I visit. I love people's comments too and I know we all appreciate support of each others creativity. I have meet some great people thru the blogsphere and have prayed for those who have lost loved ones, who are getting divorced or are experiencing major health issues..something I didn't expect would happen. I look forward to hearing from my "followers" and when they have exciting news or projects I love seeing what they are up to! It's all about the "Golden Rule" unto others...thank you for always being a gracious hostess and sharing your kind words of wisdom!
    Miss Bloomers

  20. Nice!...haha just kidding Marty. I here ya and you've given me a lot to think about. I love Ann's idea of working on saving comments I haven't responded to and making an effort at some point to get over and visit them. I'm going to remember to do that. Blogging is such a fine balance, a dance in a way. Balancing the creation of projects (so we actually have something to blog about), photographing, editing photos and writing the posts, keeping up with our close friends blogs, our new followers, facebook and twitter accounts and commenting on hundreds of blogs whew! it's a juggling act for sure. But the friendships formed are definitely the icing on the cake of blogging and worth nurturing. Thanks for a thought provoking post. Appreciate you! Heather

  21. Great post Marty. I try to contact all who comment on my blog and it may take a few days, but I do it.

    I hate when you leave a comment and ask a question and they never get back to you. I can let that go a couple of times and than the third time I ask and I get no reply I will just stop following.

    Like you said blogging is like inviting someone into your home.

  22. Personally, I don't really see the problem with leaving one word comments. Sometimes one "nice" meaningful word is worth more than 20 or 30 jumbled words that just say the same thing that 14 or 15 other people have already said before you. And sometimes we just don't have time to leave more than a word or two. Life is busy and there are more important things to do most days than to leave a comment that is long and drawn out (kind of like this one). It's true that we all like comments, me included, but I don't really mind too much if I don't get any or only a few on my posts. Blogging is not a popularity contest, at least not for me. I blog for myself and no one else. If someone wants to comment on my posts, great! If not, oh well, life goes on!

  23. Thanks a mill for a very good blogging education.

    That is the question. Are we all blogging just to gather comments or for fun and more challenging reasons?

    I can't visit someone without leaving my footprints. Visiting the US and most of your players every Tuesday, is like flying over Atlantic. I love saying hi & thanks and explain. Inspirations and the difference of our culture and living, are always in my fingers.

    You really right, Lady M! I really appreciate you posted this issue. I remember 3 yrs ago when I started blogging and came across some very interesting sentence " A TRUE BLOGGER ALWAYS SEE AND VISIT BACK AND LEAVE FOOTPRINTS" That's the first rule.Remember, "A true blogger". But, those so called "bloggers don't mind other if they found out that, someone posted an unteresting post?

    Anyways, I blog for a funsake and I visit whoever and always leave comments. I never encounter uninteresting issues, as far as I am concern. So... summing up this all? Be nice and share back and appreciate you friends or friends to be done to entertain us.

    Happy Sunday everyone. Enjoy the best of the day.


  24. Hi Marty,
    I appreciate your thoughts on blogging and I agree. I try my best to get around to visit everyone and to leave a comment, but there are times when I just can't get to everyone. I try to cover a few everyday and try not to miss anyone.

    Blogging means so much to me and I can't imagine my life without it.


  25. Marty, you have always been extremely kind to me and I appreciate your kind comments.

    You always visit everyone that links to your parties and that has to be very time consuming and I for one appreciate it.

    You have the gift of encouragement. I think it is good to speak your mind.

  26. I too agree with you, however...
    I sometimes get so busy leaving comments on all the blogs I follow, that I don't have time to devote to my own posts, (that I'm hoping receives lots of comments also).
    Being somewhat new to blogging, there is so much to learn, and one of those learning experience is blogging etiquette... that like most of life,falls into the Golden Rule category!

  27. So well said Marty! I agree that it is so much more satisfying to receive a visit than an email.

    I'm so happy with the friendships I've made from blogging. What a great community!

    Have a great week.

  28. I like your comment about treating others as you would like to be treated. I am usually waaaay to wordy with comments when I leave one so the one word deal isn't gonna happen with me. If I don't have the time to think my comment through I don't comment. But, that doesn't mean I'm not looking (lurking), or appreciate all the effort it took for them to blog. I really do or else I wouldn't be looking. Some days I just don't feel like I need to be another voice in the crowd. Some days, I just want to look more then read. I think that's okay to do, but I think that's when you really should not comment. I would be more okay with a "Nice" from someone rather then the one whose comment shows it's obvious they didn't actually read what I wrote. The whole comment issue has bothered me many times over as there really is no way to know how sincere someone is just because they leave a nice comment. Then feeling like I have to reply back by email with a thank you for their comment on top of a visit to their blog was waaayyy too much for me. I'd rather visit their blog, so I rarely do email comments anymore. Now I mostly only email those who I have made closer friendships with and who want to share a little more of their life as well. I've learned not to take it all too seriously anymore. The best part is as you said, making a few good friendships along the way!

  29. If I had this many responses for even one of my posts I would be just beside myself. Amen and Amen to everything you said!!!

  30. Thanks for this sweet reminder of what a courteous blogger should do. I sometimes think there are so many blogs out there now, that it gets hard to visit everyone. But I agree that we should be kind enough to visit their blogs if they visit ours

    Jocelyn @

  31. Dearest Marty,
    Once again we have been schooled. First of all, I am sorry I missed the part about the "lurkers" because if I am trying to understand through context clues that clearly I was one of them. Prior to having my own blog, I was a self proclaimed blog voyeur. I never left comments. I don't even have a proper excuse. I was shy and felt like since no one knew I was out here it did not matter. (again no excuse) Secondly I did not know protocol (formal or informal) which means common everyday sisterly etiquette did not enter my mind.

    Five months into blogging I have often thought about the hundreds of posts I never left sentiments of thank you or job well done. When I say think about that I mean total blog guilt. When I look at the number of people who visit daily and actually spend quite a bit of time on my blog I always feel a kind of way when folks don't say hello. It's like walking into a shop and not saying hello or good by. It's rude...plain and simple.

    Now that I am a blogger I make it my daily duty to visit as many people as I can and leave sincere and heart felt comments. I now feel like I have an extended family of the most amazing people (women mostly) that I have ever had the good fortune of meeting or not meetng. As Karen commented, these are wonderful meaningful relationships. People put in a lot of time getting ready to share their thoughts, love, dreams, creativity, and spirit to the world.

    I thank you for this post because it really is important.

    Love you Marty...stay blessed.

    P.S. This is the longest comment I have ever left any one. :-)

  32. Well said...I must say Marty, you always seem to be very prompt and you are always kind with your comments. Sometimes I get a few days behind...(like this week!) but I eventually make it over to everyone who commented. Those are some great reminders for all of us to remember! Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

  33. Oh, I am just getting more and more confused about this blogging world and the proper etiquette. Several years ago, my daughter started blogging. Through her blog, I found my first one to read and then kept following the trail to another one and another one. I truly didn't know I was supposed to leave a comment. Then, I didn't know how because I didn't have a blog and couldn't figure out my identity - or whatever it was blogger wanted to me give. So, my daughter set up a blog for me and I started commenting. Then, finally, I got my blog going. I read in someone's post that it was good form to reply to comments. I thought email was the correct way to do that, until I read a comment on Debbie's post today that said she thinks those are worthless. I am soooo confused.
    Many times I totally agree with a comment made by another person and cannot say anything better. I told someone I wish we had a "like" button for comments. I also try to visit all the blogs of my commenters and comment on their posts as well. I even wrote thank you emails to my followers before I lost track of who the new ones were. I wish Blogger notified me when a new person follows. Or, maybe some of you know how to figure that out. If I've offended anyone with my blogging efforts, I'll apologize right here and try better.

  34. Very well said Marty, so many of the things you wrote about I feel each and every day. We all go to a lot of trouble to take pictures, put the post together, welcome comments good and bad. I've found lately I'm getting more emails than actual comments on my blog.. my first thought is: if they have the time to leave an email why not an actual comment? Then as you say the lurkers, they've found time to stop by but don't have the time to leave a comment, or in my case I immediately think they don't have anything positive to say so they don't. You have so eloguently put it out for others to read, wish I was that brave. My blog is my personal outlet during a time when our home is under a lot of stress with Mr. P's illnesses. I appreciate each and every comment, and try to be gracious enough to return their visits. OK.. I've gone on and on here, written a small book.. that was not my intention.. just wanted to say VERY WELL SAID!! hugs ~lynne~

  35. Oh me. I like both email and comments. I feel sometimes the emails can make for a more personal one on one. The comments I feel are like presents I don't give just because I get one, I give comments because of the work and ones self that shows all over the blog. I also go to my blog reading list and just pick random ones to pop in on. That a way I try to spread the love.

  36. You are so right!! Each sentence I read sounds exactly what I think so often. I try to answer all of my comments by e-mail, but then I follow up by visiting their blog as well. I love what you said about treat others as you would want to be treated (I actually have that phrase hanging in my daughter's room). Blogging is a roller coaster at times and I have to remember to check my ego at the door sometimes...especially when I have a light comment day and I have something posted that I think is "comment worthy" plus I've been off visiting and commenting all day long. The "real" friendships I have made trump it all. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started blogging, but yesterday I celebrated my one year anniversary of blogging and not only do I still love it, it has rewarded me in so many ways. I love visiting your blog and I admire all you do. Great post.

  37. I have so much on my plate that I don't get around to reading or commenting on other's blogs as much as I would like. It's always a juggling act! However, I do make an effort to get around to leave comments when I can. There are some blogs I enjoy visiting whose hosts never visit me. So, I have just stopped visiting them because what's the point of a one sided relationship? I don't have a big popular blog, and probably never will, but I enjoy blogging and consider it a creative outlet.

    Susan and Bentley

  38. I read your post earlier this evening and agree with everything you said. I'll admit that I read all of your posts but haven't commented as much as usual because I'm busy with school and often read your posts on my phone where it isn't so easy to comment. I'll try to be better about giving out comment love because I'm like anyone else and like to receive comments.

    I especially agree with your point on bloggers who write a thank you email but never visit. It seems like good manners to visit back if someone takes the time to comment.

  39. Thank you Marty for a very thoughtful post. I certainly agree about the "golden rule" of blogging. You're always one of the most gracious bloggers with encouraging comments for others. I know that I don't get around as much as I would like and understand when life gets in the way and time is scarce. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Nice! That was nice!

  41. Marty - First off, as I have told you, I really appreciate all the time you take to leave comments on so many blogs. I always know you have really read my blog and looked at my pictures - you always say something postive about several items in my post. As a new blogger I really appreciate that. You are a great guest and would always be at the top of the list to invite for any party I was having. : )

    Now, I agree about treating visiting a blog as if you are visiting at someones home. I always leave a comment - more then one word. This person was excited about posting about whatever, and that shows through. It may be something I would not do/have in my home, but I am a guess, and can always find something postive to say. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Hi Marty! I loved this post and I so agree with you on all of your topics! I get quite a few emails from bloggers thanking me for popping in to see them, so far, always a sweet email. I've always wondered why they just don't comment on my blog. They have to take the time to go to my profile and find my email, pull up the browser and then type in my email address! It would be so much easier just to click on my name and comment on my blog! UGH!
    I do thank you for visiting me and your comments - they mean so much to me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  44. Well said, Marty. Lots of good thoughts there, and I think many, many of us heartily agree. Have a great week. Linda

  45. Well written Marty!!

    I might add, if I get 10 comments or 40 or 80, I read each and every one of them and appreciate them. I saw a comment a few months ago, that said the person never leaves a comment on posts with lots of comments because they figure the blog author isn't reading all of them when there are that many.

    I may not get back to every single one of my commenters, but I must say, I will do my best to get to the majority, even though it may take awhile before I get around to it.

    As you know, I am inching toward 5 years in the land of blog. Sometimes I sit back in amazement that I've lasted this long, just plugging along as one of the smaller blogs. But I do it for enjoyment and the creative outlet, which I love. I've learned a lot over the years and I continue to learn.

    A year or two ago I decided to slow down. My time on the computer was becoming all consuming and my eyesight was really taking a beating. So, I limit my time now even though I now have bigger stronger glasses :-), I still limit my time.

    Enjoyed this post and Debbie's. too!

  46. These ten months of blogging for me has meant one confusion after another. I was a lurker and when I started my blog, I understood that I should have left more comments. Then I started getting emails from bloggers thanking me for visiting/commenting/linking so I thought that I should be doing more emails. I tried both, emails and comments. I prefer visiting and commenting over emails. I just hope that's what everyone else likes too! I'm learning something new each day and appreciate all the advice, comments, visits, parties and inspiration. I do get very behind, trying to be creative for my blog, I do my best to get around to visit...after all that's why I started blogging, because I get so much inspiration from all of you! Thanks Marty!

  47. Marty, you're so gracious. Thank you for the encouraging reminders to BE beautiful, not just make pretty blog posts.
    We all need encouragement from our sisters--be they near or far. I appreciate your kind spirit in that!

  48. I so agree about the emails! I don't get that! Like you said, I don't want to be thanked, a visit would be nice!

    I love the lurkers and have rec'd many emails from them saying they don't have a blog, but love reading mine and trying the recipes etc!

    I didn't read any of the comments that were left for you, but I am coming back tomorrow to do so!

    I agree, and anyone who runs a party should make the effort to visit each person who linked up, and everyone who enters, should leave a comment for the host. Just good manners!

    Also the no reply blogger addy! If I want to answer a question, and I always want to, there is no way to contact some, esp if they don't have a blog. It frustrates me, and I hope they don't think I am ignoring, but how do I reach them!

  49. I'm oh so confused! I read your blog every day - love it tons - and there are many others that I go to also. I do not have a blog of my own, and in fact, have just discovered blogland about a year ago. I have commented a few times here and there, but I guess I have non-blogger-a-phobia(!) and have just felt that being an "out-sider," perhaps my comments weren't welcome or were frowned on. This blogging thing is kind of sorority and I am not sure where I fit in!!! I know people like me are called "lurkers," not exactly a term that says "welcome - can't wait to hear from you." I do enjoy & appreciate the time and talents all the bloggers display - I have found so much inspiration from you all. But, as a "lurker," I am always unsure whether I am welcomed in to your "homes." So, any encouraging words for me? Do I have a complex? Should I comment? I certainly would like to join in the fun, even though I am on the outside looking in!

  50. I have been blogging for almost 2 years and I learned something new! It never occurred to me that I need to go and comment on someone's blog when they did mine. I usually send an email only, now I know! thanks Marty!!!

  51. Bluebird1959, I really never meant for this to confuse anyone. If you don't have a blog doesn't mean you are an outsider. I love your visits just the same as someone with a blog. It just makes it hard for me to thank you or to answer any questions if I can't get back to you someway. I am positive that every blogger appreciates the visits from anyone whether they have a blog or not. I really dislike the term "lurker" and I so hope it isn't offending anyone. Blogging is like a community and everyone is welcome. You don't have to live in the same community to enjoy all the fun. So by all means, believe that you are not an outsider and yes, you are definitely welcome to visit anytime. Also, you don't have to comment if you don't want to. All I wanted anyone to know from this post is just to be kind, nice and courteous. Seems like I said most of it all wrong. I hope you will continue to visit. Hugs, Marty

  52. Don't think you said anything wrong Marty, just expressing your opinion, and very nicely, I think. However, I did not see the post on lurking before it was removed.....don't think I like that term.....

    1. I visit many blogs as often as I can, I enjoy them and many make me laugh....don't do the email thing.

    2. Can't leave comments on Explorer, so have to switch over to Firefox, and it doesn't always work there either, very frustrating for someone who is computer challenged!!! That's when I give up and don't even try again.

    3. I have never expected a comment in return. Pretty much just say what's on my mind, no need to get back to me or feel obligated to visit my blog.

    4. Some bloggers have a new post every day and many twice a day!!! How much time do you people have anyway??? I post every two weeks or so.....taking care of a household and running my own business is time consuming....

    5. And if I am on Firefox and want to copy or save something, like from the Graphics Fairy, then have to switch back to Explorer. By then I'm pretty tired!!!

    6. Love all of you, and value your time and friendships....this has been so much fun for me, and still learning the ropes, and sometimes just don't know what to say that would be "new".....and never should ever feel obligated...hugs...cleo

  53. Hi Marty...

    I really enjoyed this post, my friend! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about commenting...I totally agree!

    Love ya,

  54. I have been very lucky. Not any probblems so far with unwanted comments. Oh yeah, wait a minute... there was the advertiser fron China!! I deleted the comments a couple of time & they gave up!!
    Just loved your 2 cents as that pretty much sums up my feelings too!!

  55. Thanks for this post. As a new blogger I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed in learning ALL the ropes associated with blogging. Learning WordPress was/is a huge undertaking, and takes a lot of time. I do leave comments, but am also frustrated with the MANY blogs that don't accept URL/NAME under comments. So I can't comment. Some I follow I have notified, but they feel allowing this cause too many "spam". comments. So there are those of us who would love to comment, but can't.

    I do feel we are all in a blog family. Will be more consisted in posting comments since I'm so thrilled, and validated when I receive them.

    Marty, just to let you know, the link to Whimsical Musings is not working.

    Thanks for this post, your visits, and your comment.

  56. Back to say I agree with the comment about every day posts too. I don't have time to read a post everyday from everyone, and sometimes people post, just to post. No need for one everyday, that is for sure!
    I can barely find things of interest for 2 a week! And maybe they are not interesting to many either, LOL!

  57. I love your post Marty you said it all so well!
    I don't understand the email thing either, sometimes I don't even remember who the sender is or the blog because it's not on their email to me and I know they didn't stop by to view my blog either.

    I do understand about leaving a comment because yes, real life gets in the way but once in a while would be nice. Lurkers are welcome of course, I was one once too before I decided to do a blog!

    One thing I always do is when I follow someone I always (unless blogger won't let me at the time) put them on my blog list. I feel this gives them a chance for their blog to be viewed by someone else, to me it's just being a good friend.

    I've always enjoyed your comments Marty and always happy to have you!

  58. Marty,
    This was a fantastic post!! I so agree with you about the email thing.
    If I took the time to leave a comment then I would rather a comment back and not an email.
    I know there are many lurkers and that is fine with me. I look at my counter to see how many views or how many are on my blog at a given moment. I cannot always comment on every blog I view and sometimes I don't want to because maybe that post didn't do anything for me so I would rather just be silent about it.

    i love blogging and sometimes, it does become a chore with working full time. Then I know it is time for a break and when i return, I have a renewed interest....

    Thanks for this great post and I TRULY enjoyed it!!


  59. Thanks for the great post, Marty. I've only been blogging since June and already find myself busier than I ever thought I would be. It isn't because my blog is so big (it isn't), it's just the time it takes to blog. I'm not nearly good enough about leaving comments, but I intend to step up my game after reading this! I too have enjoyed "meeting" so many lovely, encouraging people. I hope to meet some of them in real life one day - hopefully you too. Meeting people isn't the reason that I started to blog, but is quickly becoming one. One way to think about why we should comment - I've read that you should write your blog as if you are speaking to someone - well, it's kind of hard to make it a two way "conversation" if you don't comment to what they have to say! You are a great lady and I so enjoy your blog. Take care.

  60. Marty, your two cents is worth a million!! WELL SAID!! I tend to get caught up in the reply by emails too and it does make me feel bad. It feels like replying to a faceless person. I am working on that. I LOVE comments and would get kinda down when I didn't receive enough. THEN I discovered analytics and WOW! It perked me right up!! AND I too am a bit put off by the "nice" comments. I don't know whether to be happy that they actually took the time to say "nice" or wish they had said more. If your post has a gazillion views and only 20 comments, I guess the "attempt" at leaving a comment is somewhat appreciated. BUT I totally understand what you mean. I love ya, Marty! I wouldn't be the blogger I am if I hadn't gotten to know you. :)

  61. I agree with this! One of the unexpected blessings I discovered through blogging is the virtual friendships made.
    My problem with leaving comments is that sometimes I read the blogs on my Flipboard (app on iPad which is AWESOME but doesn't allow you to leave comments through google) OR I read it in carpool line, as I am now, and by the time I get to finish reading a few posts, my child is running to the car and I'm off, and can't "text and drive". I read a lot more than the comments I leave, which I hate that my time schedule sometimes only affords me a few minutes to squeeze some reading time in.
    But it is the comments that are left that keep you going, isn't it? It feels nice to have a conversation that way or hear thoughts about a post that may of taken you a few hours to write. I know the only time I get comments from my mom is via email, and it's almost always pointing out a typo or misspelled word.
    Having said all that, today I have enjoyed reading your great blog while in line, and great timing, as he is in car now and harassing me about finishing right now. ;) wink
    Keep up the great work and dialogue, and thanks for the reminder for me to make time to say "hey" eve so often
    Have a great day!

  62. very true words Marty. Yes, I do agree with you. I have to admit That I get dissapointed that I recieve few comments. It is not the reason I blog so I move along. I love blogging and am so happy there are awesome friends like you out there...


  63. Excellent post,Marty! And so well said... I totally agree with everything you said here. Through our words and thoughts we built relationships and bonds and we inspire and motivate each other.I'm sure it is not possible to comment on each and every post we visit but when we do post a comment it is encouraging to read a positive comment and know your work is appreciated instead of an email saying:"Thanks" Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Hugs~Poppy

  64. Excellent advice Marty! The friendships that have been made through blogging is the best. I do feel guilty that I don't comment enough on other blogs but like you said, life just gets in the way. :) I do try my best to write everyone back and thank them for commenting. I wish I had more hours in the day to get everything done!!

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  66. This is wonderful advice, I am very new at this, so this was really helpful. thanks

  67. Marty,
    Wouldn't it be nice if there was an equitte book on being a blogger??? I'm just still unsure of what is appropriate...for example; going on a vacation and not posting for a week or longer. I don't know if you're suppose to tell your followers or enlighten them when you get home! I adore your advice. I admire your friendship...for me, blogging has been a wonderful creative outlet, and a great resource tool for my own home decor situations...but the number the bonds of blogging friendships I have established over the past year!
    Keep the tips and advice on blogging coming...I need all the guidance, encouragement, help and isnpiration that I can get!