Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Post - The Polohouse

Today I am so honored that Alison @ The Polohouse is doing a guest post.  She is a wife and mom and such a sweet and friendly lady, you will love her if you don't already know her.  As you can see by her header picture, she lives in a fabulous Polo Barn and Stable that has been converted into a house.  Her home is unbelievable and you will absolutely love her and her decor style.  Very elegant and so warm and welcoming, with touches of equestrian charm. She has such a special gift for mixing fabrics, colors and antiques with the new to create stunning rooms and vignettes.  Just be prepared to drool every time you visit.  Thanks so much Alison, I really appreciate you filling in. 

Thank you so much, Marty, for allowing me
the opportunity to be one of your guest bloggers
this week!

This is the little fall vignette on my kitchen island
that I added this week.

I found this cute little gold and black paint pail in
Minnesota last month and thought it would be fun filled
with some rust colored mums. It is very old and badly
stained but I loved the colors and graphics and thought
it was charming as found.

It is paired with a small wheel barrow from Pottery Barn
filled with gourds, mini pumpkins and some faux hedge
apples. (Have yet to find any fresh ones!)

The Dutch Boy Paint pail reminded me of my husband's
sweet grandmother. She was a child dancer on the Vaudeville
circuit as a child. She sang and danced during the same years
that Shirley Temple was famous. She traveled all over the country
entertaining audiences from 1920 through 1930. During that time she posed for
the Dutch Boy paint company's logo and here are a couple of shots
from that experience sometime around 1920

Hope you are enjoying these first days of fall
as much as we are here in Illinois. The leaves
are in the beginning stages of their spectacular show!

Enjoy your week, and thank you again Marty for this great honor
of guest hosting on your fantastic blog. Have fun in Hawaii.

xx ~


  1. So surprised to see you here Ms. A. What a great job you are doing. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. Alison, your fall display is so pretty! I love that pail and love the story about your husband's grandmother.

    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Marty and Alison, I adore the old paint can as it's colors are perfect for fall and it's great you saw that Alison. hugs♥O

  4. Loved the Dutch Boy pictures of your husband's grandmother, and the little pail,too.

    Enjoy your fall days!

  5. Wonderful fall decor, Alison! What a great looking wheel barrow with all of those pumpkins, I've been wanting one of those, it is just too cute! What a grand story about your husband's grandmother, what an adorable Dutch boy!


  6. Hi Alison, I know Marty is relaxed and enjoying her holiday knowing your helping to take care of A stroll Thru Life while she's away. Beautiful island vignette, love the pumpkin candleholder and of course the fall colors. The Dutch Boy pics are adorable.

    The French Hutch

  7. HI Marty and Alison! So great to see you, A, here at Marty's!!!! I love your vignette on the counter. LOVE that PB wheel barrel! The paint can is fabulous! I have the same candle holders with the stacked pumpkins!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to see that YOU had them too!!! XO, Pinky

  8. Alison your fall display is beautiful!! I love those tiered pumpkin candle holders, very cute. Martina

  9. Your Fall vignette is beautiful, Alison, and I loved learning about your grandmother!

  10. Thanks, Neighbor!! I love your fall you it is very sweet! Great post!


  11. Love your fun wheelbarrow centerpiece on your island! That's so cute.

  12. Such a cute idea using the paint can. Adorable

  13. I love how you incorporated your husband's family history into the vignette. Wheel barrows always make me smile too, so I love this sweet one filled with pumpkins. Thanks for sharing with us Alison!

  14. Wow- when I first saw your face I thought you were Candice Olsen from HGTV!
    Love your home! Great vignette!
    Thanks for guest hosting! I'm going to buzz over to your blog now!

  15. Thanks again Marty for allowing me to be part of the guest blogger party here this week!
    So much fun and so nice to see new faces over here
    Have a great time.
    Catch some rays for me.

  16. Allison,
    fall is beautiful in your kitchen!!! I LOVE the pail and those candlesticks.
    Great guest post!

  17. Forgot to add that is so cool about your husband's grandmother!
    Those pictures are fabulous!

  18. Oh Alison, what beautiful memories of your husband's grandmother.Love your fall display.

  19. So pretty! Love the Dutch Boy and all your fall touches!

  20. Lovely fall vignette...I enjoyed hearing about the Dutch Boy model!

  21. I am so in the mood for fall now!All too pretty!

  22. I loved seeing the picture and hearing the story of your husband's grandmother.That little wheelbarrow looks darling on your island as part of your display.

  23. Just wondering - can I come over to share a spot of tea in this LOVELY space? Quite beautiful! Enjoy!

  24. Love your fall display! I especially Love the pail with the mums.

  25. Darling fall vignette for your island. Love the old photo. ~ Sarah