Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's Have A Fall Cloche Party-Nov. 1st.

I see Fall decor going on all over blogland, so it's time for a FALL CLOCHE PARTY.   November 1st we will have a cloche party instead of  Table Top Tuesday.  You are welcome to join with any kind of tabletop, but hopefully you will showcase your cloches all dressed for fall.

Below are a couple of cloches I've done in the past to give you a few ideas.

We count hurricanes as cloches for our parties, and apothecary jars are great too.

This was one of my favorites, I love this apple box and of course apples, wheat and turning leaves all remind us of fall.

More apples in my Rooster cloche. 

So dust off those cloches if you don't have them out already and let's have a party.  Remember Nov. 1st, mark your calendar.  I can't wait to see all of your vignettes.

Also, you can still enter to win my Coffee Burlap Bag Giveaway.  Click here or on the pic on my sidebar to enter.


  1. You always have the best cloches, Marty! Thanks for the heads up. I need to get going on this!

  2. I just found a new cloche yesterday, so I'm excited!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'll be there ready to party. Sally

  4. Again a grand party... sure it will be as lovely as was before... trying to be with you on 1st november Marty...
    Visit me at

  5. I can't wait to see what everyone does.

  6. Your apple box display was beautiful, Marty! I had a cloche casualty from the move. My clock dome turned cloche cracked and I had to get rid of it. I'm on the look out for a replacement though! I've still got a few others that traveled fine, so I'm looking forward to putting some things together and join in!

  7. I can't wait...How exciting...I hope to come up with something interesting and fun..

  8. I always think you have so many cute cloches. I'm inspired and I'll be there Nov. 1 with my one lonely cloche...unless I can find another. What fun!

  9. Marty,
    Your Fall cloches are gorgeous! Count me in for the Fall Cloche Party!!! You are the sweetest hostess in Blog Land!

  10. Sounds like a fun party. Will get my thinking cap on and see what pops into my head. You do cloches very well, Marty. I'm not so sure about me, we will see! ---Shannon

  11. Wow! Another funtime is coming! Yay! time to gather inspirations.

    Hope to find more cloches & apothecary jars.

    Happy w/end, Lady Marty.


  12. I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely cloches already! God bless x

  13. Your cloches are beautiful and yes, I got fall ideas...thank you darling and for the new party, I just can't wait! Your cloch party gave me luck last time I won Chie's beautiful giveaway, I just did atable for my birthday yestaerday with them and I mewntioned TT at Marty's and look, another great party! Have a sweet weekend. Hugs, FABBY

  14. I'm looking forward to the party!


  15. Hi Marty, and thank you for stopping by my blog - I sure appreciate your comments! I love that you are having a cloche party and I think I'll join it!
    Have a blessed week,

  16. Thanks Marty! I am really excited about it!

    I will have to remember to join your party! Sounds fun!

  17. No question of why the apple box vignette is a is gorgeous!

  18. Your cloches are so pretty! I'll be thinking what to do!!

  19. Hi Marty! I remember making my very first cloche last year for your Fall Cloche Party! I may have made one more, sometime during the year, but not sure. Would it be okay to join in with last year's model?? :)

  20. Oh boy! How excited am I to finally be able to participate in one of your cloche parties! I just got a big one at Goodwill a few weeks ago!

  21. Your cloche parties are some of my favorite blog events. I always see the most wonderful ideas.

    I love the one in the apple crate the very best!

  22. I love your cloche parties. I posted a couple last week but I will add some and redo my previous ones. I am putting your button on my sidebar.

  23. oooo, marty, the berries make this stunning! so, i am off to MICHEALS for wheat!! will make one for my mother too :)
    be blessed on the lovely autumn day!
    i am so exic