Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

I am linking this to theTalent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage.    These are all tablescapes that I have done for the fall season, and almost everything came from either Goodwill or the Dollar Tree, so these can be reproduced on any budget and fit most any decor.

Are your plans all set and all of your decorations in place, or are you still trying to figure it out.  I still don't have a tablescape finalized for Thanksgiving, so I went back through some of the ones that I've done in the past to see if I could get a little inspiration.

I love pretty floral arrangements whether they are big, small, ornate, simple or anywhere inbetween.  This is a really easy one with hydrangeas and pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.  I push wood skewers into the bottom of the styrofoam pumpkins and then into the floral foal.  I do the same thing with fabric loops that I wire to a skewer.  Makes great fillers for any arrangement and gives it so much more character than just flowers.

Sometimes just a half dozen beautiful roses surrounded by a ton of silver and candlelight creates a lovely and elegant table.  A tall slender vase from the Dollar Tree works great.

Keeping things simple and monochromatic like this green and white table works well for a more informal tablescape.  Adding a lot of candle light creates beautiful ambiance.  You can find some wonderful candles at the 99c and Dollar Tree stores.

Then you can do something a little more sophisticated such as black and white, throw in a lot of silver and candles and you have a much more formal and elegant setting.

A large hurricane, berry garland, pinecone potpourri, gourds and pumpkins and this is perfect for an informal gathering or maybe for a brunch that you're hosting.

This was my tablescape a couple of years ago.  The colors are perfect for my house right now, and this just may be what I repeat again.

Mixed faux flowers of all kinds and a few feathers for interest creates an eye catching centerpiece.

I also arranged a berry garland and some ribbon loops to add some extra glitz as it winds through the candles.

So, how is your tablescape coming along?  All done or are you still looking for ideas?


  1. Oh Marty your tables are all stunning, I love the china and elements in all of them and the great ideas for fabulous centerpieces. I specially love the one with the hurricane. I already did mine with gourds as centerpiece and fresh flowers on the's hard to find the feathers I love, as there are no pheasents here. Thank you for the beautiful inspirations. Lots of hugs,

  2. I'd never be able to pick just one! They are all so lovely! Of course, I am in love with silver serving pieces, so I love anything with lots of silver on it!!!

  3. Marty, your tables are all beautiful. I can't even pick a favorite.
    My Thanksgiving table is very simple as I will be having Thanksgiving at my daughter's.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely tables.

  4. Marty, lovely inspirations for our Thanksgiving tables. Thanks for maintaining your archives for our benefit. Cherry Kay

  5. All your tables are very lovely. I would feel so special dining at the black and white with all the silver. Beautiful!

  6. Love the beautiful tables, I like the first one best but it is hard to choose, they are all pretty, Laura

  7. Oh Marty, your tablescape is just exquisite! I'd do a repeat without hesitation! It's just gorgeous!


  8. They are all stunning but I have to say the black and white is my favorite..
    It'll just be 2 of us this year so no big table scape.. maybe just a little something on the tea tray in front of the fire.

  9. Just lovely! All of them are so inviting (what time shall I be there?) I love the feathers in one of the centerpieces!

  10. You are such an inspiration. I have a tough time with figuring out what makes my dining room table pop. You have inspired me!

  11. Not quite there yet. I'm working on it though.

    Yours are all lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Pretty tables, Marty. We aren't having flowers on our Thanksgiving table this year. Perhaps we will at Christmas.

  13. I don't have to set a Thanksgiving table this year since my sister is hosting. I love how your table turned out from last year. It's so pretty! Your china pattern is very nice.

  14. so lovely, I'm not going to be doing Thanksgiving dinner at all this year, but I love looking at everyone's tabletops!

  15. Very pretty tables -- all!!! I can't pick a favorite!!!!

  16. Oh wow Marty, you've had so many pretty tables over the years. Each so different, some formal, some a little casual, but all spectacular!

    I've still working on mine, I think I've got a plan. ;D

  17. I do like your last one the best! Your china is beautiful!
    Still thinking about mine!

  18. They are all gorgeous, but my favorite is the green and white one. However, my favorite centerpiece is the last one. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  19. You have so many gorgeous tables there Marty!
    I love them all and knowing you your table will be outstandingly gorgeous this year too!
    Hugs friend,

  20. As always your table setting is breathtaking!

  21. All of yours are so pretty, but I really like the one you think you may repeat. There will only be 6 of us for dinner, so I've decided to use the breakfast room table & keep it less formal. I have my plan all written down in my "Little Holiday Book," and will make it happen Thanksgiving eve. Thanks, Marty, for always being such an inspiration.
    :) CAS

  22. Marty, you always have amazing tablescape ideas! Thanks for linking up to The "Autmn D├ęcor" Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

  23. Marty, you always come up with beautiful tablescapes! All of your Fall decor from last year are so lovely.

  24. I love your tablescape! I featured it here in my latest post for Bright Settings! - have a great day - Heather