Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gourmet Gifts for my Kitchen

I love to cook with seasoned oils and I got some fabulous oils from my daughter.

Garlic, Basil and Tuscan Herb.  I can't wait to give them all a try.

Of course they immediately found a place on my little tray by the stove.

 I love the pour stopper that came with it too.  I need to get two more so I have one for each oil

 Fits perfectly with my regular olive oil and the salt and pepper grinders.  I also received a new can opener too.  Yip-skip, now I am all set.  No excuse not to cook up a storm.

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Can't wait to see what all Santa brought you. 


  1. I too love the flavored olive oils!!
    My Wish for you & yours is Good Health & Happiness for the New Year !!

  2. Oh how nice! I love cooking with the flavored oils too. Those pourers are the best! I use them all the time!! Garlic is my favorite but I use basil a lot too. Nice gifts!!

  3. I hope your Christmas was wonderful dear Marty. I love flavor oils too, and I also like the pourers. As always you did a terrific vignette with the other elements. Thank you for hosting and having me. Hugs,

  4. Love the flavored oil. I know the garlic oil is especially good for you too..

  5. Great and tasty gift. I love olive oils and anything for cooking. Bet you'll have fun trying all of them.

  6. I got my husband some from Vom Foss a place from Germany that has a store in St louis and u taste all the oils and vinegars just like wine tasting. Anxious to try them too!

  7. I predict some yummy dishes are in the future. :-D Nice gifts!

  8. I adore flavored olive oils. We have a great oilery not too far from here and they also do the distilled dessert vinegars, etc. Love it- xo Diana

  9. Hi Marty, I can smell something cookin right now with those wonderful oils. I love sprinkling some on a roast in the crockpot. It gives the meat and veggies such a wonderful flavor. Enjoy that gift!

  10. What a great gift. I love flavored olive oils...even just to dip bread in. Thanks for joining in the party at DIYbyDesign. Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful.

  11. Marty,
    Enjoy those flavored oils with some delicious salad dressings! Yum! Please post some fabulous ways to use them as you experiment!

  12. I'm so behind I wasn't aware of flavored oils..sounds yummy! I"ll have to try them. I love the bottles.
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  13. Those oils look so nice by your stove. It's always nice when something that you use looks good enough to sit out on the counter! You will get alot of use out of those.

  14. Flavored oils are so yummy! I like how you displayed them.


  15. I love flavored oils and vinegars so I now know that I'm in good company. I am so impressed with your pourer spout thingeys. They not only do a great job of pouring but add a little class too.