Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beige & Cream Living Room on a Budget

I have tried and tried to get a picture of what my LR really looks like and it is almost impossible.  Bright sunshine comes in through the windows and it always changes the color to make it look more yellow than it is.  In fact as I have said, there is nothing yellow in this room at all.  Beige walls and carpet and the furniture is brown and white.  I did some spring cleaning after my company left and finally got a picture that shows what this room really looks like.

I have also been asked many times about the furniture in this room.  As I have stated before,  almost everything in this room was purchased over several years at thrift and consignment shops.  If you look you can find some fabulous pieces and just keep building until you have a room you love.  Don't compromise, only buy what you really love, then you will love your entire room.

My sofa is one that I bought from a neighbor that was moving a couple of years ago and really is white.  It is a beautiful cut velvet with down filled cushions and oh so comfortable.  She was foolishly giving tons of things away and sold me this sofa for $100.  She said that moving and storage costs would eat up anything she made from selling her furniture, so knowing that it all had a good home meant more to her.  (Lucky for me, I love it.)

The pillows and tablecover are made from fabric that I used when we first moved into the house 5 yrs. ago.  It goes perfectly with the fabric on the chair that I found last year at Hotel Liquidators.  The chair was in perfect condition and for $79 I think it adds a fabulous touch of elegance to my room.  The coffee table was a gift 27 yrs. ago when DH and I got married.

The leather chair I found at a consignment shop about 15 yrs. ago.  It had been marked down to $100.  The white letter chair was a designer floor sample that I found about 8 yrs. ago, it had been marked down to $150.  The little chest between the chairs came from a design showroom at the LA Design Mart in 1969.  I was redoing a house and a friend got me a pass.  It was one of the most expensive pieces that I bought and is an import from England.  I think it was around $350 which seemed like a lot of money (and still is) to me in l969.

The huge mirror over the sofa was a "white elephant" that was heavily discounted because it was so big.  It is really quite large in this tiny house, however I bought it for our last home that had two story ceilings and extremely large rooms and it looked kind of small there.  It is 5ft. x 8ft.  I think it was around $350 -$400.  Really inexpensive for something with such a massive carved gold leaf frame that is 8" wide and 4" thick, and a beveled edge thick mirror.  (This thing weighs a ton)

I really like my room and the furnishings I have found.  It just proves that you can decorate on a really tiny budget if you just look and are patient to build one piece at a time.

I've already changed this vignette.  I added a new frame with a pic of my grandson that just got married this past year.  His new bride wanted some pics of him when he was small, so I had a copy made for me too.

 He's 1 1/2 yrs. old here and just such a sweetie.  He could talk up a storm and was so fun.  He still is.

My next project is to finally sew some coordinating pillows with these fabulous pieces of fabric that I found at the Discount Fabric Outlet.  I love these fabrics and they will definitely add a touch of frenchy elegance to my room.   Can't wait to show you when it is all done.

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  1. very nice room Marty and what a great deal on the lovely sofa!!

  2. I Marty and I always love seeing your pretty living room. I do love your furniture pieces and think that huge mirror looks wonderful there. Your grandson was a little doll. Look at that darling little face.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Your room is beautiful! I can tell you love it and so do I. I have that SAME COUCH.(and a matching love seat) I just passed the set along to my daughter because she had a bare room and I had one too many sofas. I loved it when I got it and still love it. Did yours come with some floral pillows along with the ones with the sheared edges? It is so comfortable, isn't it? I really gulped when iti left my house.

    You can tell you "built" your room over time and with lots of love. I especially love that little framed face! xo Diana

  4. ps...just so you know..I unzipped and washed my covers several times-even though it didn't say I could. The material washes beautifully believe it or not. xo Diana

  5. You have put together such a beautiful room Marty! You got some great buys, but there's a lot to be said for finding the perfect piece to go with your style. You have a very good eye.

    Have a great day.

  6. Oh Marty, THIS is what I wish I could make my living room look like! You have such amazing taste and it all looks so nice. I'm really inspired by so much in this room. Love it.

  7. You've made a beautiful room Marty and I agree about the ability to do things on a budget if you have some patience. Those pillows are going to be beautiful, just as the ones you've made before have been.
    We'll be watching for the reveal...

  8. Your living room is classic and elegant. I can't believe all the bargains you got on your furniture! I can't wait to see the pillows you are making! :-)


  9. Your living room looks wonderful and your sofa looks very comfy! It was definitely a steal at $100!

  10. I am super impressed. You are amazing. That sofa was such a deal. It's perfect that it's white. It allows you to change up the pillows and change the whole look.

  11. Marty,
    I love all the designer pieces and the story of how they were aquired. I agree that we find things over time. I can't imagine going out and purchasing everything for a room at once. Your room is a vision of loveliness and the warmth that generates from the windows may change the hue, but I think it adds to the look! Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us. Your grandson is a total cutie! Know that his wife adores having that photo!Always, you are so thoughtful!

  12. A new Tulsa friend took me to a place just outside of town here that you would have just loved. A dream shop for decorator that sews with decorator fabrics. It was pieces left over from a business that sews drapes and bedspreads. Had your name written all over it!

  13. I have always loved your LR Marty..your new pillows will be beautifu girl..your sewing skills are awesome..I also have built my rooms a little at a time and I'll tell you why once I love a piece I won't let it go so it may take me years to find the right end table..I have been trying to find one now since 08..maybe next month I can get out for second Sunday swap meet and find one there..But my problem is I don't care for all the painted furniture that everyone is doing right now..all looks like cookie cutter pieces..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  14. Marty,

    Lovely as always. I love all your furniture and it blends so well. Can't wait to see you new pillows.

  15. I've always admired that leather chair. I'd like to find one like it but in my size. Usually the chairs are too long from my knees to my hip. But, I'm still looking. Thanks for sharing.

  16. You have such a lovely home, Marty! That sofa looks so comfortable; I think you were smart to snap it up! I have pieces that I've had for awhile but I just change them up ~ new tablecloths for my living room decorator round tables; the new slipcover for my sofa and an Ikea slipcover for my Ikea Ektorp chair. All things I've had for about 15 years now, just given a fresh look with new coverings.

  17. What a beautiful living room. Love the softness and elegance.

  18. Marty you did a professional decorating job on a budget. I so love your home!! You have such a good eye on how to put vignette's and colors together!!

  19. I love the couch and I can't believe you only paid $100.00 for it, just beautiful! I also would love to have the leather winged back chair, you have one beautiful livingroom!


  20. I like your finds -- you did well and to do things on a "shoestring" it does take patience! But it is rewarded in the end!

  21. Your room is so pretty, Marty! I loved seeing how you pulled it together with patience and perseverance--and a great idea for pulling things all together!

  22. Oh Marty, you so have a great eye for decorating! Your living room is so elegant, love the flair!

  23. Marty,
    Everything is gorgeous! I love your room no matter what color the sun dictates!!! Ha!! You have collected some great pieces, and so many stories that go with each fun!
    Hugs for now,
    Send us some warm sunshine will you??

  24. I love that little 1969 chest purchase! I've noticed it before! Obviously it was made well and designed well too! Your big mirror makes quite a statement and I've seen it done in some high end designer rooms! You are in good company with it! Your sofa is a steal and so are all your chairs. Your fabrics for the new pillows are awesome! You are a talented person!
    I have a lot of trouble getting my living room to come out correctly too. Maybe my new camera will fix that!

  25. Marty, your house always looks SO beautiful, it is an inspiration to all. Loved hearing the story of how you acquired each piece. You are a whiz on the sewing machine (I am jealous) so can't wait to see the new pillows!! Your grandson was a REAL CUTIE PIE! XO, Pinky

  26. You are so fortunate to live around "good" thrift stores and consignment shops. In our area you probably wouldn't want to buy much from these places. Guess it's because there's so many of us "po" folks down here in the south:) Your room looks lovely.

  27. I always have loved this room, Marty!
    It belongs in a magazine!
    I think the mirror adds so much to the room and
    love how it reflects all the light and the beauty
    surrounding it.

  28. Hello Marty~ It's always nice stopping by for a visit.
    I enjoy your posts and the eye candy you so generously share.
    I love how you created so many sepia textures and tones.
    Now can you come over and spin your magic touch in my livingroom.

    I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprises I've got in stored. This week starting with...Pain au Chocolat with a Valentine twist. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
    Sweet wishes,

  29. Your living room is just wonderful, Marty! No matter how you change and accessorize it, it always looks warm, inviting, elegant and serene. This post is a great reminder to me who is one of those who gets impatient when furnishing/accessorizing a room. It has taken me many years to see the error of my ways! Take care. Suzy

  30. Marty, you really have a great room. It's twice as nice, knowing all the fun deals you found - what a sense of accomplishment! Your new fabrics look great - will be fun to see your new pillows. Linda

  31. I love what you have done. I am trying to redecorate our livingromm in warm tones. Something foreign to me since I am a cool person. HA! HA!

  32. This is proof that you don't have to spend alot of money to create a beautifully decorated space! :)

  33. Gorgeous Marty! And I am now following you on Pinterest. Isn't that site ADDICTING?! Love ya, Sonya

  34. Very pretty! $100! That is unbelievable. Yes, lucky you. It looks so comfy!

  35. Simply elegant! I love your room, you are a great decorator. Thanks so much for sharing.

  36. Your room is very lovely! You've done a great job of putting together a collection of furniture and accent pieces. I'm a huge fan of brown and LR is also done in this color scheme. I find it to be so calming...which is exactly what I want to provide for my family after the end of a work/school day. Can't wait to see your pillows...the fabric is gorgeous.


  37. it is all so beautiful..I just love the way your room evolved. Such a light and yet cozy room...

  38. Gorgeous, almost like a showroom! Your neighbor is right. We did the same when we went to Italy, and now it is soo lovely to visit back to where all our 'old' furniture is, seeing that it is all used and loved. Makes my heart grow just to think of this. Pay it forward, that's all I can say, and do visit us some time at Fine Craft Guild.


  39. Your room is lovely, Marty, so pretty in cream and beige! It's such a pretty room and is always a beautiful canvas for each of the ways you decorate it!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  40. Your living room always looks so inviting Marty! And what great pieces for great prices. I think you have such a great eye for buying beautiful quality pieces. Thank you for joining TTF last week and have a wonderful day!

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