Friday, January 13, 2012

Wow, Getting It Together Slowly

I am still enjoying company after the Christmas Holidays, my son and grandson have been here on an extended visit while he does some work for a client.  You can't imagine how much fun I have been having, and getting the house back together is definitely on the back burner.  Today as I dusted I thought I really needed to put somethng on the end table by my chair.  Now if you know me you know that nothing but the lamp for a couple of weeks is definitely not like me.

A quick trip to the shelves where everything is stashed when not in use and these are the first things I saw, so that's exactly what I am using.

 An antique candy scale, fruit, rooster bucket and plant plus a pair of children's shoe lasts.

 A totally odd combination, however it works for me.  Seems like anything vintage goes together.

 So, until I can really clean and create after my company leaves, at least the table isn't bare.

My son is almost finished with his work, and they are planning on leaving for home in Oregon next Wednesday, so I am going to spend as much time as I can with them this week.   I will check in when I get a chance. 


  1. What a beautiful tablescape but you always have the most beautiful!!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  2. I am so far behind too Marty! I get an idea and the somehow....end up totally doing nothing. My normal shelves for vignettes are at best laughable! goodness I should get off the computer and do something! Yours is very cute!!

  3. A beautiful vignette, Marty!

    The guys are finishing the basement painting today. Can't wait to put it back together!

  4. I agree that vintage stuff all seems to go together.

    I'm another one who is behind. Between Christmas and being out of town this week, I don't know if I'm coming or going.

    So what am I doing to give myself a rest today? I'm enjoying Blog Land with a cup of cocoa.

    Works for me.

  5. Oh Marty, you encourage me to get some of my things out to give the place some new life. I like the vignette you put together. Of course I like all of the vignettes you put together! I am just now getting back into the swing of decorating after a very long break. Guess I will see what I can find!

  6. I'm ffinally finishes replacing the C'mas decor things and making something out of what I have and with a couple of presents I received, course, I'm not like you in the vignette creativity, lol... I love, love the rooster lamp! Have a great weekend with your boys! Hugs,

  7. So agree anything vintage goes together!! Love the little scale! Have fun this weekend!!

  8. Gosh your good Marty!
    You can put together a beautiful vignette as quickly as a magician can pull a rabbit out of his hat!
    Enjoy your company!
    Big Hugs,
    Who is hoping to get to Phoenix in mid-February.

  9. You little table looks beautiful, Marty. How wonderful to have some family there. The house will be quiet when they leave. xo Diana

  10. This is very pretty, Marty! I am off to look at some of my tables to tweak now!

    Enjoy your family visit!


  11. Marty your table vignette is so pretty! I love the rooster lamp!

  12. Love your table, so classy! Enjoy the family while they are there.

  13. Nice table. I have a small give away.


  14. Hi Marty.... and as always everything you do is cozy and charming. Love that little bucket. My grandson would go crazy over it.....he's in "chicken mode" right now. :-)

    So glad you're having such a great time with your grandson. Such special time, isn't it?

    Thanks for your well wishes on the shots.......dang.......I wish they could just wave a magic wand.


  15. Your fingers must be itching to create some vignettes, Marty! I'm glad you are enjoying your visit with your son and grandson ~ family is always more important.

  16. Your vignettes are always so pretty & so nicely put together Marty. You use such interesting items, like the shoe lasts. Excellent job!

  17. Marty, your vignette is so pretty. I have that same table at the end of my couch, but it doesn't look as pretty as yours.

  18. The vintage shoes are wonderful and the scale is one I have not seen before. It is great with the fruit.

  19. Your table looks pretty. Those little baby shoe molds are sweet. Hope you enjoy your remaining time with your son too.

  20. Very nice my friend. Very nice indeed.


  21. So interesting and cozy! I love those little shoe lasts, and the rooster can.That drop leaf table is just perfect.

  22. Very pretty Marty as always! Looks like you have a great book there too. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your son and grandson!

  23. How wonderful to get to spend the time with your son and grandson. Just adore that little candy scale!

  24. Lovely! The lamp and scale...I want them both! Glad you have your family there for an extended time! Enjoy!


  25. Enjoy your son and grandson! Love your vintage accessories, they do go altogether!

  26. Everything looks wonderful. I love this time of year, when we pull our nests back together. Hope you'll be with us at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Hi Marty!

    I think I would like a trip to your shelves!!!!
    I would like to "shop" there probably more than my favorite stores!!!

    Looks great.
    Love the little shoe molds.
    I think I have some of those somewhere!!!???


  28. Love the tablescape, you really are the best at putting a vignette together. Glad you are enjoying time with son & grandson.

  29. I wish the first things I pulled out looked as great as the first things you pulled out to put on your table! laurie