Saturday, April 28, 2012

China Cabinet

I love my old antique china cabinet, but it is next to impossible to photograph.  I gave everything a good cleaning the other day, so I thought I would take a pic, but it just glares.

 The back is mirrored and all the shelves are really thick glass, so even more to reflect.  It makes everything look double in a picture.  Thank goodness in real life you can see all the individual pieces and it doesn't look crowded and like I stuffed the universe inside. lol

 I am so blessed to have all of my Mom's and my Mil's crystal and silver, plus what I had, then I keep finding more silver at GW, so I have quite a bit now.

 Well, even if I can't get a decent picture, I love it and it is nice and clean.  Love that too.

How do you guys get a good pic without all the glare?

Well some people are so clever.  Jan at Allways Designing sent me an email.  She worked some magic with some editing and got rid of a lot of the glare.

She did a super job, don't you think?  Thanks Jan.


  1. Marty, this is just amazing. How wonderful to have all those family pieces! If you find out how not to get glare, I'd love to know!

  2. You have some lovely silver pieces! And what a nice cabinet to display them in. I'm a horrible photographer so I have no hints for you!

  3. Hi Marty!

    Oh, this is a beautiful Cabinet, with many, many "pretties" inside.

    As for tips to get photos of glass/mirrors with less glare...I would first close the drapes or blinds directly across from the object. And/Or instead of a full-on from the front photo...I'd take one or more from slightly off-center, so you don't get the glare of the light from the windows.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jan ♥

  4. What a grand cabinet, Marty. I love that everything inside is visible from all angles. Very open.

  5. I'm glad Jan suggested how not to get a glare, I'll have to give it a try!
    It's a gorgeous cabinet Marty and how lucky you are to have your mother's and Mil's things to fill it with!

  6. You have a beautiful collection. I know what you mean about photographing certain things - I need to get a different camera or take lessons. :D
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  7. You have an amazing collection, Marty. It is beautiful and I can see that it sparkles and shines.

    I could not begin to tell you how to not get it to glare...I can barely get a picture that is not fuzzy myself!;>) Hugs- Diana

  8. I have always loved china cabinets and yours is beautiful*!!! -Ashley

  9. Oh Marty, what a beautiful cabinet and filled with so many wonderful treasures.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Your china cabinet is stunning and everything inside it, with tons of beautiful silver and crystal family pieces! You did a great job taking the pics, I just can't, I get the glare covering everything, lol..Enjoy your evening.

  11. Hi Marty! I love seeing your china cabinet. You have so many treasures in there and even more special are your pieces passed on to you from your family members. I don't know how to snap without glare either. Doesn't matter - this is just lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  12. Just gorgeous! Your family pieces are beautiful! I always love those special pieces. I cherish my mom's too.

  13. HI Marty...

    Oooh...I just love your antique china cabinet, dear friend! have sooo many beautiful pieces of silver and cyrstal displayed! GORGEOUS! I think your photos are fabulous...seriously! It really is nearly impossible to not get a little glare...but then...I figure that that's half the sparkle of glass! I think it's beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely china cabinet and pretty pieces that you have displayed inside! This was such a treat!

    Love ya,

  14. Good evening Marty...
    This is a beautiful cabinet!

    I have the same problem. One of my cabinets has mirrors in the back and it always makes a huge glare...
    Hopefully, there is an answer.

  15. Hi Marty, I have always loved your cabinet and all the beautiful things you have displayed. I have the same problem with glare.
    Hugs, Sherry

  16. Hi Marty,
    I have a china cabinet from my Grama like yours only mine isn't as fancy. Yours looks so beautiful with all your silver.

  17. Thanks Marty! I'm glad you like your "new" photo! I'm always happy to help.

    Jan ♥

  18. Mine desperately need to be emptied and cleaned..and I do mean desperately! Yours look sparkling clean. :)
    I was confused when I came to your blog today then figured it out.

    I had a new header made and haven no clue how to do it my it is ..sort of smaller than I wanted. AND the picture is blurred. I HAVE to learn to do it myself. Yours looks so nice.
    Your new picture is wonderful, Marty. I need a new one too..ho hum! Some day!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  19. Marty the china cabinet is beautiful in itself then there is all the loveliness inside!! You have all your silver displayed so pretty in there!

    I would love to know the editing trick to take some of the glare away. I have several cabinets with glass that I just don't show because I can never seem to get a good picture. Think it would make for a great post sometime on how to do this!

    Is it warming up there? Goodness it was down right cold here today!

    bee blessed

  20. Oh, all that silver is gorgeous and you've arranged everything in such a nice manner. It's such a pretty piece of furniture!

  21. Une superbe vitrine avec des véritables merveilles...
    Gros bisous

  22. It is a glorious piece, but I love the fact the inside is dripping with beautiful silver pieces!

  23. Marty I love your china hutch! I have all my silver stored in a box in the storage room! I need a beautiful cabinet although I do not know where I would put it in our house!

  24. Marty - Your silver collection is wonderful ... so nice all those family pcs. The last photograph is amazing. I don't think I have photo shop and either way I have no idea how to use it. Do they offer classes for that?
    So glad I stopped in ... I'll be back on Tuesday. Blessings, L

  25. Hi Marty-
    First I love your cabinet and all your treasures! I always enjoy seeing what people have in their china cabinets and curios.
    As far as photographing something like this...sometimes a cloudy day can help. Sometimes drawing the curtains helps providing it's very bright day so you still have sufficient light to get the picture. If you don't have curtains to draw then you have to get fancy...have hubby hold a blanket up to block the light coming from the windows :-)

  26. Marty, I LOVE the way you have your treasures in this cabinet. I think it looks beautiful (not like the Universe is stuffed inside). I often post photos with glare. Wish I knew more about how to rid my pix of glare. laurie

  27. Glare is to be expected with a treasure cabinet as BRILLIANT as this one. FULL of sparkling silver and crystal! GORGEOUS! I totally understand the hardship of it's photography...I find taking pictures AFTER DARK with accent lights does better for me in this situation! AND of course with a dim light you will need a tripod(My BEST FRIEND)!
    LOVE all your treasures and you always know how to display them to show off...
    Thank you for sharing,