Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning The Linen Closet

As I have told you many times, I have a really small house and one that has the smallest linen closet in the world. Have you ever seen those doors that are a 1/2 door and you open it and can't believe that it is so tiny inside.

See that tiny door, this is what the builder of this house called a linen closet. My only thought was REALLY?

I needed some new sheets for our bed, so I had been keeping my eye out for a bargain.   Then at one moving sale that I came across there were 4 king size sets of sheets for sale and for $10 a set.  I bought them all.  (The camera made the colors look strange, there are 3 beige and one blue.)

I'm not familiar with this brand, but they felt silky soft, and the colors would work.  Home they came and into the wash they went.  

 I love the feel of freshly washed sheets, they just make you feel soooooooo good when you slide in.  First night sleeping in these and they were so silky soft, I love them.

 Ok, it was definitely time to tackle that tiny linen closet and throw out a ton of things and find out what all needs to be replaced.  This is the mess I saw as I opened the door. Wow!!!!

 Now it is a whole lot better.  At least I can see what is in there and a ton of things were purged or found a new home.

The first shelf holds my really large tableclothes for both the dining and breakfast tables.  These are the ones that fit when we use all 4 leaves and are entertaining 12 guests.  I also have some of my runners and a set of really large straw placemats here.

 I am not a white towel kind of gal.  My bathrooms are beige and white, so I like to use colored towels.  These are the everyday ones that I keep for when my DH comes in really grimmy and I don't want him using one of my good ones.  (Do you have some of those?)

This shelf is all guest room linens.  4 extra bath sheets - 6 handtowels - guest bed sheets.  In the back are also some twin sheets for the blowup mattress and 2 extra bath mats.  (Sometimes we have an overflow and the blowup works fine for one of the kids.)  I have storage under the sink in the guest bath with additional towels and washcloths, plus there is a 3 tiered hanging rod on the back of the door.  This way I can have pretty towels on display, but still have ones for my guests to use handy.

My new king size sheets.  They're all folded and stored inside one of the pillowcases to the set.  I also have a couple of quilted throws on the bottom that I use in the car when we take a road trip.  Toilet paper and paper towels on the bottom.

My bathrooms have storage for quite a few towels, plus soaps, shampoos, toilet paper and other necessities so I was able to use this space just for some extras.   Nice to have this mess purged and cleaned up.

This is the storage solution I found for under the sink in the bathrooms.  Plenty of drawers to hold all kinds of bathroom necessities.  The bottom drawers are large enough for toilet paper and extra guest towels and wash cloths.  I always have some new tooth brushes, toothpaste, soaps, body scrub, deodorants, facial cleansers, shampoo, lotions and moisturizers of all kinds for guests. I always buy those small travel sizes so I have a good assortment and plenty on hand. Plus I have a blow dryer and curling iron in one of the drawers and an assortment of clean sterilized brushes and combs.  I don't want my guests to want for anything that they might have forgotten.  I try hard to keep these drawers neat and make sure that my guests know they are welcome to use anything in any of the drawers.

So, what's left on your spring cleaning to do list?  I still have a ton.  The master bdrm is next.  Everything moved and cleaned in - under - and around.  I also have a ton of spring cleaning to do in the yard. Ok, I will get off of here and get started.  Hope you have a super day!!!


  1. My mom has a linen closet like that. I swear, the men that build these homes have no clue! But, alas, at least you have a linen closet. My builder forgot that little detail. May I borrow your idea for under the sink? This looks like the perfect solution to my girls' Jack and Jill bath. Maybe their makeup, hair tools, and lotions and potions won't be spread across the counter all of the time? A mother can hope!

  2. Ha, at least you have a linen closet;) My 100+ year old house has none and the closets it does have(in just two of the four bedrooms) are very inadequate. I have no linen storage right now and have stuff stashed in dressers, under beds, and on open shelving. We have plans to do a large remodel later this year and a storage closet for table linens is at the top of my list for the new kitchen.

  3. Sure looks like you have done some Spring Cleaning around there...We actually purchased that brand of sheets for our kids at Christmas this year. Both of them have made comments about how much they love those sheets. You really did get a great deal on them.
    I do have a large area for linens, but....I have to stand on a stool to reach them...But, I am thankful to have the space.
    Have a great day.

  4. Great job on your linen closet Marty! I don't want to talk about how much I have to do inside the house. With the gorgeous weather we've been having I've been spending most of my time outside. When the hot and humid weather arrives, I'll come inside and do my organizing. :)

  5. Ha! I still didn't start my Spring time to-do thing §;-(

    Still cold and brrrr... I don't have the guts to move outside. When I am inside, I just hanging on there, staring at the wall. Just too tired.

    Hope the weather will be warmer. My daughter will have a party on Saturday and, Mama Mia, still unprepared. Plans I have but to start? Hope GH will kick my b...!!! so, I will be active again.

    Cute room. I thought my linen room is tiny *LoL

    Happy mid-week,

  6. I have to get into my linen closet upstairs and get it "de-linened". LOL...You did a great job. It is hard to let some of those old things go though, isn't it?

    I do have some of those "old towels" that I reserve for dirty days. I also buy those cheap little ones when they are on sale and keep a set of those in the bathrooms. They are perfect for hair towels...when you don't want to walk around with the weight of a big heavy towel on your head. Now...I suppose I should go get busy sorting my linens- xo Diana

  7. Marty, you found a great deal on those sheets. I am thinking of putting one of these closets in my hall for the childrens rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks fantastic. Now you have motivated me to do mine. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Marty,
    Oh you have so inspired me today! I love your idea for under the sink and boy does that linen closet look great!
    It's been cool here but we are supposed to warm up soon.
    Miss ya friend,

  10. My Spring cleaning will probably be late this year, Marty. I found out the condo community here has a community garage sale on May 4 and 5th, so I will be going through what I didn't get rid of before we moved and that I can't use here and will be joining in on that. I do plan on wiping down all my cabinets and hoping to get some workable organization going in our master closet, but I'll probably wait until I get rid of all this other stuff to do the rest of the place.

  11. Marty, great job!!! I keep a shelf open in each bedroom closet for that room's sheets and towels. With 5 full bathrooms and 2 1/2 baths this has worked out the best. I also found that hanging my table clothes, cloth napkins and runners from the multi pant hangers in the coat closet actually takes up less room than in a cupboard or chest of drawers. These ideas probably won't work for you, and anyway, you are so "on it" it doesn't matter. Makes me want to a post on closets....when I get around to it, ha! Hugs, Mandy


  13. Just as I suspected.. before and after- neat as a pin and just as it should be..:)

    congrats on finding those great sheets at such a bargain.. You did GOOD~!

  14. Dear Marty....
    Ummmm, when can you come and
    help me tackle my closet!!!???
    This looks amazing!
    I need help, big time.

  15. Marty, I need to organize my linen closet too! Want to help! YOu are pretty good at it!

  16. GREAT photos! I'm new here... love the feel of your site so far! I'm off to check out some more posts. Thought I'd say hi rather than lurk around. :) Have a great week, sugar! xo

  17. You've made the most of your linen closet. You have me inspired to keep going on my spring cleaning. My kids are off this week so we tackled their playroom. Got rid of tons of stuff that they have outgrown. Still needs a bit more before it's blog worthy. Lol

  18. Marty you have me inspired to clean my linen closet. I have a really nice one in this new house. I actually have two linen closets which is a real treat for me. I need to get rid of some old sheets I have stored there. Hubby bought me four new sets of Egyptian cotton ones, I just love them.!

  19. What a bargain on those sheets. We don't have a linen closet at all!! I hate it, too. I have stuff stacked up on a shelf in our closet. So glad you shared real life here. I figured your closets were always neat. Mind are a mess.

  20. Your linen closet looks nice! You got quite a deal on those sheets!

  21. I've been on a cleaning spree too. I've purged our master closet, hubby's side and mine, the linen closet, the closet in the office where I keep craft supplies, important papers, the safe, etc. It's all re-arranged and neatened up. We've cleaned the basement and sorted everything into sections for Good Will, yard sales, etc. I took 4 huge bags of clothing to Good Will today. Some really good stuff. I still have work to do, but have a really good start on it! Whew, no wonder I'm tired!!!

    You've done a great job. I love the drawer system you have in your bathroom. Don't you just feel better when things are neat? I sure do!

    Blessings friend,

  22. Hi Marty,
    I haven't started on my spring cleaning and you are inspiring me to do so. We had a small linen closet like that in our other home that held a ton of stuff. You could open the closet from the outside and from the inside of the bathroom.

    Reminds me that I need to organize there too.


  23. King size sheets are so expensive, what a bargain. No cleaning here yet!

  24. Well I think you've made wonderful use of your linen closet. I'm finding myself putting things here and there in my house, then when I want it, I don't know where it is. We have a four bedroom house for the two of us so you know what I use my extra closets for, right. My GW stash!

  25. Now, if you had a female builder, there would be large closets in every room!!...i truly need to purge too....You really made the best of your tiny linen certainly have great organizing skills....

  26. Oh my goodness. I will get to the linen closet....eventually. Right now we ahve a DUMPSTER in the driveway in preparation for the move. Then we get a "POD" so that as I pack we can store the boxes and some furniture in it. Then we put it on the market. This is ALOT of work. Your linen closet now looks awesoe. I am going to look for those sheets!!! GREAT bargain, Marty! XO, Pinky

  27. I love a clean linen closet, but for some reason it seems so hard to keep it that way :)

  28. Yor closet looks terrific. You did a great job. And under the cabinets too. Want to come up and do mine now. (smile) Great post as usual!!


  29. Oh no, Marty, now I feel guilty that our linen cupboard is so messy by comparison. I laughed about the towels for mucky hubs because I do the same thing! Glad your mess is sorted, now I will go off and do mine too. God bless x

  30. I feel your pain Marty! I have that same size closet upstairs that services the kids' bedrooms/bathrooms. I have it organized now to work efficiently, but it isn't easy, is it!? Now you can check one more thing off your list and take the day off! :)

  31. There is nothing that feels so wonderful as clean silky sheets on the bed! Glad you were able to find some at a really good price.