Sunday, May 27, 2012

Used Furniture

Hubby actually went furniture shopping with me.  We took the truck and started out early to hit a couple of places looking for a dresser and night stand.  When we got to my favorite place I thought you guys might want to tag along, so I took some pics.  This is called J& K and it is at 28th St. and Bell Rd. in Phx.  Unreal.

There is always furniture out front.  They were unloading trucks full of new and used.  Always a mix of both.

 Cute little wash stand   I think the price was $59

 Just inside the door this is what I saw, again a mix of old and new.  It is so crammed full you can hardly walk through.

 Love that highboy, but I need a dresser and they were selling this as a set.  Gorgeous 4 poster bed, highboy, dresser and night stands.  $799  I am not crazy about sets, but this was beautiful and great quality solid wood pieces.

 See how big this place is and this is just one room.  They do have great prices on sofas.

 So many dining tables and chairs.

 Sorry this is blurry.  I was trying to show you a different room and section.  Tons of bedroom furn.

 Different piece.  I need something about this size, but this isn't it.

 Can you believe that chandelier!!!  Also look at that domed curio cabinet.  You never have any idea what you will find in here.

 Now we're into another whole section.

 I really liked this piece, the style and size were great.  It had a mirror which I didn't want, but the two bottom drawers were broke and would have to be totally rebuilt.  You can see part of a lovely french dresser behind it, it was gorgeous, but way too big.  I had to pass on both.

Well, we totally struck out and I havn't found anything on Craig's list, so still looking.  Hope you had fun tagging along, this place is unreal.


  1. Thanks for the tour. I could not get over the price on the washstand. Here it would sell for $150. and up depending on the location.

  2. Marty, this is amazing! Wow! I wish we had a place like this. The pieces you showed would be so much more in Atlanta. Great tour! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Wow Marty that place is amazing!! Too bad that dresser had broken drawers, it looked like it would have been perfect for your room.

  4. It looks like they have some great stuff, Marty. You'll find the right pieces when you see them. I love places like this because I'd rather see lower prices than a pretty showroom.

  5. HI Marty!
    That place looks like a treasure trove!
    Too bad you did not find what you were looking for.
    I wish I lived closed to Phoenix... I am sure I would
    be there all the time!

    Have a lovely holiday weekend.

  6. WOW, what a place!!! I think I'd have to sleep over to inspect it all!!! We have similar places here and I find them a bit overwhelming,hehe! I'd have to go inspect "THEN take Hubby for the final haul"! Thank you so much for bringing us along and good luck in your hunt...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Oh. My....this looks like my kind of place. It could be very dangerous for me to have a place like this near me! Thanks for sharing:)

    Cheryl @ Prickly Banana

  8. So much great furniture, too bad you didn't find what you were looking for though. Thanks for the tour :)

  9. I'm so glad you shared this! Now I am itching to go find that place! It looks awesome!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment.

  10. Marty- That is QUITE a place. I would LOVE to be able to walk through there. I can't believe you couldn't find something that would work with so much in there. Isn't that the way it is though? KNOW that once you have found exactly what you DO want you will find at least 3 more just like it, right? Have a good Sunday- xo Diana

  11. Oh wow! I would be in Heaven here! I must, must, must find somewhere similar in Central Florida. That wash stand $59? wow. I want it. I wish I lived nearer. Have a great weekend, Sally xx

  12. Wow....what a place!!! That is so great!!! There is nothing even remotely similar here in NYS that I know of. Very lucky to have places like that and outlets, there are none here. You just started looking so you'll find something soon.....have fun...cleo

  13. Well.... isn't it typical....all that 'swtuff' and nothing that you were looking for? Ah well...try, try, try again!! Good luck Joan

  14. Wow, that is a huge furniture store! I would have loved to had that wash stand! I would have given it a redo but still I loved the piece.

  15. How have I not been here before. I smell really big trouble. :)

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your latest shopping trips. We recently moved to San Tan Valley and I'm trying to furnish our home. I don't know anyone here to ask, so have no idea where to shop for bargains! I'm itching to hit the road! LOL

  17. Marty,
    Don't give up...and don't give in! Keep hunting...what you're looking for is out there! Too many times, I compromised and was never happy with the results. Although it can be a bit the end you'll be delighted with your "perfect" finds!Sending 'good luck' thoughts your way!!!

  18. Sorry you struck out! I know ho w irritating it can be when you have something in mind and can't find it. I love that washstand! Hope your holiday weekend is going well Marty!

  19. I love looking at furniture. We went to an enormous house this weekend that had a garage sale. Inside she had a $10,000 Stickley dining set she was selling for $4,000. I do not have that kind of garage sale budget ever. I did buy three nice pieces from her however.

  20. What a great place, I would love to go there!! I saw lots of things I liked! Thanks for taking us along!


  21. Another great place to check out when we visit our daughter. Or maybe not- I might get into trouble trying to figure out how to get stuff home to Atlanta....

  22. Oh my,
    I would be so happy in a place like that.

    Now, if I can just get my hubby to drive me somewhere like that
    I'd be a happy wife.

  23. What an amazing place ... looks like you could find a bargain or two there!


  24. Wow! what a knock out place. Some astounding pieces :o)
    Rose H

  25. Wow Marty- That's unbelievably huge! It must be hard to stay focused! Too bad you didn't find what you want. I guess it's the luck of the draw! Hopeflly your pieces are out there are you'll will find them soon!

  26. Wow what a great place. I don't think we have anything like that here. Good luck in your hunt.

  27. Wow, Marty, I would love this place. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are well :)

  28. J & K's looks like a dream world... I can't think of one place around here with that kind of inventory (mix of old and new) I can see why you like it. Sorry you didn't find what you were looking for but it was fun to go shopping with you!

  29. Wow, I'm going to have to take a ride over there and check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Oh maaan how I miss home and can't wait to come back!
    I always loved going there!

  31. Wish I lived near there. Thank you for letting me have a look see.