Thursday, June 28, 2012

Antique Washer and Chair

Well I finally have the very last of the antiques in from the garage and they all have a home.

See that thing between the butter churn and the lawyers bookcase with the handles at the top and the legs on the bottom.  Well that is an antique washing machine.  You would put a big pot of water on to boil outside and when it was nice and hot you would add shavings of soap, throw some clothes in, then you would hold onto the two handles and put the "washer" into the pot and pounce and turn the legs to twist and turn the clothes just like a washing machine does today.

Pretty ingenius isn't it.  I can't imagine how hot this job was and how tiring, but it would definitely churn and swish the clothes just like a machine does today.  When I found this it was a really bleached gray color from all the washings.  I sanded and stained it about 35 yrs ago and used it in the guest bathroom to hold hand towels layed across the handles.  Always a conversation piece.

The last thing I had to bring in was this cabinet makers chair sample.  Carpenters use to make samples of all their chairs, chests and anything that they made so they could show them to a potential customer.  Then the customer could dictate the size and finish they would like.  

This little chair sample is quite old.

Look at that cracked finish.  I think it was painted some sort of red at one time, but it is so crackled now you can't really tell what color it was.  Such a fun piece anyway.

Cute little addition to the hoosier in the guest bedroom.

That's the last of the furniture antique pieces and most all of the small  pieces are finally inside with a home. Nice to have those boxes all empty and rediscover some treasures I had forgotten about.

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  1. Just simply ooohhhing over KNOW I love both of those!! ok, back to ooooohhhhh!

  2. Oh Marty! I love your Hoosier cabinet. So fun. I have been on the lookout for one.

  3. I love that little chair! I've always been drawn to saleman's samples. We have one that is an antique ice box and I love it. Very interesting things. I have a Hoosier cabinet in the basement I haven't used since we've lived here. I never thought about trying it in a guest room...something to think about!

  4. I love the salesman sample chair!!! I think the antique washer is wonderful! So glad I don't have to wash clothes like that!

  5. Oh I love it all ! What a wonderful guest room ! Have a good day 1

  6. I love chairs. I hang them on the wall you know! The antiquen washer is pretty rare. I don't think I have ever saw one like it. Not around here anyway.

  7. Two very nice treasures but I'm envious of your lamp!

  8. That salesman chair is to die for. Super cute.


  9. Your 'washing machine' is known as a 'dolly' in the UK, I can remember my Mom using one when I was very small, along with the copper 'posher' that did a similar job!
    That chair is TOO cute, and a real treasure, it looks so delightful on the hoosier. I've said it before - 'Lucky guests' :o))
    Rose H

  10. Beautiful! I have never seen a washing machine quit like that one. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. WOW on the machine! How cool! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. I'm glad they invented washing machines, because that thing looks like work! Love that you're bringing out the antiques and placing them around the house.

  13. Oh boy I'm glad we have electric washers today! That must have been hard work. However, I bet the women were a lot stronger without having to go to the gym! I love the little sample windsor chair. Pamela

  14. OMG!!! I can't imagine how the good old days survive. With a lil bit of patience and the will, everyone tackle the hardship.

    This are really an outstanding hidden treasures of yours. Congrats for having them.

    Enjoy your day and have a blissful w/end.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  15. So pretty Marty! Love that "washer". So happy we have conveniences today. That would be some hard work, but look at the calories you would use up! :)

  16. Wow, I've never seen one of those washer thingies. Or if I have, I didn't realize it! What a cool antique! My shoulders kind of hurt just thinking about using it... :)

  17. You know honey I have seen these at antique shows and never knew what they were used for. Now I know. haha
    I am so glad I have a nice way to do my washing.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  18. What amazing pieces you have!!! I cannot even imagine how hard it would have been to have used that and it makes me so thankful for modern technology. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week Marty!

  19. That's one antique I'm thankful I don't need to use. It makes a wonderful conversation piece. Talk about we've come a long way. What a charming room you have. There are so many pretty things in there I wouldn't want to leave!

  20. I love that antique washer. It is such a beautiful piece and you did a wonderful job redoing it. And that little chair is adorable. Marty, you really have some amazing and beautiful pieces of history! Thank you for sharing this with us at TTF. I hope you have a fantastic day!

  21. Marty,
    Such unique accessories...great conversational starters for your guest room! With the soaring temperatures..."Mr. Ed" and I are going to do some "treasure hunting" on the lower level living areas here on the Prairie this week, also!

  22. Beautiful! I love antiques! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  23. Marty, you have the most wonderful treasures. I just love that "washing machine"--it really IS ingenious! Honestly, as much as I love modern appliances, sometimes I think I should go back to hand-washing a lot of my clothes. My fancy new washing machine doesn't get things nearly so clean as my old Maytag used to, and my hand-washable things probably were better off when I actually washed them in the sink! Maybe I should wash the boys' clothes in my fancy machine and wash most of my clothes by hand--and your antique washer would make that process a lot more efficient. :)

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home!