Friday, June 8, 2012

Night Stand Refinished

Finally got the new hardware for the nightstand and everything is in place.  Love how it looks.

Remember my $12.99 GW find.  Really needed some loving care, but tons of potential.

 The top was really bad, however since it was solid wood, I knew it could be refinished.  I was thinking about painting this piece, but decided to refinish it in it's original finish.

Ta-Da - - - - After refinishing and some new hardware, I think it is a treasure.  

 I used a combination of Minwax Dark Mahogany and Walnut.  It gave it the perfect color to coordinate with the headboard.

When I redid the headboard some of the mahogany came thru when I distressed it, so the nightstand looks perfect in the deep mahogany finish.

 I am thrilled with how it came out.

Now I just have to find that perfect dresser and I will be all done.

Total cost :
Nightstand $12.99
Hardware $32.00
Mahogany Stain $4.97
I had the stripper, sandpaper and walnut stain.
Total - $49.96

Not bad for a quality piece made by Hooker

I am joining Miss Mustard Seed for Furniture Feature Friday


  1. Hi Marty,
    Your nightstand came out so lovely. What a great find! Love your new bedroom look.


  2. it looks perfect Marty.. you did a great job on that piece and the whole room. I am so happy for you,, you worked hard and deserve for it to make your heart go pitter patter.

  3. Brandy~GreyLaneHomeJune 8, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    Hi Marty your nightstand came out great.

  4. Your nightstand turned out lovely! Looks perfect next to the headboard :)

  5. I'm drooling over your bed Marty, it is stunning! Loving how your night table is looking all finished and decorated with the pretty lamp and all. Your bedroom looks very lovely...can I have bedroom envy?! Have a great weekend.

  6. Your nightstand looks brand new Marty! Your whole bedroom looks beautiful!

  7. Great job Marty. Your night stand looks fabulous.

  8. You did a great job - very pretty. Nice price for a real treasure.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Wow I cannot believe that is the same piece you bought damaged. Goes to show what a little sweat can do and the older furniture is made so much better than new stuff anyway.

  10. Looks great and I'm really glad you didn't paint it!

  11. Marty -- you found a diamond in the rough! Great job on the refinishing!


  12. Marty, I am so impressed! I love Hooker furniture! Great job. It looks wonderful in your space and I love the drawer pulls.

  13. You did an amazing job, Marty!! Looks fantastic in that room!

  14. Soooo glad you took the time and effort to keep the wood and not paint this piece. It's a beautiful piece and the wood the exceptional. Those pulls match the feel of the piece and it just calls out to you, I'm special! Your room is so comfy and warm. Are you looking for a highboy or a low dresser?

  15. Looks great, Marty. Just finished a table and it is work!
    The bedroom looks amazing.
    Happy Friday.

  16. It came out beautifully, Marty! I have never refinished furniture. I take my hat off to you!

  17. It looks wonderful, Marty! You did a great job on the finish. It does look so pretty with the headboard.

    Where did you find that hardware? I've shied away from buying pieces with missing hardware, but yours looks great!

  18. It turned out so pretty Marty, love how it goes so well with the headboard, I'd love to find headboard like it, just gorgeous!

  19. Very impressive, I love that you refinished the top. Great job and on a budget!!

  20. Boy your looks like it was done professionally....Nice job!!

  21. Oh Marty that looks like an expensive Ethan Allen piece. Its beautiful! I'm so proud of you!

  22. Your nightstand came out perfectly- and perfectly beautiful! I'm still shaking my head over the deal you got on that gorgeous headboard! :)

  23. Marty- It looks great. It is fun to see some stained pieces rather than all painted ones. You did a grand job with it. zo Diana

  24. Pretty darn nice Marty! It turned out super great!~Ames

  25. HI!!!
    GREAT JOB and Indeed what a bargain!!!New would have been at least 400.00-500.00 so a might good that can be used for more fabulous makeovers!!!|

  26. Wonderful make-over! Although I'm a big fan of painting everything, I love how you chose to respect the beautiful wood and restored it with the perfect stain combo :) And the hardware is just great.

  27. Your nightstand looks amazing and new. I love your headboard too :)


  28. Marty,
    An amazing transformation! I'd say your brought out the beauty from within this great piece! This room is becoming quite elegant, dear friend!

  29. You are a whiz, Marty!!!!!
    That turned out amazing!
    I wish you could come up here and
    teach me how to do what you did.
    When I think of all the furniture
    I have either gotten rid of, or
    passed up because it was in bad shape,
    oh my! If I had known these things were
    conditions I could have fixed?
    I always thought I needed a professional
    furniture repairman and they are pricey!!!

    You are amazing.
    Have a great weekend, friend!

  30. The nightstand turned out wonderful Marty! you did such a great job! The bedroom is looking very nice!

  31. Your nightstand looks adorable! Your whole bedroom looks beautiful!

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