Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sparkle of Real Lead Crystal

I keep finding such beautiful crystal decanters at the GW.  I think it is strange that all of a sudden every few days there is another pretty expensive Lead Crystal Decanter on the shelf at Goodwill.  I would think that they all came from the same donation and they somehow don't get them all out at the same time.  I can't imagine that this many different people are suddenly donating decanters.  I really think it was someone's collection, and now they are mind. Yip-Skip, good for me!!!!!

This was my latest find the same day that I found the Bouillette Lamp.  I definitely knew I had discovered gold with both.

Now this is a great price but it was 25% off day, so I got it for $7.49.  At least they are beginning to realize the value of these pieces a little since a couple of the others I found were only priced at $2.99.

I always think the stoppers on these decanters are just as pretty as the bottoms.  Fabulous cutwork and detail, plus so heavy.

Tons of cutwork on the sides and look at the really heavy base.  No way this is going to tip over.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

With so many of them now, I really had to create a new vignette showcasing them.  I thought a centerpiece for the dining room buffet was a great place.

Silver goblets on a lovely tray on one side looks so pretty with the light shining on it.

 My silver candelabra and revere bowl filled with fruit balance off the other side.

 The stars of the show are all these pretty decanters arranged on a silver tray and the light dancing off every facet of their cutwork.

Another shot trying to capture the rainbow of colors dancing off the facets of the crystal.  My camera just didn't pick it up, but it is totally stunning.

If I find any more I am going to have to get a bigger tray.  (Maybe a couple in the bathroom for mouthwash or bubble bath.  That would be pretty.)

Do multiples of things keep popping up when you are out shopping too?

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  1. Oh my, another thing I never thought to collect, they are so beautiful together. I will be on the lookout for a few. have the right size silver tray just waiting for some decanters

  2. Same here! I never thought to collect crystal decanters. They are beautiful Marty!

  3. Beautiful! I always see the decanters at our GW here too but never think to pick them up! I for sure will be from now on after seeing how beautifully you display them!

  4. Your collection is so pretty - and you are getting them at great prices. I am convinced "someone" gets access to the good stuff here before it hits the GW shelves. I don't even go to the GW stores here anymore.

  5. Marty those decanters are so pretty. I love glass and crystal - they catch the light in such beautiful ways!

    How how is it there? Goodness I would think I am in AZ with our 100 degree weather this week!

    bee blessed

  6. I knew I've been holding on to that crystal decanter we received as a wedding gift for a reason!! You just gave me the reason, your collection looks beautiful. I'm with Glenda, I've just never had much luch with GW. You did good Marrty!!!

  7. I like your decanters also. I just recently found some brown transferware platers at our local goodwill. If I go into St Louis Mo I find better items

    I have some old decanters with pretty stoppers however they are not lead crystal, find me some pink or yellow calico chintz plates please Marty

    good find for sure

  8. They are so sparkly and pretty! I love mixing the crystal with silver for extra shine! They look great on your sideboard!

  9. Those decanters are just beautiful, Marty! I'm sure they look great with the light hitting them, whether it's sunlight, lamplight or candlelight. I love your silver goblets, too. I bought one of those at an antique mart once and wish I had picked up a couple more.

  10. Beautiful decanters -- I love my crystal ones as well -- they're on my dining room sideboard as well . . . and I remember the day I got my first one -- I was SO excited! Yours are very very pretty and can't believe that they were GW finds!

  11. Lovely collection. Beautiful having it all displayed on a silver tray! Your arrangement looks fantastic. I live in an old small town that was quite wealthly back in day. In fact at one point it held the most millionaires in California I heard. It's an old farming town. There are new things in our GW every day. Lots of antiques. Some days you can tell there are collections coming in from someone's home. I was too late once and notice in two women's carts tons of vintage planters from the 1940s. Most of the planters were the women's heads with up-dos. I was jealous. I noticed your Goodwill is fancy and has stickers with a bar code. Here they mark everything with a navy blue pen and sometimes it will not come off. Isn't it fun finding treasures!?

  12. Hi Marty! Oh, what gorgeous decanters! I've just never seen such beautiful things like you find in my GW. Y'all must have some fancy dancy contributors! :)
    Love your vignette with the sun shining on them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I think you are right Marty. They must have come from someones estate. I've never seen anything that GOOD at our Goodwill. Even the Fiestaware was a surprise find. But I have noticed that sometimes I come across another piece of china or glassware that I picked up a couple of weeks prior. I don't know how they sort things but they sure have a lot of stuff still in the back ;-)

    Jocelyn @

  14. Your getting quite a collection. Very pretty vignette!

  15. What a beautful vignette. I love all the sparkle and your silver is breathtaking.

  16. I love leaded crystal too. Lucky you! I think you must be right. Those had to have come from one donar. Maybe the employees were trying to decide if they were going to buy them first. LOL! Anyway, they are lovely and I could'nt agree with you more about the stoppers looking as beautiful as the decanters themselves. Very pretty vignette!

  17. Those are so pretty! They add so much sparkle to your buffet, Marty.

  18. You always have such good luck at GW...What a beautiful decanter....I have used a small decanter for mouthwash...the color looks very pretty in the bottle....Very beautiful sparkly vignette Marty!

  19. Oh my Marty, so beautiful..absolutely gorgeous! love love love how the crystal sparkles and shines in the sunshine paired with the silver. Crystal and silver, my all time favorite, it has has that age old elegance:) Love those silver goblets on the tray...beautiful vignette as always. The silver goblets, a couple of them I found at the Salvation army the other day for a dollar each,amazing what one can find while thrifting. Thanks for sharing such an elegantly beautiful vignette. Have a wonderful evening!Hugs,Poppy

  20. Great finds, Marty. I love the way lead crystal sparkles. It's beautiful.

  21. Your crystal pieces are lovely and look fabulous grouped together in the sunlight!

    I'm back from an extended blog break and hope to see you for Potpourri Friday!

  22. You have motivated me to get to the Goodwill store! Wow, such gorgeous collection, Maarty!
    Happy Wednesday.

  23. I think collections are addicting and this one is fabulous. I agree a bigger tray might be needed!

  24. Marty your decanter collection is growing but they are pretty. I do agree with you that they probably came from a collector. I like how you have them displayed on your buffet table. So pretty with the sun light shining through.

  25. great finds awesome job putting them all together looks lovely

  26. I have had a collection of crystal decanters for many years. I paid between $60 and $100 for each decanter. You hit pay dirt when you found yours at Goodwill. They are absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

  27. Marty, those are very pretty. I love crystal decanters. They are so sparkly in front of that window and what a deal on your newest one. Thanks for joining Wow.

  28. I am starting to think of you when I pass the GW store. I keep telling myself I need to stop inside too! The decanters are stunningly beautiful!

  29. Beautiful vignette, as always, Marty. I have a few decanters. You've inspired me to get them out and group them on a tray. That stopper on your most recent purchase is gorgeous! I think I'd have to take it out and lay it on it's side, so the top would show up. laurie

  30. Oh Marty the decanters are gorgeous. I cannot believe that GW find...awesome. Thanks for sharing!


  31. Oh Marty, your lead crystal does look beautiful on your table. I love the sparkle of the silver goblets too. You have inspired me, I have no decanters, I must start looking for some.

  32. Those decanters are beautiful. I agree with you about the stoppers being beautiful in their own right. I've never seen anything like that in our Goodwills. You are showing them off very well on that silver tray.

  33. Your decanter collection is beautiful, Marty. I have two of them that were my mother's. I should give them a good cleaning and set them out where I can see them. Your silver ware is just gleaming! What alot of work to keep that polished! Have a great day! Pamela

  34. Love your decanters - they are beautiful!

  35. Beautiful job. I have a Blog Hop, and I would love it if you would link this post. You can find it at
    It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  36. Be still my heart!!!! Love your decanters! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  37. Marty they are lovely. You rock my thrifty shop world! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo P.S. I'm having a party at Katherines Corner today and you are invited!

  38. Marty, All of the decanters are pretty and I especially love your new one. My husband has a collection also and most were bought at thrift stores. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  39. Hello Marty, These are gorgeous finds! I love how the light reflects through their sparkling beauty! I can see why they make your heart skip! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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