Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So Versatile Silver Trays

I love to collect silver of all kinds and especially silver trays.  You see a lot of the round ones that are more simple in design, but finding ones with handles, feet or in different shapes is rare.

Today I found two at a yard sale that are super heavy and such a beautiful pattern with a very heavy scalloped edge.  Both are the same pattern.  This first one is square, such an unusual shape.

This one has the same heavy detailed raised scalloped edge and gorgeous handles.

 They were $9 each and cleaned up beautifully.  Love the gleam of bright shiny silver.

 Aren't they pretty.

As I was cleaning them, I knew that I had something else with that same edge and handles.  My huge oval one that I found and use for the coffee/tea service.

 I put this larger round one here to hold by decanters.

 I love to use trays as a backdrop for some of my vignettes and the square one can stand on an angle, so that makes for a different backdrop.

 Or just leave it square and it looks just as good.

Both are great finds and the price is super too for such large and heavy ones.

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  1. You know I always LOVE your silver! And u always get the best bargains on it!

  2. The trays look great. Maybe I should raid my mothers when I visit her next :)

  3. I have managed to pick up a couple trays but not very heavy ones! The silver is fantastic with the crystal.

  4. I really like how you are using your silver trays, Marty! Very elegant and so pretty. I also love the ones with handles and feet!


  5. I collect silver also! I love your trays, especially the handled ones.I miss that party where everyone showed their silver (Silver Sunday?) I wasn't blogging then, but I always stopped by and looked!!Hugs, Penny

  6. Ooh, beautiful trays! I never can pass up a good silver bargain.So fun that these match a tray you already had!

  7. I love silver trays too..especially with handles and feet! I like how you used them as a backdrop too...a pretty reflective surface like a mirror!

  8. Beautiful the silver trays Marty! You've been so lucky lately..$9!!!!!!!
    How do you clean them? I'd love to see if I'm doing it right and with what, as I can get American cleaning stuff around here. You can answer me if you have time, right here in your comment form..I'll be checking.

    1. I cheat and use Tarn-X. It is available at all the grocery stores here and you just rub it on, rinse and wipe it off.

  9. Fabulous finds! I really love the square one and the round one looks so pretty as the base to your sparkly decanters. (It took me over a year to find one with handles & feet.)

  10. I inherited several pieces of silver when my BFF passed away 7 years ago. Can you tell me how you get them so sparkling beautiful?? I have a bowl that just will not shine :-(

    Jocelyn @

  11. Very pretty trays and a good buy. I like your decanters on the handled one better than the one you had them on. And the tray with the glasses -- I have it's sister! It's a great piece!

  12. Love the one with handles. I have a similar one with handles I use in the bathroom. People seem to be getting rid of silver pieces....a win for us.

  13. Marty,
    Love all the beautiful silver.You displayed them perfectly too!!

  14. How interesting that you found a square one...that is really neat!

  15. Marty they are both gorgeous!! Definitely a wonderful find!! Happy 4th of July xo HHL

  16. Both are wonderful finds and after a good cleaning they are gorgeous! I found another silver pitcher this week (yeah!) for 99-cents!

  17. Your silver and trays are all just beautiful. I finally got around to polishing my own, too. About time. I have never seen a square one anywhere that I can remember- xo Diana

  18. Good finds!!! Call me crazy, but one of my favorite things to do is polish silver!!!

  19. those trays really shined up pretty.

  20. Really nice finds,I especially like silver trays too. I went through a phase when I didn't, and actually gave away a lovely oblong,heavy one with handles like your round one.

    Do you ever do silly things like me? I do still have a couple of nice ones and won't ever give them away. :) x

  21. Beautiful trays, Marty, and a great price! I love the round one with the handles.

  22. I love your beautiful trays! They cleaned up amazingly! I also got a gorgeous oval silver tray this past weekend at an estate sale, almost just like yours. I sure hope I can get mine to clean up like yours. It has been a bugger so far. Thanks for the advice on the Tarn-X! I've got to try that. Love the square tray, too! Your posts are always so inspiring!!! :)


    But what about all that polishing???? :)

  24. Marty - stunning trays and what a fantastic price you got them for!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day:)

  25. What great finds! I love shining up the silver and seeing it so pretty and shiny!

  26. I'm going yard sale-ing you you next time. :) I LOVE silver trays and don't mind polishing them. You got a two beautiful pieces...love the square one.

  27. Hi Marty, love your silver trays. I only have 2 and I keep them on display.

  28. Hi Marty. what bargains you have. Love the trays and your decanters from the previous post. I would love to find some. Happy 4th!

  29. I love the idea of a decanter for mouth wash, very pretty vignettes.

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  31. Your silver trays are gorgeous, Marty! Lucky you for getting such good bargains. Happy 4th!..Christine

  32. Your trays are fabulous; what great bargains! Happy Fourth!


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