Thursday, August 16, 2012

Budget - What Budget?

I am trying to practice the art of camouflage.  Or "How to make a lot of different pieces work together".Don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of all your fun, you know things like A/C repair, new tires and on and on. Seems like my budget has been really stretched lately, so I think it prudent to postpone having the recliner reupholstered for a while. There's really nothing wrong with it except the color.  Just the wrong shade of beige.  So how to camouflage it and make it work.

For this fall and winter, this will work great.  The white sofa has a yellow undertone and the beige chair is sort of a putty with a tiny blue stripe, and the two really aren't that good next to each other.  The dark mink throw adds just enough visual separation.  Seems like you focus on the throw more than the two individual pieces.  I could move the chair next to the leather one,but then I would have to sit sideways to see the tv.  Not a good thing, so it actually has to stay where it is. This is a pretty good solution.  I like the touch of green too.

This is what I have now, not the best.  I added a camel/gold throw to the chair.  

Not really very good.

Ok, I have a beige fur throw and I like it with the chair.  Since it is the same color beige as the chair, it adds that color to the sofa.  Not crazy about it with the gold/camel pillows though.

I put the check sample fabric on the sofa, and it's not too bad.  I think if I use either of the fur throws and the chocolate pillows it will be ok.  Works for me and at least the chair doesn't look like such a foreign animal.

The wicker chair currently has a small check on it in a soft camel color that coordinates with the drapes.  I have a drop cloth and layed it on the chair to see if adding something else white to the room helped.  I really didn't like it, but then I am not sure.  What do you think?

I could move the wicker chair out and move the leather one back in.  It was here before, however it just seems like a lot of big heavy chairs to me.

 This is a space filler, but shows what a smaller non-descript chair would look like.  Not too good.

This one looks best for right now.  Just a little too warm to have out a fur throw.  Maybe if I look for a green throw.  That's a good idea.

 I am grateful for all of my things, so this looks super to me.  Maybe not the exact best color match, but it is a warm and friendly room and super comfortable.

So what do you think?   Give me some input folks, chairs - throws - pillows - start over?

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  1. Marty you are so talented, and have a wonderful eye for decor. I love the wicker chair and I also really like the checked pillow on the sofa!!

  2. You're on the right track, Marty! You're right that the mink throw is going to be a good solution in the fall. For now, I think I'd just go with the green and chocolate and keep the wicker chair. You can do the drop cloth on the wicker chair if you'd like, but I don't think it's necessary. A green throw would be nice if you find one, but I don't think it's necessary, either. I'd say this room is going to look great in the fall, and for now I think it looks fine as well!

  3. That darned budget!!!! I heard someone won a 300 million plus Powerball last night - obviously not you or ME!! Ha! Best wishes to you on your search for a camoflauge solution - I know whatever you find will be lovely! I have been living with an ill-fitting slipcover on one of my living room chairs for wayyyy too long, but finally I have new living room furniture being delivered today. Yay! Jane

  4. Marty.

    I can't lie - I love that space and think any of those ways looks good - I don't have a prob with the off colour at all- looks awesome.

    The fur will look great come end of fall when it starts getting chilly, but till then, think you've got it, gal!

  5. No matter what, you always make it look wonderful!!! But....I am LOVING the green, adds some spark and interest, a throw would be nice. How about some of those moss covered balls in a bowl on the coffee tables.....

  6. I definatly like the lighter pieces and the green pillows on the sofa..
    the wicker chair with the whiter cover on it really adds to the lightness too. maybe you could save the golds and dark brown for the winter season.
    all the greens add a terrific pop of color and cheerfulness.

  7. I think your living room looks great Marty...white sofa and all! I love the wicker chair, as well. Maybe you're not liking the large dark leather chair next to it. Hope you have some furniture sliders to make your furniture moving easier!

  8. Marty- your last look is so pretty ( as do the others though). I agree with your thoughts on the placements and use of the different chairs, the wicker just seems to work.

  9. I like the 6th picture down from the top with the checked pillow and the cream throw on the sofa!!!! You have so many beautiful things to pick from but that's my favorite!!

  10. Marty, what a beautiful room. I like the wicker chair the best and when you brought the greens into the room, it looked fresh and eye pleasing. I think those are your best aesthetics! Come fall, that chocolate throw is to die for!

  11. Marty, I love the last one with the green!! I think that looks so great with the dark brown. And I also love the fur throw. I am always trying to "make what I have" work one way or another. I'm not sure what I would do if one day I could just go buy what I wanted when I wanted.

  12. I think you'll be fine with the throws, Marty. I like the chairs as you have them in there now. That first dark throw is lovely and maybe a green one or the lighter color one until it gets colder.

  13. I like the last photo. Love what the pop of green does. It's a very soft and warm room.

  14. I like the dark throw in the first picture, the contrast camouflages well. Nicely one!

  15. I think your room looks lovely, Marty, and I don't think there is such a visible difference in colors between the sofa & chair. I think sometimes we are too close to a situation & scrutinize & question more than we should. I think your throws are all very nice & any one of them will bring a lot of warmth to the room. I often use pillows to tie my mish-mash of furniture together. Pillows & throws seem to work every time!

    I also discovered a new store today, thanks to Ceekay, called Garden Ridge. They have pre-cut pieces of very nice designer fabrics in upholstery-weight that could be used for pillows or throws. It was very inexpensive & seemed very nice. I didn't spend a lot of time looking in that particular section, but I know I'll be going back. The store is at Baseline & Greenfield, if you are interested.


  16. I think your living room is lovely and wouldn't worried about a thing.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. HI MARTY!!!
    For summer...I would make the family room as comfy and cool as possible......your living room is more formal this room should be for I like the green tones in it....
    I like the wicker chair in there....
    looks good anyway you do it!!

  18. I like the photo with the checked pillow, Marty - for what it's worth. I'm sure whatever you end up going for will be just perfect.


  19. Marty,
    They all look fabulous!!! You have the most lovely furniture and accessories! Thanks for sharing all your choices with us. Time to get my creative mojo going here On Crooked Creek!!!

  20. I thought all they all looked great too. Very pretty.

  21. I love your living room and that mirror is just fab!

  22. What a beautiful space!!Just stunning!

    Your newest follower!

    Andrea @

  23. Don't you just hate it when the budget becomes a factor in decorating? I do like the wicker chair with cream and gold pillow in the first photo, but honestly, I DO see the difference in color in the chair and sofa if I really look, but I'll bet you notice it more that others do. After looking at each of the photos several times, I think the last choice is my favorite..same as the first, but saving the furry throw till winter. Hope this helps.