Friday, August 24, 2012

Kelly's Show Us Your Life - Laundry Rooms

I am doing a repeat of a post I did a couple months ago so I can join Kelly's Show Us Your Laundry Rooms.-, and The Remoelaholic Laundry and Mudd Room party.  Some of you new to my blog may have not seen it.

In my quest to clean out the garage and all of the things I had stored in the guest bedroom, I came across a ton of pics and quilt blocks that I have had for years, so I decided to add to the few that I had in the laundry room and cover the walls.

As you enter from the hall, this is what you see.  Just a hallways laundry that goes to the garage door.  There are a lot of pics (sorry) so let's start on the left and go around the room.

A quilt block I made years ago and an Egg tray.

The fridge has my bragging gallery of grands when they were small.

My old Radio Flyer wood wagon sits on top of the fridge and holds a bunch of my white pitchers.

The top of  the cabinet is mainly just storage for some things not currently in use. On the wall next to it is another quilt block, this one my mom made and a welcome crewel embroidery that I did years ago.

The side panel of  an old Ivory Soap box, plus don't you just love my W A S H door knobs.

This side has a ton of stuff, I just filled the wall with everything.  The white cabinet holds my craft supplies and the wine rack has a few bottles of wine and stores some placemats rolled up.

Everything on this wall is either things collected a gazillion years ago or things I made, paintings, quilt blocks and stitchery.

My collection of old irons and my dad's old carpenter plain.

There's definitely a lot to look at as you do the laundry, but it's all things that mean something to me, so it's a lot of fun.


  1. I am still in dire need to get my laundry room updated. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks, too for your sweet note about my kitchen project win! XO, Aimee

  2. What a nice bright and happy laundry room Marty! I love how you have it filled with all sentimental pieces.

  3. You know that I love a good gallery wall! :)

    Can't wait to see you this morning!

  4. This is simply amazing - I love, love, love your collections!

  5. Marty,
    I never tire of seeing your laundry room, dear friend! I adore that you have quilt blocks made by your Mother and by you...and your Dad's carpenter plane! Bragging rights allowed when you have so many wonderful grands!!! Comforts of wonderful memories!

  6. Adorable laundry room Marty!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Now THAT is a really fun laundry room! Look at all your treasures decorating that space! AWESOME!

  8. Your laundry room is so interesting! I Love that bird hoop picture. I made several of those back in the 80s. I have one with our wedding date cross stitched on it.


  9. Marty,
    Your laundry room is so pretty and has so much character! You have some beautiful collections! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Marty,
    I love the cozy feel of your laundry room! Love the W.A.S.H. knobs! I especially love the pitchers and things across the top of the cabinets. I just have boxes across the top of mine. You've given me the inspiration to do something about my laundry room! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Marty, I have always loved your laundry room! It is so beautifully decorated with your gorgeous collections, which I am sure are full of great history and memories. Very pretty!

  12. Gorgeous as everything you do, Marty! I'm into the laundry room phace too and I'm loving your decorations and wall displays of such pretty collections. I am going to fill, like yours, the door of my small fridge in the laundry room with my gands's cute. Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady.

  13. Your laundry room is so charming! I love that you made a lot of the things you display! Great room!

  14. You have turned your laundry room into a showcase! So many cute things to look at and to add charm to the space! I'd be happy (maybe) to do my laundry here!!


  15. Marty, I would love doing laundry here, Great space.

  16. I love that wagon with the pitchers in it. You seem to have an eye for repurposing things. My mother has passed down to me a love for antiques, so I appreciate your way of decorating. (Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. You can visit me at

  17. You certainly have a huge collection in there Marty,very interesting things :)

  18. What a lovely and wonderful way to do laundry. :)

  19. I'm stopping by for a blog visit from Kelly's Korner.
    You have a wonderful laundry room.
    I love the wine rack!

  20. Great laundry room. I love the antique irons, and that "laundry additive" in those bottles in the rack...whoo hoo! Hugs, and have a great weekend,