Monday, August 6, 2012

Simple Easy Breakfast Table

Friday was my youngest sons birthday, so I had all the family over on Saturday for a party. My granddaughter came over from Calif. to spend the weekend with her dad and wish him a Happy Birthday.  I invited them for breakfast Sunday morning.  I didn't want a really fussy table, but something pretty and simple.

I already had the rooster centerpiece and the placemats with the check napkins on the table, so I just decided to add to that theme.  We had a menu of Bacon Quiche, Fresh Fruit and Coffee.

 I have 4 fruit plates with brown checked borders so I layered them on a really cute yellow fruit plate.

 The white cup and saucer have a fruit pattern on them also.

 I used my Horchow silverware, I love the color and it went great with the placemats and yellow plates.

 Each plate has such a pretty different fruit pattern on it.

 Nothing pretentious, or elaborate, but just a really super simple tablesetting that shows I care.

I love having family here and I always want them to know that I think they are special.

See you tonight for Table Top Tuesday.


  1. Very pretty Marty! I really love how the white stands out against the warm wood tones.

  2. Marty, your table is so beautiful! I love the placemats with the little space to tuck in your napkins. So original! And you silverware and plates are gorgeous! I know you guys had a grand family time!

  3. So pretty Marty! I LOVE your silverware and those placemats are fabulous!! Breakfast sounded real yummy too!

  4. The table looks great. I adore those placemats and I love the dishes.

    Menu sounded very good.


  5. Such a pretty table setting with those wonderful gingham napkins.

  6. Marty,
    Very pretty table setting. It looks very casual but welcoming. Hey, my new/old Rooster/Chicken plates would go well with your setting that you had.

  7. That's so thoughtful of you to make the breakfast table look beautiful for family, Marty! :)

  8. very pretty Marty. I love those placemats and gingham napkins

  9. Marty, your table setting is charming. Love the gingham, the clever placemats, and the checked border on the plates.

  10. Spending time with family is the best and you showed them your love with your beautiful table! :)


  11. Hi Marty! I just love your sweet breakfast room and your tablesetting. Your shelf is one of my favorites too.
    You must take a potent vitamin as you never seem to slow down.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. What a pretty table and what a wonderful way to let your family know how special they are. Everything you do is just wonderful.

  13. I love the placemats with the little flap. I would feel special if I were eating at your table!

  14. That looks so pretty ... love the place mats and napkins... everything works so well together :)

  15. Very pretty, Marty. Your color palette blends so well with your home decor too...Christine

  16. Marty, That's a really cute breakfast tablescape. Love the placemats with the pockets for flatware and tab for the napkin and the brown and white check napkins are the perfect touch.

  17. Beautiful table, loved the placemats and the plates.

  18. What a pretty table, Marty! And it goes so well with Roosters and I'm such a roo fan!
    This table really does say "I love you". I would just love to meet you one of these days because I can tell you are a very sweet, fun loving sort of gal! Judy

  19. Oh my goodness, I almost missed this beautiful table Marty! I love the fruit plates, the placemats and the yummy menu, I'm hungry again, I can't believe it!

  20. Marty,
    What a lovely setting.And that silverware is beautiful too!!