Friday, September 14, 2012

Football, Food Network and HGTV

We don't eat out very often, so that means that I cook a lot.  I enjoy it and love to watch the Food Network and try new recipes.  I also love HGTV and I am absolutely thrilled that it is Football Season.  However, my kitchen is set up so I can't see the TV in the adjoining familyroom.  See where the entertainment center is, not good if you are in the kitchen.

 Now if I get desperate, I can look in the mirror over the sofa and catch a glimpse of what's happening on the TV screen,but that is definitely not the way to watch TV.  So, basically if I am in the kitchen, I listen, not watch.

When we first moved in, before the entertainment center was put in place, my DH added a cable outlet to the corner of the kitchen.  However with all the moving expenses, a TV was definitely not anywhere near the top of the list and I kind of forgot about it.

 But now I have one.  Remember my GW has all of their TV's on sale for $1, so I decided that a small one would work here and then I wouldn't miss any of the Football game or any other program.  Now I don't need the VCR, however, this was only $1 so really how picky can you be for $1, so it's a keeper until I get something better.

 (This is HGTV showing)  Isn't this going to be perfect.  Now I will put a small flat screen on my list, but it's not an emergency or anything I have to have right now.  This will do just fine.

I have plenty of counter space, so tucked in this corner is perfect.  

$1 for a TV .  Isn't that amazing!!!!!  I am having a ball with these $1 TV's.  A really fabulous 20" one for the guest bedroom (see that post here) and now this one for the kitchen.  What a Blessing!

                                                                        I am joining:
                                                 SNS @ Funky Junk Interiors
                            Show and Tell Saturday @ Be Different - Act Normal
                              Spotlight Saturday @ Classy Clutter
                                 Saturday 7 @ Positively Splendid
                            Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures                   
                                   Sunny @ Sunny Simple Life for Simple Sunday
                   Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Met. Monday
                         Linda @ Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday


  1. $1.00 for a TV!!!! Holy cow, that is a great deal! How nice that you now will be able to catch the game while cooking! I always love seeing photos of your kitchen! It is so beautiful!!

  2. WOW Marty you scored big time! We had a small tv on our counter, but the kids thought it was theirs and they were always around it when I was trying to cook so out it came.

  3. Fabulous find! You're going to love it!
    I love my tv in the kitchen. In fact mine has a radio too so I can listen to music or talk radio.

  4. Girl, you scored a deal on that TV! Love your warm and inviting. I love me some football too Marty. You crack me up about watching that tv though! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. No way! I can't even get over this! We still watch VHS tapes in our house so I think you got the deal of the century. Love it.

  6. Are they still a $1.00 Marty?
    I need a small one for the playroom.
    Rainey @ The Project Table

    1. Couldn't find your email, left you a message on G+ and your blog. Yes, all of their TV's are on sale for $1 regardless of size. Unreal deal, plus they have a spot where you can plug them in and test them to make sure they work.

  7. I have so many VHS tapes from when my girls were little. I hate to get rid of them...maybe I'll ship them off to you. :) Be prepared! LOL. I'm glad you had such a great find and I'm especially glad you won't miss any football. That would be awful! Seriously! Have a great weekend!

  8. WOW! That is a great TV for only $1.00. Good that you can watch TV while in the kitchen...

  9. It fits great in the kitchen - I still can't believe what a deal you found! You are a lucky lady!

  10. What a deal and it looks great. I am addicted to HGTV and I am a football nut. Too bad the NY Jets aren't always great but I am hopeful this year.


  11. Wow, now that is a deal! Your home is so warm and inviting.

  12. I would love one mounted over the tub.. I know, tubs are for relaxing but I love to relax watching a movie:):) It would be ALMOST like having Jessie Stone-Tom Selleck:: in the tub with me.. well ok not quite but ya know what I mean lol..
    talk about a bargain.. you win Bargain of the Year with this purchase.

  13. Marty, this is awesome! I am so happy for you that you scored this great TV for one dollar! Although in our home I can see the TV from the kitchen, I would love to have a small one in the kitchen just for me! LOL Have a great weekend!

  14. You are going to love a TV in the kitchen! What a buy too!
    I have a small one in my kitchen. It may not be the most beautiful thing to see on the counter, but I don't care. Enjoy it!

  15. You can't beat a dollar for a TV. It looks great in that corner too. I love HGTV, but not football.

  16. I don't think you can even get a cup of coffee for $1 so even if the TV only lasted a day it's a great deal. I love to have the TV on in the kitchen. It makes it feel like I'm not alone in there.

  17. It is amazing all of the deals you find! Unbelievable! $1 for a!

  18. Incredible! I'm so glad you got your kitchen t.v.


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  20. Hi Marty,
    This is a great post. Being retired can be challenging. Sweetheart and I don't eat out, and we love to be home. I do cook and bake also. Blogging provides the reason to bake and we love TV. You are truly blessed. Your home and blog is a testimony to your love of life and your faith. Blog on!

  21. Hi Marti,

    I'm amazed that you can get a TV that still works for $1 -- Wow!! Your kitchen is so nice, Marti. It has such a functional layout, and your decor is great. I laughed when you mentioned looking at the mirror over the sofa because I do that at our house. Only we have a large framed print over our sofa, and I can see the TV reflection in the glass. :) I, also, love cooking, HGTV, and football season.

    Visiting from Sunny Simple Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  22. This is perfect! I have the same predicament in my home and feel so left-out when I am busy in the kitchen....
    Great solution!
    Your house is beautiful by the way!


  23. You had me at the title! Your home looks cozy and lovely and ready for fall!


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