Friday, September 21, 2012

Traveling Cornucopia

Do some things in your house just seem to wander from place to place and room to room?  I had the cornucopia on the dining table with the new table runner to begin with, you can see that here, then I found the velvet and beaded pumpkins and just had to create a centerpiece for them on the dining table  (here,) so that meant I needed to find a new home for the cornucopia, so the LR coffee table seemed logical, (here). Well that lasted about half the day and I felt like the room needed something a little more elegant and classy, so I spray painted some pumpkins and created the silver and gold centerpiece. (here),  Did you follow all of that?  Whew!!!

  The family room needed a touch more fall, so a perfect place for the cornucopia.  I also added the orange candles.   I had a floral arrangement her before, but the orange in the cornucopia definitely adds more fall.

 I replaced the aqua flowers in the arrangement with the green ones.  Much better for this room.  This is the cornucopia I found at GW for $6.99 on 1/2 price day, so $3.50.

Do you wind up playing musical accessories when you change things for a new season?  All my stuff must think it has legs, it is constantly on the move. lol  (My Husband is super thrilled that the furniture can't move around very easy.)

                                             I am joining:
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  1. haha, Marty! Made me smile -especially the comment about the husband and furniture! Yes, things move around here and there until I feel like they fit in that place. Sometimes the furniture does too. (insert husband's eyeroll here) lol Love the cornucopia in this spot. Looks great!

  2. I like it here, Marty! My eye goes from your couch with the Fall colors to the coffee table. I have done that, too. Sometimes you need to move things around to find the best place for them.

  3. Your opening line made me laugh. I have had that happen where I move stuff around and around until it feels right. I like on the coffee table.


  4. I move things around all the time, I guess it's a tweaking habit! Your cornucopia is perfect here, I love the green leaves, too. And your pillows on the sofa really add a nice touch of fall to the room!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Love the cornucopia on your table! So pretty! It goes so well with your pillows!

  6. OK my friend, I like it there best!



  7. Your table tops always look lovely !

  8. That cornucopia is determined to move - somehow, it always looks nice though :)

  9. Marty - I am new to visiting your blog. Your fall arrangement looks really pretty. Love your room - looks so warm and inviting.


  10. Love your traveling cornucopia- I wish I could get around to just decorating the first time no less moving things around! Will be harvesting my honey today so no decor moving today- I do have all my fall things strewn all over the dining room ready to decorate. Have to get things ready for when Carolyn comes next month! Why don't you come with her- that would be great fun!!!!

    bee blessed

  11. Traveling it. It looks beautiful there. Perfect. It does add just the right amount of fall. Everything always looks so pretty!

  12. Hi Marty! I think that my decor items get frequent flyer miles since they travel around my home so much! Your added touches to the living room look wonderful. Happy first day of Fall!

  13. Yep! My stuff moves around too! Sometimes you realize it might work better in another location or you just want a fresh point of view!

  14. Marty,
    I adore your title!!! "Shopping the House" is what I call the "Musical Accesories" here On Crooked Creek. I'm so grateful to have organized storage in the guest room closet and sturdy shelving for floral tubs in the Art Studio!!!I agree, the arrangement is "perfect" for the Family Room!!!

  15. Oh accessories have legs, just like yours!!....but what fun it is to change things around....just keeps everything more interesting!!!...