Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Quilt

Well, it really is a sign that you have definitely joined the senior ranks when you have a quilt you made that is now considered vintage.  Wow, how unreal is that.

This is a lap quilt that I made back in the 70's, it is called a sampler quilt since you use different patterns for each block and the borders.  I was just learning to quilt so this was a fun project.  I got to try my hand at several different patterns and had fun learning how all the different fabrics go together.

If you quilt you know how different a pattern square can look depending on your fabric choices and colors.
See the top right and top left squares on this quilt.  They are the exact same pattern, but they look totally different depending on where I placed the fabrics.  Isn't that amazing.

 Same with the two bottom corner squares.  I think that is why I found quilting so fascinating, you could do the same thing over and over and it would always look different just by changing the fabrics.  Don't you love that?

 I am still preparing for my son's visit.   He is going to be here on business for a while and is going to stay with us and I am so excited, you can't even imagine.  I thought I would change out the bedding to a more masculine decor.  This little lap quilt is just the perfect color to coordinate with the bedding, so I thought it would be nice in case he wanted to grab a nap and have something to cover up with.

 It looks pretty on the quilt rack under the window and will be super easy to just grab if he wants to use it.

 You can see by the "big" stitches this was my beginner piece.  I learned to take really tiny stitches after this.

You can read all about me making the comforter and dust ruffle here

He won't be here until the end of the month, but I am totally getting ready and want it to be a super comfy place for him to sleep and work.  He owns his own Engineering company, so he will spend most days using the hoosier as a desk and working.  Thank goodness the work surface pulls out and creates a huge work space for him.  I think this little room will function very well and be a space where he can have some privacy and get his work done.

Now that I found a great comfortable desk chair,

 and TV, I can't think of anything else.  (Read how I was Blessed with both of these here.)

So, is your guest bedroom able to be transformed into whatever it needs to be?

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  1. Your quilt is are so talented! The guest bedroom looks beautiful it just needs your special guest to arrive :o)

  2. How wonderful to see one of your quilts, it is beautiful and shows a lot of hard work!!! I made a sampler quilt also, and the top is waiting to be to do in the winter!!! The guest room looks amazing and I know your son will be happy staying there!!!

  3. Marty your quilt is fabulous. My first quilt was also a sampler, but I never finished it :-( I've gone on to make many more, but the blocks are still sitting waiting for me. Of course the colors are so different then what we find nowadays. But that's what makes them vintage, right??

    Jocelyn @

  4. What a wonderful quilt, Marty! The colours are perfect for Autumn!


  5. Marty,
    That is a beautiful quilt.I have such an appreciation for those.They are beautiful artwork.And the time spent making them makes these more special.Your son is very lucky to have a Mom like you!His room looks beautiful!

  6. Marty, I just learned something new about you-that you quilt. How did I not know that?! Love your quilt and you did an excellent job; if you've been quilting since the 70's I imagine you are one incredible quilter. Thanks for sharing.

  7. WOW your "vintage" haha by the way - is b eautiful!

    I have never made a quilt. I am not detail oriented or patient enough to even consider making one. I love yours and it is so perfect for that room, wow, as though back then you KNEW!!!

    That room is perfect now, totally!

  8. Marty, that quilt is wonderful and that is such a gift to be able to make one yourself. I am sure your son will be quite comfortable in that room.

  9. You are truly talented. I love the quilt, and it is double special since you made it. The guest room looks ready to be occupied!

  10. I love your quilt Marty! It's beautiful!! I have made rag quilts which are easy to do but nothing like the one you made. My Mom was a collector of quilts and I have inherited some of hers. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  11. So pretty! I adore quilts and it is amazing how you can change up the fabrics and have a different look with the same pattern.
    Love the room and it will be perfect for your son.

  12. Marty, it's beautful! I'm so impressed with your skill. laurie

  13. Marty,
    Dear friend, your quilt is gorgeous!!! What a precious accessory to place in your guest room! Your son will love having a quilt for the cool evenings!!! The change to your "extra" bedding makes this room look perfect for your son's arrival! Now for a good laugh...when you ask about the guest room, mine is a disaster at the moment!!! I'm organizing the Autumn and Winter out the napkin get the idea!!! Ask me that question again tomorrow...OK???

  14. Your quilt is beautiful, Marty, & with quilts, the older the better! The room is very cozy, charming & inviting. I'm sure your son is going to be very comfortable. I know you are going to enjoy your son's visit.


  15. I love your quilt...looks like the room is ready for your son to enjoy his certainly have made it a beautiful space for him..Have a wonderful weekend Marty!

  16. Marty, your guest room is lovely. Your son should be thrilled to have this space. Thanks for sharing your quilt. I took a sampler class in the 70s, but I never finished my squares to make a quilt. Yours is lovely!

  17. Marty, how exciting that you also quilt. Your quilts are beautiful and that you quilt them by hand amazing. I like to say that I quilt by hand, I write the check. So not in the category of your handwork. Dawna

  18. I love, love your gorgeous quilt!!! Just the perfect addition to the room!

  19. I so admire you quilters!

    Popped in from Flaunt it Friday.

  20. BEAUTIFUL quilt / enjoy your son! :)

  21. Oh Marty, You are not alone in the "I made a quilt and now it is considered vintage" category. The first quilt I made was when I was 15 (a denim one) and that was in '79. LOL And we use it to this day.
    How wonderful that your son is coming for a visit. I bet you are so excited. The guest room looks wonderful and your quilt is fantastic! Thank you for sharing it with us at TTF. Happy Sunday!

  22. Marty, you are amazing! Your quilt is beautiful, and I think it's wonderful the way you're making the guest room masculine for your son's stay. You're creating grace in your home so wonderfully!!

  23. Love quilts! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

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