Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adding Beadboard to Bookcases

You've all seen my entertainment center bookcases, they're definitely one of my favorite places to play.  Many have commented on the beadboard, and wanted to know if we added it or if it came that way, did I paint it or just what is the skinny. So I thought I would give you a before and after on how we did it.  This is such an easy fix for some really bad fake wood backs they seem to put on everything.

The dark backs of the bookcases were so depressing looking, it made the whole unit look cheap.  I can't believe that I lived with it this way for several years.  I thought about paint and decided that isn't what I wanted to do.

I decided that beadboard would be the perfect answer.  I bought a sheet of it at Lowe's and we cut it to fit perfectly.  Such an amazing difference.

We measured and cut everything as precisely as possible.

Can you believe I had all this stuff on those shelves.  Unreal.

 The top shelf is stationery since there is a light attached to the back of it.  We cut the top piece to fit exactly in the space and just slid it into place behind the light on the shelf.  No adhesive or anything was needed since we have such a nice tight fight.

 The bottom was cut the same say and just pressed into place.  I am glad we didn't have to use any adhesive, then if I ever change my mind for any reason, I can just pull the panels out.  The beadboard cuts with such a nice edge that you don't need any molding or anything.  I really like that.  There were a couple of small places on the edge where I touched up with a tiny brush and some paint.

Such a huge difference in the way the unit looks, it is totally amazing, it looks like a completely different unit.

 A really inexpensive fix.  You could also use the beadboard wallpaper, however, the sheet of beadboard was less expensive and readily available at the store.  Measuring exactly was the hard part, but once that was done it was really easy.  Such a fabulous improvement.  (This picture shows how the unit takes up most of this wall in the familyroom.)

This is a fabulous fix for bookcases or hutches.  Great bang for the buck and super easy.

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  1. That was a great update Marty! The white beadboard backing makes all your pretty accessories pop so much more too!

  2. Such a pretty look, Marty! It was such a quick and easy fix/update to give more substance to the backs.

  3. Great choice. I use a lot of beadboard in my furniture redo's when the backing is the "cheap" stuff as well. The changes you made sure makes all of your treasures stand out. Looks great!

  4. It's brilliant - I have dark wood bookcases against a dark wall in a dark room anf it needs exactly this fix.

    Thanks again, Marty for your great inspiration and ideas - hugs.


  5. What a great improvement Marty! The lighter and brighter beadboard really makes your accessories stand out.

  6. I can't get over the difference. It really makes it so much brighter. Great job.

  7. So simple, yet stunning Marty :o)
    Rose H

  8. Beautiful Marty! I should just copy this and do it in our bead boards in the family room; it came out perfect to clear the view! Thanks for sharing. Big hugs,

  9. Love the beadboard on there Marty, I do have the wallpaper beadboard for the backsplash in my kitchen but just haven't got around to it! I was sick over the weekend and I'm just now getting some energy back:)

  10. Wow, the beadboard looks fantastic! I love it. It reall makes the unit look so much better. Great job. XO, Pinky

  11. Wow, what a huge difference. It really shows off the accessories and the light.


  12. I have always liked your shelves with the beadboard! They always looks so nice!

  13. Me encanta como se ve, da mucha luz. De verdad que un pequeño cambio hace la diferencia. Saludos desde C.R.

  14. Marty, The light bead board really showcases your pretty treasures. Everything looks so pretty!

  15. This is a great look! really makes all your precious collections stand out! Looks so clean.

  16. Marty, what a difference! I love the look of soft white in the background of your bookcase. And with the light on it is stunning! You have a wonderful eye styling. I'm usually at a loss for making my bookshelves look pretty!

  17. Yes, what a difference....looks wonderful...I have the same dilemma too...I have custom cherry bookcases that flank my fireplace and would love to add a lighter material in the back of them...maybe fabric.....Your wonderful treasures look fabulous in the bookcases....Great job Marty!!!...Love it!!

  18. The bead board makes a huge difference, lightens up the cabinet wonderfully!

  19. I love it! What a lovely place to show off your favourite pieces! Thanks for letting us know how you did it! Joan

  20. Marty, I just love this idea! How beautiful the bookcases look! It made a huge difference! I think all your treasures look even more gorgeous against the light color background. Very, very pretty!

  21. Thanks for sharing, Marty. It really lightens the whole piece up.


  22. Marty this turned out great. I love the look. It brightens the area so much. And you really have some gorgeous vignettes there. You always have great ideas! yay!

  23. Very pretty, Marty, and a great backdrop for your collections.

  24. I LOVE beadboard! And with the lights, it's just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I love the bead board Marty! Looks great!

  26. Marty, this is just so smart. It's amazing what a big difference that little change made! You just amaze me!

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home!

  27. Wpw, what a wonderful and dramatic difference that beadboard made! It looks great! thank you for sharing at TTF.