Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lunch with Blogging Friends

I love it when we all get a chance to get together.  We first met through blogging and have since become really good friends, isn't that the best part of having a blog.  Friday Cindy was here from Wisconsin, so of course we all had to get together to see her and visit. Always the most fun.  We can talk for hours and usually do.

From left to right, me - Jamie @ Mimi's Corner - CK @ Thinkin' of Home - Laura @ Decor to Adore - Cindy @ Applestone Cottage - Linda @ Reminisce

These ladies are all so sweet and such precious friends.  I count my blessings to be part of this group.

Now I can't wait until we can get together again.

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  1. Oh goodness, what a gorgeous get together! You all look so pretty. I'd love to be blessed one day and meet you ladies too. Have a great week ahead, dear Marty.

  2. This is a wonderful picture of all of you pretty ladies! Wish I had been there! We feel like we know one another from blogging but it's extra special to get together fact to face. I'm so happy all of you had a great time!


  3. Oh so awesome - and so lucky to have met fellow bloggers in person.

    I hope to do that one day - there are so many not far from me at all.


  4. Looks like so much fun. I wish I could meet all of you too! It is so nice that you can get together. I wish someone lived close to me and we could share like all of you! Any Alabama bloggers out there reading this- We should get together too.

    It has turned cold here suddenly with that storm approaching so we have gotten out our warmer clothes. All of you look so cute and I can tell it is still warm there.

    Hope you are having a great day, Marty!

  5. What a beautiful group of lovely ladies! I'm so glad you got to get's such FUN! We're enjoying a little Fall here in the mountains!

  6. How wonderful to know these ladies in real life. You must have so much to talk about!

  7. Isn't it fun to get together? Not all those bloggers are familiar to me, so I'll have to do a little blog searching!

  8. Hello dear Lady M...

    I really do missed so many enjoyment from blogielandia §:-) I surely missed the cloché party.

    But, I just come back from a month adventure and hope to cope up to visit you and all of the talented ladies.

    GB & Happy Sunday.

    BTW... a posed for a lifetime with your beautiful bloggie friends.

  9. Hi Marty! How nice you were able to meet all these great blog friends! I have one in Florida, who has become one of my besties! Do they all live in Arizona?


    1. Cindy was here visiting her son who lives her. She lives in Wisconsin, the rest of us live here in Phx. Hugs, Marty

  10. Great picture of all of y'all. Yes, nothing like hanging out with other bloggers because we get each other.

  11. What a fun day you must've had! Great picture of all of you!

    Have a great day.

  12. Lovely photo ! That"s awesome that you all meet . Have a good day !

  13. Hi Marty- I am back from my blogging break and glad to see your smiling face here along with your sister bloggers. What fun! xo Diana

  14. Hello Marty, What a lovely photo of you and your friends. You all look so gorgeous in your summer clothes. Mine are packed away until next year as it's really cold here in England at the moment. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

  15. Lovely ladies and lovely time, I am sure. Thanks for sharing, Marty :)

  16. How fun, Marty! I know you gals had a great time together.

  17. What a treat! How nice you ladies get together and you look wonderful!
    I could be jealous! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Marty, You ladies are all truly beautiful! I tease Ceekay all the time that she has more fun than anybody. I see her pretty face in the mix. I think its wonderful you ladies have the opportunity to meet for lunch!

  19. I love this...such a fun thing. Really nice that you could all get together and actually see each other!

  20. Marty what a wonderful time I can imagine you all had! I get to meet Carol at the Polka Dot Closet Blog when we go to Florida and am so excited to meet another blogger!!

    Hope I'll be at one of these fun luncheons again one day-

    bee blessed

  21. Marty, it is truly special how good friendships are spawned across Blogland. Nice that you all can meet once in a while to actually spend time together.

  22. Marty, you are so blessed to be able to get together with your blogging friends! Beautiful picture! You guys look wonderful!

  23. Hi Miss Marty!

    What a great day! I so enjoy spending time with you.

    I planted my garden on Saturday thanks to you and Mr. Stroll. Does he water every day?

    Let's make a pilgrimage to the East side soon. :)

  24. Yes making friends is perhaps the best part of blogging. You guys look like a lovely bunch.

  25. I feel so blessed to have met you Marty and that you are now part of my life!
    I think you really inspired Linda on FRiday and you always inspire me!
    Thanks again for getting this all are the best!
    Big Hugs...Love ya,