Friday, October 5, 2012

Most Viewed Vignettes

It's so fun to look back over your stats and see what was the most viewed  of all of your posts.  Some of mine have been different vignettes that I have done.  I thought it would be fun to put a group together that got the most comments, these weren't the most viewed, but the ones that got the most comments.  Do you guys remember these?

It's always so interesting to look back and see what you have done in the past.  I have many that I remember that were my favorites from some of you guys posts.  My all time most viewed post has been the one I did on "How To Make an Ottoman".  You can see that post here.  It has gotten over 10,000 views and only 35 comments.  Amazing.

Maybe we should do a party called Remember When.


  1. I can see why you got lots of comments! Love all of them!

  2. They're all beautiful and magazine worth, but I love, love the first one and that one I don't remember, Marty!

  3. Marty, I love seeing how you group things. It is so much what I love. Totally magazine worthy. ~Jen

  4. I'm glad you did a recap, these are also some of my favorites, too! You sure know how to create beautiful vignettes, Marty! Love them all! XO ~Liz

  5. These are beautiful vignettes. My favorite is the first one. Thanks for sharing them again.
    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

  6. Marty, you have really created some beautiful vignettes! I don't remember seeing the first one. That's my fave!! You really have a talent for this!

  7. Marty I love your autumn header and your lovely fall decor!!

    I hope you will enter my Giveaway of Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!

    Art by Karena

  8. You create such beautiful vignettes!

  9. I can see why these were the most viewed!

    - The Tablescaper

  10. All your vignettes are so original and so you. You put a lot of thought into them. It amazes me that we get so many views and not many comments.
    Maybe bloggers aren't sure what to post.... Or feel that they must follow to post... Oh well to me it doesn't matter. It's like having penpals without the letters.

  11. So agree with the lady from White Weathered Hutch.And it's interesting to know what reaaly gets the highest views/ traffic.You are always so good with leaving commments and I feel I have been quite amiss in that field.Time pressure and family matters ( I know, I know.. excuses, excuses ).



  12. It's hard to choose a favorite Marty but the dining table with all the silver and urn with feathers is outstanding!

  13. Beautiful vignettes Marty! I can see why they were the most viewed!Great inspiration too!


  14. Beautiful share of the vignettes.roosters the spoons in the holder, chef everything eye catching.thank you....:):)

  15. You have done so many gorgeous vignettes Marty! You are so talented and creative with so many great ideas~
    Love, love the pumpkin table too!
    Can't wait to see you,

  16. I love them all----no favorites. I think I need to get busy and change thing up.


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