Monday, October 22, 2012

The Cobbler and No Shoes

You've all heard that story of how the Cobblers children had no shoes.  Well that's how I've felt for the past couple of years.  My DH is a Master Gardener and for several years was the co-host of a television program demonstrating how to grow beautiful gardens.  He still gives talks to various groups a couple of times a week and does all kinds of seminars.  He really is very talented.  I use to have a yard that was featured in Phoenix Home Magazine and several other publications, but I guess he got burned out.  When we moved to this smaller home with a smaller yard, he lost interest and my yard has not been magazine worthy.

  This year he finally decided to clean up the side yard and to put all of my dad's old farm tools somewhere.
I love being able to see these old things in the yard.

He even planted some flowers in the hanging baskets.

 and some in the other planters too.

 Plus he's put in a veggie garden.

Wow, he is on a roll and I feel like I have a tons of "shoes" now.

So, how is your garden doing?  Hope to see you later this evening for TTT.

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  1. We used these old plows/cultivators among other things at the farm. Always make an interesting outdoor vignette.

  2. Oh and we have an old pump beside the patio here. I've always wanted to turn it into a fountain. If the house doesn't sell and we decide to just take it off the market, I think a good winter project would be to try to put a fountain together. There will definitely be changes here, if the house doesn't sell.

  3. How lucky you are to have such a talented husband! I'm sure his veggie garden is going to be a success! The old tools of your fathers are such a great focal point in your beds. I think they're fun to "decorate" with!

    Happy Monday!


  4. With all of your dad's awesome farm tools it looks great already! When your DH gets the job done is going to be magazine worthy again! Can't wait to see the end result!

  5. Love the look of the old tools around the designer beds..
    My garden is all clean and mulched or should I say bedded down for winter..
    It'll be fun sitting here wrapped in a quilt by the fire watching all your pretty plants and veggies grow lol..
    applause for Hubby working so hard out there for Ya'll.

  6. Love the old garden tools. Great for dressing up the planters. Your hubby is on a roll. Good for him.

  7. Gosh this makes me feel so much better! I have done sewing for other designers for years but the last couple of years our own pillows and cushions have been a wreck! It's funny how sometimes you really have to have the inspiration hit you. I would love to see some of your husband's shows, are they on reruns or on You Tube?
    xo, Andrea

    1. There are no re-runs that I know of. It was on the Mid-day Arizona shows. It was fun. He would show how to grow all kinds of things and do demonstrations, then his co-host Jan D'Atri would cook something that he was growing in the garden or do a decor project with some of the plants.

  8. Marty, it all looks great. Keep him moving forward! My garden is looking happy since we've had some rain. The purple asters are in full bloom!

  9. Well, I don't even want to MENTION my garden--since I have none! Lucky you, with fresh vegetables to come. Yum!

    I love that pony tail palm.

  10. I love that he's getting back into gardening. I bet you will enjoy his Re-found love.

  11. You are so lucky, the gardens are and will be just beautiful when he's finished.

  12. That's too bad, but I can understand it, Marty! Before I went to work full time {about 12 years ago} I was very into gardening. I made beds, planted, divided, weeded, mulched ~ I did it all. Once I was working full-time, I found it very overwhelming. Recently, I helped my daughter work out a plan for her front and back yards and that will be my little gardening outlet. Not much to do around the condo except plant a few things here and there {like the three hydrangeas I got in before the horrible Summer}. I like how the tools are set up and look sculptural in your garden.

  13. Your yard looks great! Mine looks pretty bad right now - leaves are piling up. Wanna send him my way while he is on a roll. :D

  14. looks terrific my friend. Most of our gardens have been put to bed for the winter. I still have geraniums and petunias flourishing.Our veggie garden still has tomatoes,onions,carrots and bell peppers. But we are expecting very cold weather this evening.So I think we will pick all we can this evening and then just cross our fingers. xo P.S. what it TTT?

  15. Marty your garden looks beautiful! It is fall here so everything is going into winter hibernation!

  16. Those old tools look great in your yard and it fits the rest of your style too. I mean it goes well with the guest room and many of your other older collectibles you've shared with us. That's wonderful that he is getting back into landscaping again even a little bit. I know the garden is going to be fantastic! I can't wait to see what it yields!

  17. Marty, I love the way he incorporated your Dad's old tools. It is defnitely magazine worthy now. laurie

  18. Beautiful Marty....I just love all the hardscape elements along with the gorgeous flowers.....How wonderful to have a "DH" also be a your Master Gardner!!....

  19. Marty,
    WoW!!! I adore the farm implements used in outdoor decor! We have a few pieces from "Mr. Ed"s" family farm. I have a question for your DH! Every year "Mr. Ed" and I try desperately to grow flowers in hanging pots without success! We've used coconut liners and plants that have similar watering requirements...but within two to three weeks they are DEAD! Any tips form your DH would be welcomed! Thanks!!!