Saturday, October 6, 2012

Up North & Sedona Red Rocks

We took off last week for a day and took a trip up to Jerome and then on over to Sedona for just a little sight seeing and a great day trip full of fun.

Jerome is an old mining town built literally hanging off the side of the mountain.  This is part of the view you see as you are winding your way up the hills.

 Jerome main street.

 Do you see the saloon, still open and has been for almost l00 years.  The hotel is on the corner, this use to be quite the place for the miners to visit the "ladies".

 Everything is hanging off of something.

 Lots of tourist shops and this just cracked me up.  I don't think I would like to have my coffee out of a rattle snake mug.

 One shop that I thought was fascinating was a Christmas shop.  They had the most incredible hand made Santas.  Super pricey too.  This one is $999.00.

 This one is only around $600.00

 They had dozens of trees, I just couldn't take pictures of them all.

 How about a Saguaro cactus decorated for a Christmas Tree.

 See the sign "Your husband called.  He said to buy anything you want."  Mine said no.

 They have several winery's in town, this one had some really great wine and some that was a little pricey too.

 This is the view of what's left of the mine ditches and sledge, plus the hotel and where the miners lived.  This is looking out the window of the winery.

 Leaving Jerome and on our way to Sedona.

 Now we begin to see some of the Red Rocks as we start to enter town.

 After you leave Sedona and head on your way back down to Phoenix, you can see the plateaus of the hills. It looks like someone just sliced them off.

We had a fun day, enjoyed getting out of Dodge and seeing something different.  Great to try out my new little car too and yip-skip, we got 38 mpg even up and down all the mountains.  That's pretty good.  They advertise 41, so I am pleased.

If you are ever in Arizona, this should definitely be on your list of places to visit.


  1. thanks for taking us along with you! it has been along time since I have been there, so beautiful. Old west towns are so fun.

  2. What a great trip, thanks for taking us along . . . i have always wanted to visit this part of the country! Looks like the perfect road trip!

  3. There is some beautiful and rugged scenery there. Just like the old west. Thanks for the tour and have a great weekend.

  4. How beautiful Marty. I am so glad you shared the trip. I bet it is even more stunning in real life.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Marty. Going up north in AZ is like entering another world. Our friends who were just here for a couple of days, are now at their timeshare in Sedona. They want us to go up there, & we may just do that. We haven't been in quite awhile. I'd love to go to Jerome again. I'm so glad you had such a good time, and thanks for sharing the beauty!


  6. Great views. Thanks for taking us along, Marty.

  7. I have always wanted to see Sedona, and it is on the list of "retirement" trips. Thanks for showing us the way, and that little town hanging off the mountain looks like fun. Some of those Santas are adorable, although too pricey. I sometimes wonder what turnip truck they think the tourists fell off??

  8. What beautiful photos.Love that shop- very cute

  9. What beautiful pictures Marty. I have never been to Arizona but it looks amazing. Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  10. Looking at your photos reminds me of when I went to Jerome,,it is an amazing town.... and Sedona, it is just beautiful with all the red rock, water falls and streams.... and the shops.... thanks for the nice memory...


  11. Great shots, Marty. We visited Sedona many years ago. So pretty there.

  12. Hi Marty
    I've seen mountains but nothing like those! It's amazing! Our great country has so much diversity. Thanks for sharing! It seemed strange seeing highways when I've only seen westerns with buggies and horses in this terrain! Lol. :)

  13. Jerome is a fun little town. They used to have an incredible knit store, I wonder if it's still there?

  14. Looks like a nice place to visit! Looks pretty!



  15. Marty, what beautiful scenery ~ including the Christmas Store. Looks like a fun trip. So glad you got to enjoy it. laurie

  16. Marty, my friend just sent me a pic of the red rock formation that you have with the white car in front...same pic!...She and her hubby are there now staying at the "Enchanted Resort" ?...beautiful wonderful that you can take a day trip there!!!....