Thursday, November 15, 2012

Calling All Bloggers To Unite _ Elves for CK

elves 036-003

The best part of blogging is the friends you make, and I am so fortunate that I have met some of the most precious friends and they are such a blessing to my life.    One of those precious friends is a lovely lady named Ceekay and she has a blog called Thinkin' of Home.  We all call her just CK, so much fun and so full of life.  We met 3 years ago through a bloggers lunch and since then have been great friends.  I love her cheerful nature and her zest for life.  She has been fighting a battle with Ovarian Cancer for over 7 years and never lets that define who she is or what she wants to do.  However, right now she is in the hospital and very ill, she is fighting hard,  Chemo has her in such a weakened condition that fighting an infection is a real battle. We are all hoping she will beat this thing and be home soon.

If you don't know her, here are a few pictures that show her zest for life and her loving and outgoing personality.

Visiting a farm

 Having a fabulous time with a fellow blogger (Mary's Meanderings).

 Loving time with another friend - Karen

 Her first time at the ocean

This was taken right before she got sick at our last gals lunch.

Ok, now why I called you all together.  One of the things on CK's Wish and Bucket list is to be able to take her family (Son, Daughter, SIL, 2 Grands and she and her husband) to Disneyland.  She mentioned this at a recent luncheon and this really struck the heart of Laura @ Decor to Adore

So, Laura has decided to donate all the proceeds from the Elves that she makes and sells in her Etsy shop to a fund for Ck so she can fulfill her dream.  She is calling it 

elves 036-004

Please go to her blog - Decor to Adore - and see the post she has explaining how you can help.  I would also love it if you would spread the word.  I know there is nothing that we can't do as bloggers, and if we all work together, we can make this happen.

We need 7 of these Tickets, so tell all your friends

If you would like to donate to CK's trip, just click on the PayPal button on my sidebar and all of the money will be added to her Elves for Ceekay fund.

Thanks you guys, you are all the best and I can't wait to see her well and off to Disneyland.

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  1. Marty,
    Thanks for the information on CK...I'm going over to check it out now! Also, prayers for CK coming her way!!!

  2. Oh Miss Marty,

    My heart and eyes are filled to the brim.

    We can do all things through Christ.

    Thank you my friend.

  3. She has been in my prayers since the day I met her. As soon as the clock strikes 9am I will have her on my prayer chain.
    Thanks, Marty, for this...



  4. Prayers for CeeKay~! I got my elf at Laura's and added it to my sidebar..

    I have complete confidence we'll be seeing CeeKay and her family grinning up a blue breeze in photos taken at Disney~! I am wishing it on tonights first star.

    thank you for such a wonderful post. You and Laura and such good women and I am grateful to know you.


  5. Thank you for the most beautiful post in honor of Ceekay. I have just loved blogging with her and I pray she pulls through this soon. I am on my way to Laura's, she's a doll for doing this. Please keep us posted on Ceekay's health.


  6. Oh Marty, I am so sad to hear about CK. She has always been such a sweet and outgoing person. I will pray that she can not only get better but beat this altogether. I will not only spread the word I will go over and also donate. God Bless her, its such a simple thing to ask for if you think about it. I hope we can give this to her. xxoo

  7. Oh Marty,
    This is wonderful!! I will spread the word. Laura your so amazing too!
    Seeing us together at this last luncheon just a few short weeks ago makes you realize how much things can change in such a short time.
    Ceekay is a fighter and she and her family will be going to Disney World!!

  8. Dear Marty, thank you for letting us know dearest CK has been hospitalized. She's aqlways been so suportive with me when I was a new blogger and a sweet follower, I will start sending my prayers for her. I'm a valunteer in a foundation for the patients of cancer, actually, my post right now it's about it and so it touches my heart. God bless you.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about CK. I do follow her blog and she seems like she is a a sweet lady. I hope it okay with you I am copying your post to my blog.

  10. I was just thinking of Ceekay the other day because I haven't seen any recent posts. Saying a prayer for a quick recovery. You and Laura are such wonderful friends, I think this is an awesome idea!!

  11. Oh- I am so sorry to hear that! I have been wondering where she was when I didn't see a post for her. I will do a post on her tomorrow, too. My heart aches for her. She has been through so much. I certainly hope she improves quickly and that she can make the trip with her kids- xo Diana

  12. Hi Marty, I just purchased an elf from Laura. I am praying for Ceekay. xo, olive

  13. Hi Marty! This is such a great idea! I've never Ceekay but I just love her and pray for her every day. I'll go over to Laura's and see what I can do.
    Blessings to you,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Hi Marty, I'm so sorry to hear CK is so ill. I had just sent her an email a couple days ago about how I would like to meet her and the rest of the Phoenix bloggers next time you all get together. I am praying for her and I will go get an elf so all of her family can go to Disneyland! Thanks for the update.
    Hugs to all, Judy

  15. So sorry to hear that she is so sick. I will donate as soon as I get paid and have money in my account.

  16. Hi Marty,
    I am sorry to read that Ceekay is so ill again. I wish her the very best and would love if she could go to Disneyland with her family. Thats a great idea to collect the money for her. I domated a small amount via Paypal. Thank you for your efforts.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. So very sorry to hear this! I know first hand what she is going through. I will help any way I can to make her dream come true. My prayers and love go out to her and her family. What awesome ladies you and Laura are for doing this for her!

  18. Marty, how touching that you and Laura are doing all of this for Ceekay! You two are truly angels. It just breaks my heart to hear that she is ill again. I just made a donation via PayPal and my hope is that her dream does come true. Hugs to you Marty, Gail

  19. I just read about this at Note Songs. I had no idea! Ceekay is such a sweet lady. I'm off to click that Paypal button.

  20. Beautiful post, Marty. I love CK. laurie

  21. Marty it is so nice to meet you, I'm so sorry we had to meet under these circumstances though, I have joined as a follower of yours because anyone with a heart as big as yours is someone we all need to know.I will go to the Etsy right now,

  22. Hi Marty,
    My thoughts and prayers are on going for our dear Ceekay. I just love her and she is one of the first blog friends I met in blogland. I already visited Laura and will gave a new home to one of her darling elves. I also added your post link to my post helping to spread the word. If you'd like I would be glad to add the special button to donate if you send it to me.
    God bless you Marty and God bless Ceekay with better days ahead.

    In prayer, Celestina Marie

  23. Awe, Marty, I am so sorry to hear about CK. Yes, I know her, and have seen her in blogland. Poor dear. What a wonderful idea about the elves. I will check out her site. Thanks for letting us know. My prayers are with CK.


  24. Hi Marty, We are new to blogging so we still have a lot of people to meet! Our thoughts and prayers are with Ck. It is wonderful what you are doing. Our blog is still small but we will spread the word, and make a donation through paypal!
    ~Audra & Denise

  25. Marty, That is such a wonderful thing you and Laura are doing for Ceekay! She is such a sweet, precious soul! As you know, I posted this on my blog. Hoping it raised some awareness and support. And I ordered my sweet little elf this afternoon! I'll think of Ceekay and pray for her as I see it hanging on my tree!

  26. Marty, Ck is such a sweetheart! So sad to hear that she is in the hospital. I will be more thatn happy to help fulfill her wish. Thanks for letting us know. She will be in my prayers!


  27. Very sad to hear this and my prayers are with her.thank you....sujatha.

  28. I didn't know her at blog world but I feel like I do now! My friend Vivian beat ovarian cancer and I am praying for Ceekay! There is always hope. This world is filled with many beautiful hearts and it is amazing when they join together to make a wish come true! Thank you Matty for sharing with all of us! Many blessings! Anne

  29. You all have the BIGGEST HEARTS EVER! I'm sitting here and I can't see to type.

    Love. Love. And more Love.

    This must make God sooo happy.

    Praying for sweet CeeKay and happy to donate.

    Love, Rebecca

  30. I have donated and will pray for CeeKay. I know how hard this can be. God Bless- Diane

  31. Thanks for keeping me informed on Blogger CK. I follow her and have for a long time and wondered where she was. I will donate and please!!!! let her know that prayers are comin' her way. . . . Thanks!!!!

  32. Thank you Marty for this.I follow Ceeky too,and my prayers and thoughts are with her and her family.
    I'm off to click on paypal now. xx