Thursday, November 1, 2012

Changing Color Schemes for the LR

I have changed the color scheme in the living room so many times it is unreal.  10 times in 6 years, but having a neutral base is what makes it possible without breaking the bank.

In the beginning I started with this color scheme.  Beige, rust and chocolate.  (Sorry, this was pre-blogging and before I got a new camera)

 Then I decided to lighten it up a bit with some soft seafoam green and white. This wasn't one of my favorites  and just didn't do anything for all the beige basics I had going on.

 Somewhere I went back to rust and chcolate with a touch of gold and cream plaid added in.  I also added an area rug that had some soft golds in it.

 Then I got a new white sofa, so I decided to use a little blue and yellow.  This was ok, but just not really me.

 Lots of rust, brown and chocolate for this go around.  I really like these colors and keep coming back to them.

 Then completely neutral was my thing.  Nothing but browns and creams.  Just so-so.

 Same thing here but I did add a little more cream and some soft camel.  The camel helped a lot.

 Bright and cheery was on my mind for this one.  Love the bright oranges, yellows and greens.  Super happy color scheme.  I've really enjoyed these colors.

 Orange, Green and Chocolate was the happening thing here.

 Then I thought I would completely change things and I went with a little Aqua.  This is really different for me, but I do like it.

 This is today, Still with the aqua and a tiny bit of rust thrown in.  Adding the little bit of rust just made the aqua more me.  This is fun.

Thank goodness my room is very neutral (in other words really bland) and that I can sew, so most of my changes have all been made with a few yards of fabric and a few accessory changes.  Thrifty changes that don't break the bank.

Have you changed your color schemes, are do you keep them the same?

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  1. I love all the changes you've made and I adore all your pillows. Love the added rust to the aqua. Well done! It's fun to change things up, isn't it? XOXO ~Liz

  2. Marty,
    Your living room always looks like a shoot from a design magazine, dear one! I adore all the palette changes you make, but agree that the aqua and orange are striking for this Season!!! Always inspiring @ A Stroll Thru Life!!!

  3. Marty, you have found some great ways to redecorate your room beautifully. A neutral color palette, and a change of pillows/accessories, and you have a whole new space! I just know you love creating new looks!

  4. Marty, your living room is always gorgeous! So beautiful and you are the Queen of many things and one of them is for making pretty pillows! Have a beautiful day and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Oh Marty, every room in your home is gorgeous and every change scheme you did in the past is fabulous! Oh goodness, I don't know which to choose and you're right, having a neutral palett it's so fitting for the many changes we do, when we can't leave things alone, lol..I do love the last change and the pillows you made are so pretty each one..when you get tired maybe you should send them my way, lol.. Thank you for your lovely and generous visit, you made my day! Have a very fun weekend, sweet lady.

  6. Your living room is beautiful Marty! I love your versatile neutral palette.

  7. The auqa is my fav but they are look Great~!
    I didnt change my color scheme- I changed the whole living room including the furniture lol..
    I'll get around to that reveal one of these days- soon- like at the Christmas holidays.

    Sewing does help with the budget and the ability to change things without spending a fortune. I priced pillows and found I could cover my chair seats-make my sofa ,chair and Floor cushions for what 2 of the pillows I priced online were.. yikes lol..

    I wish you lived next door so you could help me place accessories in my new living room.. thats whats got me stopped from being finished ..


  8. Every one of them is pretty, Marty! I love the rust ones of course :) The rust with the blue is so pretty!!! I love having neutral furniture it does make it easy to change things out.

  9. Great transformations! I am having trouble deciding on my favorite! Have a great day!

  10. Each and every one is just beautiful, Marty- It is hard to pick a favorite. I think I really like the rust and chocolate-it is so warm and welcoming. I also see that you keep coming back to those shades, too. It is fun, however, to keep thing neutral so you can flip looks easily. I do lots of neutrals, too. Blessings- xo Diana

  11. that is amazing!! what a difference color changes and accessories makes. how fun! every time you made a change it looked so nice. you have a great touch!

  12. Oh no ~ I hit something and lost my whole comment! If you get a duplicate from me, Marty, just delete this one.

    You're changes are always so beautifully done! I agree about liking the neutral background to work with. We are going to paint the rest of the condo next year and I am going to stay neutral but go just a tad darker. I think it flows better with our open floor plan, too. I like that I can bring in other colors with accessories and they all work. The only room I'm considering a color in is the master. Not totally decided on that yet, but we'll see how I feel when the time comes.

  13. I do the same thing....I'm always ready for the warm colors in the Fall. I have a chocolate brown sofa and different colors just seem to pop out what ever season it is...Yellow, orange, red, greens, blue...they all change the room so much...
    Looks good around your place.

  14. I tend to change the bedroom colors more than the living room. I love the aqua and rusts together. Your house always looks so good!

  15. Wow!! That is a great post showing all the possibilities you can create or at least if we are as clever as Marty!! Love the aqua addition, it is my fav, but I am a blue girl as you well know. Love you Marty,
    xo Kathysue

  16. I never change my colors but after seeing your post I am definitely going to give it a try.

  17. I really like the bit of rust with the aqua--just right for Autumn! Wow, Marty, you do a great job of demonstrating how you can REALLY change the look of a room just by altering a few accessories. Thank you!

  18. Your rooms are always so pretty. My favorite is the last transformation with rust and aqua. I also love the area rug you used in some of the photos.

  19. Marty...I have always loved the changes in your living room by using the various colors of pillows...but we all tend to go back to what we love...what we feel more comfortable with..despite the trends....Beautiful Marty!

  20. All the different looks were very good, Marty, but the last one with aqua & rust is especially pretty. Those of us who have the ability to sew and make a lot of our own accessories are so fortunate. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I couldn't sew -- either my budget would take a hit or more aptly, I'd be doing without quite a few!


  21. Oh, Marty, I love the aqua and rusty orange. The room is gorgeous! As always you have the right touch. I change things all the time. I stay in the pastels, but I do love your rusts and brown, and I am thinking of changing to that. Thanks always for your inspiration. Hugs, Karie


  22. Thank you so much to leave a comment for my Navratri post.i was absent for a while.....your room looks classy and the colour combinations just wonderful.getting to learn so many things.thank you...:):):)

  23. I love all the different changes Marty! I love to keep neutral walls so I can totally change up the accessories and create a different look and feel when I want. Thank you for sharing at TTF this week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Watching the evolution of this was really interesting. I really do like the room best with the aqua thrown in.

  25. Well, I like them all! I love browns and rusts tho-the fall colors as I call them. But I really do like that aqua with the brown too.

  26. Your neutral room is a smart thing to change out the accent colors. I wasn't that smart. I just went with a single color or two throughout and I have to work with that through the seasons!

  27. They are all pretty! I especially love the aqua you added. So soothing and calm... I love to change things up and like you, I find it easy and cost effective because I have an all neutral base to work with. Have a great week! ~Kristie