Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfect Finds and Timing

I havn't been to Goodwill for a while, but stopped by the other day and found some great treasures.  My favorite for this season are these fabulous silver goblets.  I already have 6, so finding 4 more is a real treat.

 Look at the price and then it was 25% off besides that.  So 4 of these beauties for under $6.

I am doing two tables this year since we are having 14 for dinner.  These silver goblets will be perfect for the table in the breakfastroom to give it a little bit of glitz.  There will be 8 at this table and 6 at the one in the dining area.

Here's a little sneak peak at the dining table.  Be sure and check back tomorrow for Table Top Tuesday to see more.

My second super find that I just LOVE, is this precious little farmer couple.  See the chickens at their feet, how precious are they.

 I thought they were perfect for now by the rooster lamp.

 I have a real thing for farmer figurines.  This is the first one I found, he doesn't have a wife, but I am looking.

 He was my first farmer.  He's resting in the bookcase for now.

 This was my next little couple.  I think these two are frenchy farmers.  He's holding a basket of grapes and a bucket of milk.  They look a little older and tired.  Life has been hard on the farm.

 They are living under my favorite cloche with one of my cows.

Always fun to stop by Goodwill and find such fun treasures.    Have you found any goodies lately?

Again, I can't thank you enough for all of you that have purchased an elf ornament or made a donation through paypal for CK's Family Disneyland dream trip.  To read the whole story check here.   Everyone has been so generous and we are on our way to making this happen.  Her son updated us on her FB page and she is improving in the area of the infection, however there have been a few set-backs in other areas.  Still no idea when she might get to go home from the hospital.  This last Chemo really knocked her for a loop.  Prayers needed for the whole family and support with paypal and purchasing one of Laura's Elves.  Thank you all so much.


  1. So glad to get a Ceekay update. Your farmers are darling. I got four bar stools yesterday that I will sell. xo, Olive

  2. Marty those are some great finds. What a deal on the goblets.

  3. your goblets are beautiful, lucky find! I hope you find a wife for your farmer! lol,

  4. Marty,
    Great Goodwill finds!!! We are not so fortunate in our Goodwill here, but they do carry a nice selection of hardback large print books that I pick up for my step~mother at a fraction of the cost from a bookstore!!! Your lovely farm couple is an exact match to mine! I adore them!!! Mine were purchased years ago from Home Interiors Party and sold for 19.99 each! Because I was the hostess, I used my points and paid much less for the pair! I adore them in the vignette with your rooster lamp! Your tables are gorgeous. The addition of silver goblets will make your guest feel even MORE special! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Thanks for the update on Ceekay. My prayers are with her.

    Your farmer couple are adorable. I never find anything good at our goodwills around here.

  6. What a great find! Those goblets are worth dying §:-) They are adorable. It's really hard to find. 10pcs? That's more lovelier, isn't it?

    The farmer's figurines are so gorgeous. You really found unsual treasures. I Love them...

    Hope you're in the best of health and hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner.

    Hope to visit me to see some pretties in The Philippines.


  7. Great goblets, Marty!!! Gobble til you wobble. xo

  8. What a find -those will be perfect on your table. I can't wait to see your tables all set up for the big day- Blessings- xo Diana

  9. HI MARTY!! indeed found some great treasures. Those Silver goblets are stunning!!!
    I also love your farmer figurines.....I think they are So whimsical and fun but more then that thoughts of family come to Grand dad had a big farm!!
    If the acorn elves are selling....I will make a donation.....FOr sure!!!I want to see CEEKEY at Disneyland!!!

  10. I LOVE the goblets! What a wonderful find. Your table is looking so pretty! You have quite a big group coming!

    Thanks for keeping us updated on Ceekay. I just feel terrible but she is in my thoughts and prayers as I wait for my little elf to come.


  11. The goblets are very pretty and were a great deal too, Marty. My 15 year old son would flip for your laying cow. Lovely vignettes, enjoy your week!

  12. Marty your goblets Are beautiful!!

  13. Great goblets! I love Goodwill! We finally had one open about 20 mies from where we live and every time I go into to town, I stop by there! I have found quite a few treasure!

  14. I like figurines. Glad you found ways to use them in your vignettes.

  15. Marty, what an amazing deal on those silver goblets! Sure wish I had found those. Your farm couple is so pretty and looks perfect with your rooster lamp. Love the couple under the cloche with the cow. You're making me want to start collecting farmer figurines, and we all know I don't need another collection! laurie

  16. Wow! What a great find! I haven't been to a Goodwill in sometime. It's always fun to see what turns up there. Lucky you to find those goblets. They will be such a nice touch to your holiday tables! Yay!!!

  17. Hi Marty! Thank you for the update on Ceekay and keeping her in my prayers. Now your little GW finds are wonderful. Those goblets are so pretty and great you found them to add to your other ones. Love your little figurines too! You'll be cooking up a storm I'm sure! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Those silver goblets are fabulous! They will add a lot of sparkle to your table! Love the sneak peek! You are well prepared!!

  19. Thanks for the update on Ceekay, my prayers are with her and her family!
    Love the silver goblets Marty and love the cloche in your kitchen! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  20. You relly have a good GW! I never find anything at ours:( I love the goblets and would feeel VERY special at your table. Love all your farmers too! XO, Pinky

  21. Wow! How lucky are you. You really found some treasures. I have a couple of the farmers, and I even have one without the husband. Maybe you have the husband and I have the wife. LOL. Great finds. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Karie

  22. Marty, love, love your new found treasures! The farmer couple are so beautiful!!! Love, love the goblets!

  23. Marty, you always find the best stuff. Our Goodwills are horrible. Love the treasures you came home with just beautiful.


  24. Prayers for CK...always.
    How did you get the stickers off of your goblets? Looks serious! LOL!



  25. Your GW is always find the greatest treasures there!...
    Prayers for Ceekay....
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Marty...

  26. Prayers for Ceekay. I've been off line from blogger for a few weeks.

    Great deals! I'm sure your tables will be fabulous.