Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Table

I've read several blogs where people say they will be alone or just the two of you for Thanksgiving this year, so I thought I would do a tablescape that is perfect for one or two.

I've draped an Afghan across the table and added a few of the Dollar Tree pumpkins that I have around the table.

The floral arrangement is faux, but I love the colors and it looks like fall.

The candle has a yummy apple scent that seems to make the table a little special and smell like fall.  If I am eating alone I also love to have a fabulous book to keep me company.

I love Brown Transferware and would love to have a collection. They seem really hard to find at a reasonable price. I only have two of these salad plates. There is no pattern name on the back, just a shield with crown and made in China. The white dinner plate is Gibson Claremont and I'm using one of my gold chargers.

I found these really cute leaf plates at Marshalls. They just say Leaf Plate-Made in China. I love the veins you can see in them and their pretty shape.

I'm using one of the pretty monogrammed "M" napkins that I found at the GW. I also found matching placemats. I think they are so pretty.

A view of the entire placesetting.

If you are going to be alone this year, look around and find someone else that is going to be alone and invite them to share dinner with you.  You will both be so blessed and could possibly make a life-long friend.  May the Lord make this Thanksgiving a true Blessing.
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  1. Beautifully decorated! I love the muted colors and especially the monogrammed napkin! So cute! Have a wonderful weekend....

  2. What a gorgeous table for one (that could easily expand to include one more). A wonderful post. Not many of us take the time to treat ourselves special when we are alone. xo Diana

  3. That is a beautful Thanksgiving table, Marty!!! I especially love your plates, but you have it all so special looking for two! How romantic!

  4. Beautiful table for one! I love the afghan. Looks very elegant and cozy.

  5. Beautiful setting Marty!

  6. What a lovely table setting. Happily I will be setting a table for three, but I will be moving a few days later, so most of my decor will already be packed and we will be dining among

  7. Marty, It is just like you to think about others, how sweet of you to show that a table can be festive for two or for many, You are the best,
    xo Kathysue

  8. very pretty indeed, Marty.. I know folks will be welcome there.

  9. Beautiful table for one and the transferware plate is gorgeous, paired with a white dinner plate and gold charger. I love the brown transfer too and yes, they're difficult to come by, worst around here; as I am like you, I love earth tones in my home and I love to wear them too. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Great table, so very pretty.


  11. Un très joli billet...
    J'apprécie beaucoup vos photos avec ces belles présentations.

    Gros bisous

  12. Beautiful table! The monogrammed napkin and brown ransferware are awesome!

  13. How lovely. How romantic it could be to have just the two of you and cozy up afterwards with some pie and a movie and a fire in the fire place.

  14. Beautiful Marty. There will be three of us. Not traveling this year and I am happy about that.

  15. Good Evening Marty, What a beautiful table you have laid for one. What I loved, was the thoughtfulness you showed, for people who are alone. We see wonderful, family tables, which are beautifully decorated to seat six or eight people, but not everyone has the chance to be with the ones they love, so to see a table, which is beautifully laid, for one, is such a treat and so very considerate. Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes Daphne


  16. Small and cute thanksgiving table scape.the napkin is very pretty....:):):)thank you.

  17. Marty, your table is so pretty! I love the dishes, love the centerpiece and love that book!

    Have a great day.

  18. What a wonderful job Marty! I love the colors, so warm and inviting!

  19. Marty,
    Lovely tablescape and vignette for one!!! I adore the faux pumpkins and the burning candle adds ambiance to the setting! I, too, enjoy reading if I'm dining alone. Sometimes, I read aloud. . .just the author and I!!! Thank you for reminding us to share our homes with others that might be alone at Thanksgiving!

  20. That truly is a beautiful thanksgiving tablescape, Marty.

    Many have small dinners - I always cook for a crowd and almost would welcome dinner for two, haha - but seriously it is a perfect table.

    Well done!

  21. Your tablet looks rich Marty!! I was surprised to read things like the dollar store and GW in your post because it really looks impressive. Very pretty!! Well done!

  22. How nice of you to do a table for one and inspire those who are alone to make their meal special! Hope that people take your advice and invite someone...or that those of us that know someone who will be alone will invite them to dinner. Your table for one is gorgeous!
    Miss Bloomers

  23. I should treat myself kinder and once in a while do up a table for me. I love brown transferware. xo

  24. Whenecer someone is alone for a meal, making the setting SPECIAL makes everything better, don't you think? How sweet of you to think of the people who may be alone this Thanksgiving. We will be going toour daughter and SIL's this year!!!! FIRST year I have not cooked! XO, Pinky

  25. So pretty, Marty and a great reminder to think of others who may be alone (and lonely) over the holiday.

  26. You always know how to put together the most gorgeous settings Marty.
    Hoping everyone has a place to go and be with someone this Holiday.
    Love to you sweetie,

  27. Such a pretty tablescape Marty! I love your brown dishes and the sweet little leaf dish too! Horchow is having a sale on their monogram napkins and I am really thinking about getting some...they are a bit pricy but sooo pretty!

  28. Very lovely Marty! So simple, yet elegant. Great job as always!

  29. Beautiful table for one, Marty. I love the way you draped the Afghan over the table. Very artful!! The transfereware stole my heart! It has such beautifully unusual edges.
    Now go set another plate... no one should eat alone!

  30. Marty I am SO glad that you shared this. So many people think "Oh I won't bother.." Be bothered. You and yours are worth it.

    See you later today for TT.

  31. This is so sweet. When I was single again after a painful divorce, and a long way from home, I made it a point ALWAYS to set my table with my best china and silver, not just on a holiday, but every day. I too love to read, and I always read while eating. I always took a book to restaurants, too, because I did not feel that I needed to skip dining out sometimes, just because I was alone. On holidays, I started inviting other single people who were also away from home, and encouraged the invitees to bring another one or two. It became quite a lot of fun!