Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thrifty Seasonal Buys

Seems like everyone puts out all of their seasonal merchandise so early every year, and then by the time the season is here it is all on sale.  I thought I had missed most of these season end sales, however I was in Marshall's the other day and found a super treasure.

A gorgeous glass pumpkin.  This one is fairly large at about 6" tall ( not counting the glass stem), perfect to go with the rest of my decor.

 (Yes, that is a reflection of me.  I could't get a picture without it.)

 Beautiful shiny Mercury glass, and for $5.99 I thought it was a super bargain.

I love finding a bargain, don't you.!!!


  1. Great deal, Marty! I found two like this at Tuesday Morning for $9.99...good deal but you got a better one:)

  2. Good Morning Marty, I love your mercury glass looks very expensive. Doesn't that make you feel good when you bought it at a bargain price. Do you find yourself admiring it all the time, I know I do when I find something I love. There is nothing like a bargain to make me smile. Have a lovely Sunday, Best Wishes Daphne

  3. I am with you they put the stuff out way too early nowadays. Love what you snagged though. So pretty and delicate with your other fall lovelies. Hope all is well. Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Great find, Marty! That was my concern on finding another one of those individual soup tureens from TJ Maxx. With the Fall looking leaves I figured it would be hard to find another one now, what with the Christmas stuff out.

  5. Oh I love that Marty! That is a great bargain, so pretty in your vignette too!
    Big Hugs friend,

  6. Very pretty, Marty! Great price! I saw some wonderful fall things marked down at Marshall's last weekend, too, but I ended up getting a Santa instead!

    Love your new blog look!


  7. Marty,
    Great find...great price...great piece in your vignette!!!
    I DO love finding a bargain, dear friend!!!
    Have a blessed week!

  8. Definately a Fabulous Find, Marty..

    you outta do another party every week-- Fabulous Finds- and we could all post what we Found:)

    Happy Sunday
    ♥ Sonny ♥

  9. Lovin' your pretty new pumpkin Marty! Glad it was there waiting for you-enjoy:@)

  10. Boy, they were such a great find, Marty!! Happy you found them! Have a blessed week.

  11. I really love that, Marty. Perfect-I wish we had a Marshalls here- xo Diana

  12. Love the new pumpkin. It looks great with the others. Great buy!

  13. Oh Marty, I would have been pleased as punch to find a bargain like that! I love mercury glass and currently don't have any - but I'm looking!

    Jan ♥

  14. Great find Marty! I love the glass and that price!

    Have a great day.

  15. That was a great find and such a pretty vignette. Wishing you a great week, Marty.

  16. That is beautiful . I have never seen one like that before ! What a great find ! Have a good day !

  17. Ohhh, you did get a bargain and it's gorgeous! It looks so good with the other pumpkins in your vignette.

  18. Hi Marty! What a beautiful pumpkin and you did get it for a great price. You make everything look so beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. That is a wonderful bargain Marty! Your pumpkin is so pretty. It would have had to come home with me as well.

  20. Ooooh! What a pretty vignette! Magical!



  21. They are beautiful! I was going to buy a similar one, but the asking price $12.99 stopped me from getting it! You got a good deal!

  22. Lucky you, Marty, it is a beauty!! I sure do love to find a bargain like that too.
    Sadly we don't have many pumpkins around in the stores here in Australia but if I saw that one I would have raced you to it!!

  23. HI MARTY!!!!
    So sorry I have been MIA lately...not commenting on your blog when you were So good to come by and visit mine. I just feel out of sorts kind I need to fix my groove thing!!!LOL
    I love your new pumpkin glass jar....GREAT FIND!!!
    I also loved your cupcake ideas!!!
    Have a great week

  24. That is a beautiful pumpkin, Marty! I love mercury glass!

  25. Now, that's a bargain that I'd like to get. However, if I run to the Marshall's close to me. . .

    Well, I'm going to TRY IT. Thanks for the tip!