Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brass and Bronze

It's funny how finishes go in and out of style.  Seems like we all had so much brass in the 80's and early 90's that we got really tired of it.  That always amazes me since we don't seem to have ever grown tired of Bronze or Gold.  I think as far as color goes, Bronze is just kind of tarnished Brass.

I like Brass and Bronze and always have, so I am thrilled that Brass is making a great comeback.  You see it everywhere.  Designers are pulling out all the stops with lamps, tables, chests, and even chandeliers again.  So if you still have some, now is the time to pull it out and use it, and by all means mix it with your Bronze.

I love swapping lamps around for a really subtle change in a room. While I was dusting this week, I had the urge to pull out the brass lamps and use them for a while.

I found both of the white lamps that I have been using for quite a while at Goodwill and I have totally enjoyed them.  Classic Ginger Jars, so they will always be in style and of course white is always wonderful, however a change is fabulous once in a while.

 It's hard to tell in the photo, but the minute I added the brass lamps, the room immediately looked warmer.  I didn't change shades, just used the same ones that were here before.  I did do a long post showing all kinds of different lamps and shade combinations here.  It really is interesting how different a room can look with just a simple lamp change.

The white lamp

 and then the brass one.  A little vignette change is always fun too.  Did you notice the bronze of the mirror frame, the brass lamp and the gold accents on the pictures.  I think they all look fabulous together.

I actually have a lot of brass in this room.  The swan is placed on a gold (brass) colored charger, tarnished brash candlesticks and of course my gorgeous  Fabrege eggs.  I just adore the warmth and sparkle they add to the room.

Super subtle change and I am probably the only one that would ever notice, however the feel of the room is definitely warmer.  So pull out your Brass and mix it with your Bronze and Gold and have some fun.

Tell me, are you going to enjoy Brass this time around or are you still not ready?

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  1. Great post, moving things around is wonderful. I love it when my husband will say how much he likes something that's been in the house for years just because it's been put some place else. Your swan really makes a beautiful center piece for your table! lovely room, Thanks Marty..... Jules

  2. I still love brass and have kept using it. Lamps, candle holders, chandeliers, bath the classic look of brass. Your lamps are so pretty, they both look nice but the brass is a classic!

  3. Your room is so pretty with the brass lamps or the white lamps. Maybe the warmth of brass during the winter monthes and the coolness of white for the summer.

  4. I couldn't agree more! You place is picture perfect, as always!! xo

  5. I like it and use it, and I like what you did too. It's fun to change things up a bit and rotate decor! It has a nice glow.

  6. I do not have a lot of brass. It looks great in your home... I love the white lamp too. I think whatever you do is goin gto look great. Blessings!

  7. Marty, LOL Brass never went out of style at my house. I always have it somewhere. Your brass lamp really does warm up your room, and I like bronze, too...or is that what we used to call "antique brass"? Your coffee table looks so pretty with the swan and Fabrege eggs.

  8. Marty,
    Love your lamp switch!!!
    Your home is always inspiring!
    I was amazed at how much warmer the room appeared once the white ginger jar lamps were removed!
    Hm~m~m...guess I'll be on the hunt. Think I have some brass vases from "Mr. Ed's" Korea tours.
    Thanks for always inspiring ideas @ A Stroll Thru Life, dear friend!!!

  9. Marty, this just goes to show the truly "good" stuff never really goes out of style. It just takes a little rest and comes back with class. Your room looks great, but then whatever you do looks beautiful!

  10. Beautiful! I had an abundance of brass when I was first married in 1988 and I loved it, except for the constant polishing. Your room looks beautiful. I love the way you switch things around, Sally x

  11. I never gave up on it! Your changes look great!
    The swan on the charger is cute!

  12. Oh thanks for the good news on brass! I have mine put away in the basement, I will have to dig some pieces out!

  13. Your rooms always look great no matter what you do! I do like your brass lamps....I'm a brass fan too, and I like to mix all my metals! ;)

  14. I can already see two camel and white buffalo check chairs in that living room..GORGEOUS! You ARE getting those..right? :) One? OH so lovely it would be.

  15. Your living room always looks so nice no matter what you do! I have said this so many times and I can not help saying it again you just know how to pull things together and make them Beautiful

  16. It's amazing what difference lamps can to do to change the mood of a room!

  17. I love the resurgence of brass too. Warm & classic.

  18. Brass looks great in your home , Marty..

    its odd how things come in and out of favor and folks should use what speaks to their soul.

  19. Marty, the lamps look great...your living room is beautiful!

  20. Hi Marty, Your living room is so pretty, and your lamp switcheroo makes for a nice change! :) I think both the white and the brass are pretty, and you could change them out according to the seasons. You've also made a great point in that it's nice to blend the various metals in our home.

    As to your question about brass, we've always used brass in the more formal areas of our home, and I don't plan to get rid of mine. We have bronze in our kitchen, and antique brass and wrought iron in our den. I go for classic and traditional and am not usually one for following style trends. It's always good to hear that what I really like is coming back into fashion. Thanks for sharing your pretty lamps with us and have a wonderful day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  21. What a pretty room! I love brass and am so happy to see the trend being embraced. I'm your newest follower!

  22. Beautiful change Marty. Your living room looks wonderful.

  23. I love the brass lamps...your room looks wonderful. I wanted to let you know that your room inspired me to buy a swan the other day. I love yours so. The one I purchased is much smaller and is intended for outside but I'm putting it in my daughter's room. Yours is much prettier but I still had to have this one. I was inspired by a stroll thru your living room!

  24. What a comfortable and inviting area of your home!!! I love the blue fabric on those pillows!!! When it comes to decorating, nothing of a classic nature really "goes out of style" per se in my book. I use what feels right for the occasion! It might get freshened up and used in a new way, and things most certainly get rotated in and out (because who wants to look at the same stuff year in , year out??!?!), but it's rare that I'll stop using it altogether. I keep my "fad" purchases to a minimum and opt for classics instead so that I can enjoy them for a long, long time. Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Totally agree, Marty, it looks wonderful to use all those rich metals together. It's also nice to see your rich, warm colors being used in the winter & not just reserved for Fall and the holidays. You always do a beautiful job, and you didn't disappoint here either!

  26. I used to have so much brass. Now I only have a few candlesticks, I love your lamps. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. the new giveaway started Friday :-)

  27. Hi Marty, Thank you for sharing this at the Open House party. I love the brass lamps and they do warm up the room. Very pretty!
    Hugs, Sherry

  28. Your all living room furniture as well as lamp is looking very nice. But where you put the lamp that place is very congested, two pictures and one flower pot is there. If only lamp is installed in the table than may it would be look nicer.

  29. Everything looks so beautiful Marty!

  30. I am so right there with you Marty regarding enjoying brass and bronze these days. I have been finding myslef picking up and sharing a lot more brass pieces lately. It really does warm up a room. Thank you for sharing this fun way to quickly change the "feel" of your room at TTF.