Thursday, January 10, 2013

Family Room Done - After Christmas Decorating

Not a lot of fancy going on, but the Christmas that was in the familyroom and kitchen is all packed up so this area is back to normal.  I left the red for a while, just thought it was fun and it ties into the kitchen.

 The pointsettia plant is still blooming so beautifully, so I left it and all the red and green for a while, but all the Santas are packed away.

 The coffee table got a new vignette.

 Some fun red books, my cute doggie and a globe.  Just a little of this and that.

 Bright and cheery and simple, but it is clean and fresh, so that's always a great thing, and - - - -

since the kitchen is part of this whole area, it ties in with the little bit of red I kept here too.

I am still packing up the rest of the house, this is taking forever.  How about you, is it all put away?

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  1. Everything looks so lovely Marty!
    Love your new vignettes too.
    big hugs friend,

  2. I think you're room looks warm and inviting. Love the coffee table vignette! Have good one. :)

  3. Good Afternoon Marty, Yes all my Christmas decorations are packed away and do you know, there is a calm feeling about the house and I feel the same looking at your room. I love the fact that your poinsettia is growing well, as they are the hardest plants to keep if you have central heating, but yours is in the perfect place.
    Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne


  4. your rooms always look beautiful and serene , Marty. love that dog in the coffee table vignette.
    my MIL used to be able to keep her poinsettas for months after the holidays so that was a good memory making photo for me.

    big hugs

  5. Your rooms look so pretty. I can never get poinsettias to live. Love the touch of reds...perfect for Valentine's which will be here before you know it.

  6. Everything looks fresh and pretty. Doesn't it feel good to start a new year?

  7. Looks so fresh and elegant Marty! It must feel like a breath of fresh air! That's how I feel after taking down all of the Christmas decor!

  8. I love to leave red out after Christmas to lead into Valentine's Day, Marty. I put everything away, or thought I did. I always forget some little thing. This year it was the ornaments I hung from the office drapery rod. I still need to accessorize some areas now that they are blank and waiting for something.

  9. It's good to see the color in your rooms. This time of year, without much sun, it's good to keep some touches of brightness around us.

  10. Your room looks so pretty and fresh! I love your New Year banner at the top of your blog--SOOOO cute and fun! Have a great day!

  11. You know I love the pops of red Marty! Your family room looks great!

  12. You're right ... clean and fresh is a good thing! I love that big round mirror above your couch. It really caught my eye. I've been liking red lately ... don't know if it's because Valentine's is coming up or what. It all looks very pretty!

  13. Looking good, Marty. I love the added red especially since I am a huge fan of red.

  14. Lovely Marty, so warm and welcoming. Love the vignette on the coffee table. hugs ~lynne~

  15. The family room looks very nice with just the touches of red and green. Somehow, it seems such a nice transition and not just a total withdrawal from all the beautiful and vibrant colors we so love at Christmas.

  16. Happy New Year, Marty! Your room looks warm and inviting. Loving the coffee table vignette with the adorable doggy and red books! Thanks for sharing.


  17. Hello Marty. Luv the pops of red :-)Very pretty indeed.
    Mine is all packed away. Took me 7 hours last weekend, but I did it all. It was quite the undertaking . Now I can enjoy a cleaner look.. a less cluttered look that I am luving.
    Cheers, Gee

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  19. Your house looks neat and lovely Marty! I still have boxes aaround mine, so it's a little mess! I love the dog figurine, it's soo pretty! Hope mine is picture worth by next week. Thank you for your good wishes on my daughter's upcoming wedding. She was visiting us and she just took a plane back home this morning and I'm already missing her so much! Big hugs,

  20. You've inspired me to add a touch of red to my living room! It really is so cheerful.

  21. Love the touch of red in your lovely home!
    So cheerful!

  22. My Christmas decor made it into the bins in the garage, but that is as far as it got. I hate stacking those darn things in place! Your home always looks so warm and inviting. It just says "c'mon in, let me feed you" when you walk through the door. LOL.

    Have a great day!

  23. Don't you just love it when it is all "restored to normal" after the holidays?

    Yes, I just finished a few days ago, and I am so glad to have it all neat and tidy. Your room looks warm and friendly.
    Have a great day.

  24. Marty,
    I love the new vignette on the coffee table, dear friend!!!
    The black & white spots on the dog against the red books is stunning!!!
    Christmas WAS all packed and put away until I did some after ~ Christmas shopping @ 75% OFF!!!
    Great finds, great prices!!!
    So~o~o. . .here we go again!!!

  25. You are looking post-Christmas to me and I don't mind the pops of red here and there at all. I am FINALLY done- at least inside- I still have outside stuff to take down...ugh- xo Diana

  26. Marty, I like the pops of red and apple green with your neutral decor in the family room. Yes, our Christmas is all down but I have some winter decor up and a small tree or two for another couple of weeks. Blessings, Pamela

  27. Your home always looks so welcoming and tidy! The red and green is a nice bright touch for these early months of the year. Our Christmas decor is all put away and I left some of the more neutral 'wintry' pieces out.

  28. Marty your home is gorgeous I never get tired of looking at it! That dog is so sweet!
    Oh yes I have a pile in my basement.I took things down and I am cleaning.Next I need to reorganize my Christmas decor and weed out what I no longer want.

  29. You must have a green indoor thumb! I can't wait to toss mine right after Christmas! I think the touch of red here and there makes your home look so cheery! Just like a perfect red lipstick!!!!

  30. Your room is pretty as a picture. While I hate to see the Christmas decor go it's still nice to get back to "normal". I still have a few more things to put away...

  31. I love the new vignette on the coffee table, especially that tray it is beautiful. I am so envious of your home. It always looks so lovely.

    I did get my Christmas decorations away, but the lights outside are still up because of bad weather.

    Love the puppy on the coffee table too.

  32. It looks really lovely, Marty. :0

  33. Love all the changes you made...the coffee table looks wonderful..I am still putting the decs away...!!

  34. I really like the pretty red touches in your family room and your coffee table vignette looks wonderful!!

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  36. Everything does look so refreshed and leaving the bits of green and red is a perfect seasonal transition. Thank you for sharing with us at TTF. Have a wonderful week!

  37. I love the colors of the throw on your couch! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  38. They look pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Please put more pics