Monday, February 18, 2013

And Now It's Gone

We planted a tree in the back yard when we moved in and it was not in the right place and it didn't grow the way we had hoped it would.  Since my son is here working from Oregon, he said he's cut it down for us. Today was the day.  My son got out the chainsaw and started.

 I couldn't resist getting a picture of him with the bandana on his head.  He's so cute.

 The tree was just starting to leaf out after being dormant.

 The last big branch is going.  DH and son at work together.  Can't beat that.

 Gone.  Now to cut it all up, bundle it up and cut down the stump.  There are two more to trim too.  They did a great job together.

I love having him here and he is so fun and such a help.


  1. Sad to see the tree goes but if they are not in the right place, they gotta go. Love the sickle & water pump in the background. Our days have been splendid but it looks like rain is on its way. We are going to have a beautiful spring. Thanks for sharing. Having a great week.

  2. Oh, to be where you could go in the back yard with a t-shirt! Great your son could help with this tree, I know you LOVE having him home!!!

  3. So nice of your son to help you, Marty. What a big help!..Christine

  4. Isn't a son a blessing? Mine still lives at home, he's a high school senior...:) I love having his strong muscles around to help with heavy lifting! I'm sure you are loving having him home for a while! Thanks for stopping by so often and leaving me such sweet comments....I treasure each one!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. So nice to have your son there. What will you replace it with?

  6. It's nice that it wasn't too large and that you son and hubby could remove it. Do you plan on replacing it, or have you decided yet?

  7. That was nice of your son to help you out.That is a big job!

  8. Nothing like a visit from our grownup sons...I know you are enjoying having him at home...
    Love, Mona

  9. Looks like a beautiful day! Such a wonderful son to help you with that task!

  10. Marty, I don't have sons, but have two wonderful sons-in-law. They help us out with this kind of thing. Our garage door fell Friday afternoon when the cable snapped. I couldn't do a thing and we had to get a car out of the garage fast, because I was trying to get to the ER because of side and back pain(diagnosed as having a stone for each kidney.) My husband called son-in-law, Jason, who came right over to help lift the door. We are blessed to have our children living within a few minutes from us. I know you are treasuring the time you have with your sweet and handsome son.


  11. Marty,
    That smile on his face speaks volumes!!!
    Great that DH had such good help!!!
    "Many hands make lighter work for all"! My beloved Grandmother's favorite saying!!!
    Our trees, here on the Prairie, are beginning to show signs of Spring...but no leafing, yet!