Friday, February 15, 2013

Coordinating Fabrics and Fringe

I always buy way too much fabric for most projects and then I have these leftovers that I can't throw away and don't know what to do with.  Since I have been cleaning and organizing, I pulled out a bunch of my leftover fabric and fringe.  I really need to figure out how to use this.

 These pieces.  (left to right ) 1. LR Drape Topper and bedskirt in Mstr. Bdrm.  2. Pillow  3. Table skirt LR, Pillows, Drape Topper Mstr. Bdr. 4. Upholstery on settee in Mstr. Bdrm.  5. Comforter in Guest Bdrm.

 6. Pillows  7.  Drape Topper in Family/Breakfast Room  8. Drapes in Family Room and Guest Bdrm.  9. Pillows  10. Pillows

Tons of fringe leftovers from pillows, table toppers and table runners.

 #10 piece of fabric hasn't been used a lot and the color is perfect with these patterns for the familyroom.

Exactly the same camel/gold color as the paid pillow

and since that same plaid is the topper for the drapes, then this could be used again in the family/breakfast room.

Ok, how about a table runner.  Plenty to make one and I have a fabulous piece of fringe that is just big enough for the ends, so why not.   It is a really pretty silk fabric.

 Simply changing out the bow ties it all together.

 Ok, this I like, now what to do with the1 1/2 yards that I have left and all the other fabrics?  Maybe a couple of pillows.

Another possibility is the plaid fabric that tops the drapes.  I made a table topper from part of the remnants.

This is another runner I have that works with this color family.  I can use it for a change too,

Ok, let's be honest here, the runner is really pretty and it looks amazing, so is the table topper, however on a day to day basis, we eat all of our meals here, so I will probably keep it much more simple.  The rag rug runner is fun and the colors work great.  Plus, it is so easy to just slide over at meal time and put the placemats down.  The runner will probably be used in the dining room more than here.

However, it is nice to have options and changes available.  

Several have asked about my New Year's goal to save an extra $100 a month.  No, I don't have anything in mind that I want to spend it on, I just need to manage my blessings better.  I realized that I do think about a larger purchase, however it's those little $20 ones that add up.  I have so much and am always trying to find a place to store it, so  instead of buying new, I need to use what I have.

So how about you, are you using what you have?

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  1. I had to let you know that at least I managed to stick to my budget for January and am doing fine so far with February too. I did have a day out thrifting and only spent around 30 dollars. Got a few things for the house and also for me. That was within my budget. I do like your table runners. That is a wonderful way to use bits and pieces. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  2. I do try to use what I have, but it's hard sometimes. I love to shop for pretty new things for my home. Give me a home store over a clothing store any day of the week and I'm there!! Love all of your table runners.

  3. Looks great Marty!!!! I wish I could do those things to my house!! Love your work.

  4. All your new options are really pretty and will be a nice change :-)

  5. I am trying to use the fabric that I have on hand before I buy more, Marty. Including remnants; I always seem to be drawn to the remnants bin. I have been spending much less so far this year since I decided to make that my goal. I just try to stay out of the stores that get me in trouble.

  6. I love them. What you could do is have a giveway with all your remnants. I know lots of people who would jump at the chance to win them.

  7. I hear ya about the money Marty!
    I am learning to shop my house more.
    And I love remnant fabrics...someday somehow they will get used!
    I vote for more pillows!
    Hugs friend,

  8. Marty,
    You have made GREAT use of your remnants!!!
    After 5 years (or more) of looking at remnants on the decorator fabric rolls. . .
    I sent them all off to Goodwill!!! They were so~o~o excited to receive my 1 1/2
    or 2 yds of fabrics. I was excited to have a "clean slate" without the distractions
    of what to do with them. I wasn't using those hues or patterns, so for me it was
    a win~win situation!!!
    Love the runners!!!

  9. Marty you are such a wonderful seamstress. You could always make up pillows or a runner and sell or host a giveaway on your blog. They would be snapped up instantly.

    Thank you SO very much for linking up!

  10. If you don't don't have these problems! Of course if you collect dishes, your problem takes up a lot more space. You could really make a beautiful quilt/throw with all of those colors/textures. They are all just gorgeous!

  11. You have some beautiful remnants there. I suppose they are too "good" (or unsuitable material wise) to use for placemats? I, too, have way too many remnants. I know I should let some of them go but am hanging on to them for now. You did a great job on the runners- xo Diana

  12. Gorgeous remnants, I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  13. Definitely using what I have. I don't need to bring another item into this house. Love all the remnants. Great idea for the runner.

  14. I adore materials and yours are lovely! I wish I still had my sewing machine, I'd be working away, but I don't want to invest in one either, lol.. You will come up with something great, I know...but if you like me to give you an idea that I saw in a bedding store? here goes...I saw a beautiful "bed spread," almost like a patch work in all the color-combo your remnants are, only in this case, the entire fabric was like this, but I think a bed spread might look FABULOUS! What do you think? Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I love all the pretty things you did, though. I adore runners with fringes too!

  16. Your home is so beautiful and you're a pro with sewing. I agree with Fabby re: some type of bedding. You could make a quilt for the bed using all the fabrics.


  17. Your home is so beautiful and you're a pro with sewing. I agree with Fabby re: some type of bedding. You could make a quilt for the bed using all the fabrics.


  18. Marty,
    How about offering to sell them as pillow covers and runners? You have many readers who don't sew and would appreciate the opportunity of adding a well-made (Made in the USA) original touch to their homes.

  19. Well, I agree that with your talent for sewing, that you should definitely make runners, placemats and pillow covers to sell....can't wait to see your creations!

  20. I do not have your sewing ability, but I have been abiding by my word for the yer: LESS. I have been rummaging through my fabric stash and have found some gems to work with. Loved your photography!

  21. Your colors and fabrics are so luscious together. You could sell them as pillows or as table runners in an Etsy shop and make more than $100. a month. Then you could consider it saving $100 if you are using fabric you already have. I for one would buy a table runner from you in a heartbeat!

  22. Those fabrics are all amazing. You're very talented to make them work together.