Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ok, This Looks Really Tacky

Spring Green is such a fresh color and I see it all over town and blogland.  Really versatile and goes with anything.  So I thought I could add a little to the living room for a change.  I really wanted to do it without spending any money.  You know how you drag everything out that you have with that color in it and try to make something, well, it became a little contrived and really tacky.

This is what I put together.

Nothing wrong with the cloches and my Faberge Eggs and the little Magnifying Glass.

The green in this egg is wonderful too.

So is the green in the Faberge plate.

The problem is the swan and the green plate.

The green charger and the green bow on the swan are just plain tacky.  That definitely needs to change.

Now I know that less is more and simple is best, I just got carried away.

Simple candles work so much better.

Ok, I can live with this now.

Sometime I think we try too hard and it is just all wrong.  When you look at something and it just doesn't seem right, then it probably isn't.  I like this so much better.

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Be sure to see my post here about our Winter Cloche Party on Feb. 11th.  Mark it on your calendar and pass it along to your friends.

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  1. There is a fine line between tacky and perfect. We sometimes have to go with what pleases our eye. The green works really well with your neutrals.

  2. It's a very fine line isn't it? I take pictures of my vignettes and then review the pictures. For some reason, looking at the pictures I can see what I need to tweak .
    Your end result is darling.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. I happen to think it is NOT tacky. If you don't like the bow low on the neck then raise it up and point to the back and slightly to one side. I think the bow pulled it all together and it looks rather empty without it. Love the eggs and the magnifying glass. I LOVE the goose.

  4. Hi Marty!
    This is a good example of when something just doesn't "feel right," even if it really looks fine! I do like the goose better without the plate and ribbon -- although I didn't think they looked tacky! The green candles nicely bring the color to the other end of the vignette -- you are good at this!

  5. I think everything looks perfect. I love faberge eggs, so elegant and the details.

  6. I think I would have found some moss to make a "nest" for the swan with the plate and bow...but they're BOTH lovely!

  7. I know what you mean Marty, I do this on a daily basis over and over again. Guess the little part of me that just strives to be better. hugs ~lynne ~

  8. I think this looks very nice now, Marty. The bow might have been a little too "playful" for the elegant vignette. I try to keep the same mood going if possible. How nice that you showed the before and afters!


  9. It looks lovely, Marty! I love your eggs. Sometimes its just trial and error. I do what I read a lot of bloggers do and take pictures and look at them now. Although, sometimes I still think it looks better in person than how it photgraphed. I guess it really comes down to how you feel about it since we have to live with these things we create. : )

  10. Hehe, you are so funny Marty, but you were right it looks so much better without the green bow and charger.

  11. Beautiful vignette, Marty! The charger wasn't too bad, but the bow was a little much. :-) Isn't it funny how sometimes simpler is better?

  12. Marty,
    Dear friend, Y O U could never be mistaken for TACKY!!!
    I love the switching of the candles!!!
    The green candle in the gold holders seems to create a better balance of color!!!
    Without the bow, I notice the exquisite curve of the Swan's neck!!!
    I'm also noticing how the green pillow of your couch is now more visible without the competition of the green plate!!!
    You just took a good vignette to a GREAT vignette on your coffee table, dear one!!!
    I applaud you!!!

  13. Hi Marty, I like the swan by itself itself without the charger. Also the candles add height to the table. It looks great.....

  14. I love the green, and the small cloches a re adorable..

  15. Oh, so lucky you started to give us peeks of your cloches, so we can get inspired for next TTT!! Can't wait too! I really love the pretty big swan, it makes such statement in your vignette. Lovely vignette, as always. Big hugs,

  16. Marty, I love your choice of green, especially in Part II! It's wonderful!

  17. The fresh green looks lovely, especially with your pillows. Sometimes it takes some tweaking to make it just right for you.

  18. Tacky? nooo, love that green. I try to use items that pull the green color from my wallpaper.

  19. Sometimes things simplified look a little bit better. I found that out today with some props in a few of my photos that just looked better without them. I love the new addition of the spring green...fresh and pretty!

  20. I loved this at first glance yesterday. (By the way, I didn't notice the charger was green) When I looked at it again today, after your little tweaks, I thought "Wow, now THAT really looks good." I like the swan (it is a swan and not a goose, isn't it?) so much better in her natural glory. I think that the green candles on the brass along with egg and magnifying glass really allow her true beauty to shine. Isn't it funny, how we can do something and think we really like it and then a day, 2 weeks, a month later, wonder what was in our minds when we first thought it looked good. I did that with an entire bedroom last summer! Everything, the finishes on the furniture, the wall color, the curtains, I can't STAND it. It's a good thing it's a guest room since I'm still sick about it and NOT ready to tackle it again. For now, the door is closed.

  21. Pat said it perfectly, just how I was thinking. I noticed the pillow right away and it is beautiful! The green candles are perfect. I had the same problem trying to find the right spot for my shelf unit. This looks BEAUTIFUL. XO, pinky

  22. You've got it just right, Marty. The candles help to bring the green and gold accents together. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait for the cloche party!

  23. Marty, you made me laugh!
    Last year Pantone's "color for 2012" was Tangerine Tango. I went around like a crazy woman finding orange things around my house. Since my basics are mostly neutral, it looked great. Last December I read that the Pantone people had chosen "Emerald Green" as 2013's color. Then I read your blog... and I've spent the day "shopping the house"! I have had so much fun! I even discovered several emerald green books hiding underneath their dust covers. I added some pillows, a couple of candles, and even draped a pashmina stole over a leather chair... Ta Da!

    I figure that in this very serious world one has to find a bit of whimsy and levity everywhere one can!

    1. You sound totally like me. I look everywhere and I especially love to use books and scarfs. I would love to see your room, I am sure it is fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  24. Sometimes enough is enough. The pillow pops the green in the eggs and the plate and the vignette is beautiful in its "simplicity" -- although nothing about it is actually simple. Beautiful tutorial.

  25. You're right and have such a great eye. I couldn't tell what was wrong in the first picture, yet the simpler after is so much better!

  26. Oh, I just love your green touches! The pillows are so gorgeous. I loved the before and I also love the after. The green candles look perfect!

  27. I do love your collection of eggs, Marty! They are so pretty.


  28. Marty, I still like the green and creams, soothing and easy on the eye. I do admit, however, that I do like the swan better without the green charger under it. The idea in a previous comment about adding moss also might look nice and with the swan sitting on a cream colored plate, thought it looks quite pretty just as it is.

  29. You have such a great sense of style and color..."tacky" is definitely not in your have such wonderful egg collection!!