Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Didn't Reinvent The Wheel

Now that Easter is over, I really needed to make a few fast changes before company comes.  So run through the house with a "once over lightly", hurry to the grocery store, change the bedding and swap out a few vignettes.

Remember the few things I had out for Easter decor, such as the bunny on the coffee table.

My wonderful little farmer couple replace the books, bunny and egg.

Bunnies on the island needed to go.

After removing the bunnies, I borrowed the scales from the corner vignette in the kitchen.

This was before I borrowed the scales.

This is the corner after. My little spotted hen came to join the rooster, and I love the glitz of the silver tray. The little egg carrier fits in my favorite cloche, so we are all set with a different look.

The breakfast table had this vignette on it, but the runner was a little soiled and it had to be removed before we could eat.  I need something a little simplier.

Totally toned down and can be picked up in a jiff.  Much better.

If you just have one day to make a few changes before company comes, do you have some go-to accessoreies and meals that are always a great fill in?

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  1. You've motivated me, Marty! I've got more company coming this weekend. Time to take down the Easter decorations! Love your vignettes!

  2. Hi Marty! Everything looks so lovely and I adore your scale! I've never seen one like it before. Enjoy your company.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. I like your quick changes, Marty!

    I got my Easter stuff out so late and Easter came so early I don't WANT to put my bunnies away yet! Time flies entirely too fast these days. I can't keep up and can't catch my breath anymore!


  4. You did a great job Marty, as usual. Love the quick changes you made.


  5. All great vignettes! You have so many great props for vignettes. Love that scale.

  6. You really know how to do vignettes! I love the statue children that look like Heidi and Peter.

  7. Wow Marty you have that down pat. Love your new vignettes they look so good. Have a wonderful visit with your company.

  8. Fabulous vignettes Marty! Enjoy your company!

  9. Now that's what I call organized. Your change around is very nice. x

  10. Love your scales...both of them! And the vintage carrier! Beautiful vignettes...

  11. Great job, Marty! I was just thinking today that it's time for the bunnies to go!!~~Angela

  12. Lovely displays, Marty! So nice that you can just shop your house. Since any guests we have usually come with children (in addition to our 3) my preparing generally consists of hiding things!

  13. I like what you did. A tradition on Easter Monday is taking down those touches of Easter. Bunnies go back in the basement; eggs in their carton and sheep in the sideboard. Spring flowers and branches stay!

  14. Au revoir les lapins !...
    J'adore votre bon gros cuisinier !
    Gros bisous

  15. Your are the queen of vignettes! All of your quick changes are fabulous Marty.

  16. I took down my Easter decor today as well. Your replacements look so pretty.....I didn't replace any of my vignettes in anticipation for my kitchen reno. It's starting to look pretty bare in here!

  17. Marty, you have an eye for putting together the most wonderful vignettes. I will be glad to get my bunnies put away this weekend. I will probably change out all my vignettes and not put things back like they were before the bunnies.

  18. Marty..you are like a magician...presto chango..your table is transformed into another gorgeous vignette....Just love your scales!...
    I love crock pot recipes for easy dinner preparations when having out of town company coming...and also love to make ahead quiches and freeze them so that they are easy to pop in the oven for a quick breakfast....Have a great week Marty!

  19. I just love your vignettes and ALL of the cool stuff you have around your home to create them!

  20. Looks great Marty! Love the scales especially

  21. Following you has made me realize how important a collection of trays and low baskets are to the mix. I'm in the market for a few good trays... :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Marty, it's always fun to see what you do. I love to use trays to corral things too. '-)

  23. Hi Marty,
    You do some of the best vignettes Marty!
    And I love those old scales and the way you mix it all up!
    Hugs friend,

  24. You have such a good eye (or two!;>) for putting things together into a perfect vignette, Marty. Everything looks wonderful-xo Diana

  25. You are the best at setting up gorgeous vignettes, hopefully some of your talent will rub of on me when I am looking at them.

  26. First thing after a holiday I do a major sweep through the house to gather up the special decor, I love to put it away as much as I love getting it out! Your house looks fresh and ready for company!

  27. Looks great. I have everything ready to put back in storage but still need to get it done. I love your scales. A little jealous in fact. :)

  28. Marty, you have such beautiful accessories.. I love that Cloche jar too!

    -Tina @clutteredcorkboard

  29. You've done a great job refluffing after Easter, Marty! I still need to gather my stuff together and put it away. Then I need to figure out what I'm putting in its place! It's a good time to change things up a bit.

  30. Marty,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E your switched out vignettes!!!
    Most of my white, neutral bunnies stay out year round On Crooked Creek...
    sometimes I send them to other rooms!
    Three years ago, when I began this quest to streamline accessories,
    I began by taking all the teacher decorations by the truckload to Goodwill!!!
    I truly feel once you've established your style, editing is so much easier!
    I am v e r y selective now at what I purchase...and do try to span several Seasons!!!
    Enjoy your company...your home looks fabulous, dear friend!!!

  31. Presto chango! Those are some great quick changes. I really like the two chickens in the corner. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week!


  32. Great changes! I don't have many guests. I know yours always feel welcome!!

  33. You did it .... again! I love how you changed out your vignettes by simple switch-a-roos! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  34. Hi Marty, You always create the prettiest vignettes! Thanks for linking to the Open House Party and enjoy your company.

  35. Nice changes. Looks like you have a lot of goodies to choose from!

  36. Wow, just a few changes and you have more beautiful vignettes. So quick and easy!!

  37. Your changes look great Marty! I love your vintage scale. Thanx for joining the party!

  38. Hi Marty,
    Yes, I'm ready to change out the bunnies. I love your ideas...
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  39. It's my first visit to your blog!

    I have a confession to make. I have always thought that these kind of blogs were very materialistically driven- a focus on fleeting things rather than on what is important.

    But the more I read them, the more I see what an art form and creative outlet staging and designing can be. Like every other vein of creativity that our God has given to us, (who is the Master Artist) this, too, is one of them. After all, I am an artist myself, so it would be hypocritical to think this way.

    But I do have one question: Where in the world do you store all your many decorations?!

  40. It's amazing how much difference a little change can make. You have two scales! I'm so envious. Everything looks so pretty. laurie

  41. It looks lovely, Marty! I think this time of year is the most challenging for those of us who love to decorate. There aren't any holidays to use as our props, so we just have to be creative.

    Have a great weekend!

  42. Marty, you have such a great sense of style. I don't have many vignettes so usually I'm just changing linens, and tidying for over night guest. I always set a basket of toiletries in the guest bath too.Thank you for sharing at the hop, your participation makes the hop extra special. Big Hugs P.S. the new giveaway posted yesterday!

  43. It is fun to shop your own house and amazing what a few little changes can make - LOVE all you've done - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,