Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bathroom Redo Ideas

The hall bathroom needs to be repainted, and maybe just a little sprucing up.  I need a change.

It is your typical builder grade bathroom.  Not very big, and definitely all the builder basics.

I replaced the frameless mirror last year with this one I found at Hobby Lobby, but I am thinking I want something a little dressier.

Basic standard sink and faucet.  I think an upgrade on the faucet would be perfect.

I hate the look of the standard medecine cabinet.  Now I know something can be done with this, but what?  Any suggestions?  Maybe mount a picture to it or just take it out and sheetrock over the hole or?

I would like something that looks a little more elegant and frenchy.  I think I need to find a fabulous mirror and some unreal accessories.  ( I found this image on Houze)

I am thinking soft neutrals for the colors.  Painting the walls a soft creamy beige similar to the Master Bathroom, I think it will look bigger and brighter - -(I just re-painted this room - I will show you more later.)

Painting the cabinet white - I like the look of the white cabinets with the white counter -

  then replacing the shower curtain with a buffalo check similar to this and adding some fabulous fringe.

Ok, you guys are all so amazing, so give me some input.  What can I do cosmetically that will give this room a little character and be much more interesting.
Give me your ideas - wallpaper - colors- accessores - -- -Thoughts?

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  1. Marty, whatever you do will be fabulous.

    My advice is lose the medicine chest - it dates the room and isn't really needed there, is it?

    And a new faucet, fresher lighter paint and a fancy mirror - will seem like you moved it will be so different, and not for a huge bit of money, either.

    I have had a lot of luck with finding new faucets over the years on ebay, the prices can be really cheap compared to retail - so far I haven't had any problems and have probably purchased at least 7 or 8 now. Maybe others are afraid of no guarantee, but those name brand overstocks sold on there suited us just fine.

    GL- can't wait to see what you do!

  2. I will wait to see the fabulous change...cuz I know it will be....

  3. We recently replaced all the faucets in our bathrooms and it was amazing what a difference that one change made. I like the idea of lighter colors too. I also love a white cabinet with a white counter. Maybe you could just replace the mirrored door on the medicine cabinet with a white wooden one? I love your idea of using the buffalo check. :)

  4. I think just replacing the countertop with a granite would really make the room pop. Also lose the medicine cabinet. I agree - seems 1970s. Good luck. Just went through this whole process with 3 1970s bathrooms. It's not easy (or cheap) but I'll be posting pictures soon. It turned out great.

  5. What fun, can't wait to see what you do!!!

  6. Ooohhh..I know my friend Marty knows exactly what she's gonna do by this time and I know it will look fabulous! I cannot wait to see it finishes too!

  7. Marty dear, you KNOW my taste runs to junky and cluttered..and BRIGHT colors..so I will just keep quiet and wait for your fantastic results which I KNOW will come. And soon. You've been wanting more and more to change that bathroom. CAN'T wait!

  8. You've already got a great plan Marty, go for it! Ornate mirror - check, art work maybe to cover that hole, and the buffalo check will definitely make it feel like your first inspiration photo. Whatever you do dear, I bet it's gonna be a winner!

  9. I like the idea of painting your cabinet white, Marty. I notice your inspiration pictures both have white cabinets. Faucets can get expensive so I would probably leave what you've got. Maybe a lighter shower curtain {and keep the darker one for the Winter months}. I'd probably paint the cabinet first before making any decision on painting the walls. That lighter color might just do it for you without having to paint the walls. A pretty decorative mirror might make for a nice change, too. I'd keep the one you've got in storage, though, for when you feel like switching things up. If you go with the lighter shower curtain, a few lighter colored hand towels would look nice, too. At some point we are going to have to repaint our guest bath {the cabinet is already white}. The grey is a bit too dark for me in a bathroom with no windows.

  10. Vel Criste's idea is great. A lovely picture there OR an open shelving. You could put just to shelf's in the opening and put some beautiful objects there. NOT 10 :) just a couple. Dark wood to match the mirror. I LOVE that mirror...but..it will probably go. Or get painted? Oops! I said I was going to be QUITE!

  11. Anything you do will be perfect as usual I am certain of that. Can't wait to see.


  12. I have several fabulous mirrors in my house that I found at estate sales / auctions or antique shops at very reasonable prices. If the frames are a bit tarnished and you don't want the 'shabby chic' look, it is easy to refinish them using the 'rub on' refinishing 'cream.' It's available at craft and hobby stores. Same thing with the actual mirror: If it isn't perfect, it can be replaced inexpensively, too. Voila! Beautiful, ornate mirror - cheap!

  13. I'm sure whatever you decide will look fabulous! All your ideas are great! I'd definitely get rid of that old medicine cabinet! I had one like that and I took it out and just covered it with a picture! Can't wait to see the finished room!!~~Angela

  14. I love your bathroom, but, I love the ideas you have for it, along with the inspirational pics you shared! I know that whatever direction you go, it will be stunning!

  15. I love your bathroom ideas! I think the paint color sounds right. You'd have to be careful on the mirror so it doesn't overwhelm the room, but I like where you are going in your thoughts. Painting the cabinet will probably tie it together nicely. Perhaps handles to match the new faucet color? If you go French you probably want some warmer metal tones. I got rid of my medicine cabinet that was on the side, but I replaced it with a mirrored unit on the wall in front of my sink. Not as gorgeous as your ideas though, but I had to because several people shared the bathroom. You are good with curtains so I'll watch and see on that one!

  16. I'm sure whatever you do it will be beautiful. If you paint, and you pick a white it will have to work with the floor tile. But just that silk, checked curtain and a mirror would be fabulous, because everything is otherwise new and in good condition.

    This house is 70 years old. I covered the medicine cabinet hole with the mirror. I didn't patch it because the box was wood, and I thought maybe someday, someone might like it and would want to fix it.

  17. Almost 2 yrs I updated and upgraded my bathrooms, both had the mirror medicine cabinets...I hate those things. If I had been original owner I would have vetoed them. Just removed them, new sheetrock and usual taping, texture and painting. It take someone skilled to match the texture so it doesn't scream, "look I was a medicine cabinet" with bad patch job. If you do the work practice on some left over sheetrock to get control of the process. But now I wish I had my handyman open the remaining hole a little more and install a couple of glass shelves. If you get the opening deep enough rolled towels look nice placed there and one or two decorative items, just not filled. I agree a new faucet will really update the look, did that also. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  18. Whatever you do, Marty, I know will be lovely. The bath really looks quite nice already.I do, however, lean toward the French inspired bath. Your master is fabulous with its light color and accents. I have tons of things to do around my house, too, and I am leaning toward lightning up the walls throughout. I still have wallpaper in my kitchen and it is much too busy and I am even thinking of painting the cabinets in there. Can't wait to see what you will do.

  19. You could have a picture frame to fit over the medicine cabinet and glue it in place and paint it or french it out anyway you like then maybe do the same detail to your base cabinet...maybe something that looks like a French tea towel? or a French pie chest....anything you do Marty will be great!

  20. Hi lovely lady.
    I know Anything you do will be perfect as usual. I also know the color will be lovely can't wait to see. I am also doing my hall bathroom taking down wallpaper big job! I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  21. How exciting Marty!Oh I know what ever you do it will look amazing! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration!Love some of your inspired photos!

  22. Marty, as others have said, you have a great "eye" and anything you do will turn out fabulous! These are my ideas, bases on personal experience since our home's bathrooms were builder-basic also.
    - definitely get rid of the medicine cabinet
    - new faucet
    - white cabinet
    - art
    - curtain
    - different accessories and new towels

    I agree that you can find AMAZING faucets on Ebay. How about oil-rubbed bronze to match the lamp above the mirror? You will find great "French-themed" art at Marshall's, TJMaxx, HomeGoods, and of course, GW.
    In our home, the curtain/drapery was the pi├Ęce de resistance! I can't take credit for this idea, it was the advice of a professional designer: hang your regular shower curtain and liner where they normally go.... Then... Hang silk (or poly that looks like silk) curtains as high as you can. Make these lush, at least double, perhaps triple width. I love the picture you showed where it hangs across the entire width of the tub. Find a rich, heavy tassel to hold it back (I found ours at Tuesday Morning). Keep the accessories simple and place some thick, fluffy towels in a basket. Oh, one more thing: I saw some spectacular knobs at Anthropology, but they were $14 a piece. Found the identical ones at Hobby Lobby online for $3.99!

    Have fun!

  23. Light and bright in a small space is always a good idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Love your master bath as well! Thanks for sharing, liz

  24. I'm pretty sure you have your head buzzing with ideas by now. I think I would paint the cabinet, but it's just me... I can't wait to see what you're going to do.

  25. Oh Mart, I can not wait to see what you come up with for your bathroom. I know it will be fabulous!