Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are You A Gadget Person

I am not really a gadget person and I have just a few small appliances that I use, all except for one.

If you've been visiting for a while, you probably know that I don't have appliances out on my counter, I have tons of other things.  I am a collector of all things decor and I change my kitchen vignettes constantly.

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This little jewel finally has a place of honor on the counter.  I use it about as often as I do all the oils and seasonings, so I quit putting it away.

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 It's not very big, but perfect for every meal when you are chopping up some onions, carrots, nuts or whatever you need for your favorite recipe.  It just chops them up in an instant, then you can  put them right in the pot.  So much better than trying to chop them on a cutting board.  Then into the dishwasher and you are done.

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 No, I am not compensated by Cuisinart at all.  I have a large food processor, but this little one is what I grab for constantly.

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Hubby gave it to me last Christmas, I think he did good!!!

So, tell me, what is your favorite gadget or appliance and do you keep it on the counter?

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  1. Marty, I am for sure a gadget person! I think I must have every gadget imaginable, JUST in case I need it... on second thought maybe I'm a gadget hoarder! lol


  2. I love mine too and use it at least 3 times a week.. it looks good out there with your other decor.. Yes, hubby did GOOD~!

  3. No, no gadgets on the counters at my house. Luckily I have some pull out drawers in the cupboards that conveniently house the food processor, toaster, blender etc. Well, I do have my coffee maker out, so that is one essential I have to have handy! I always enjoy your photos so much.

  4. I keep all of gadgets put away as well. I'm like you-just like to have décor visible rather than equipment. My one exception is the kitchen scale. I use it a lot. It is a small digital one that doesn't take up a lot of room, and like your mini processor, has a nice stainless steel look that goes with anything. Love your displays, as usual!

  5. Your 'little gadget' is simply adorable, plus it looks like a part of the decor, not just a practical equipment! I mostly keep my KAid out only because it's too heavy to be carried in and out every time. I love the vignette with this cutie, Marty.
    Big hugs,

  6. HI Marty,
    I have everything put away too in the kitchen. I love all your cute vignettes. I especially love the cute little chefs. The made me smile.

  7. I'm not a gadget girl either, but would love a little food processor like that. I end up using my hubby's blender and it usually doesn't work too well with food. :-/

  8. No, never have been a gadget person....but I must have my toaster. I love me some warm toast in the morning.

  9. Like your gadget. I too like to have everything put away just a few pretty things are displayed. The items I keep out are the 2 kitchen aid mixers, because they are too heavy to bring out all the time. Also, a Keurig and a Beer Master. They are all in my more hidden corner. Otherwise everything else is just for display. -who said a husband can't make a girl happy with an appliance ?

  10. Me and my husband are huge gadget people - from our cleaning machines to our appliances, we're ones not to skimp on the latest, however, with that said, I still stick to old-fashioned appliances that truly works well and not get tempted with the latest look or model. Like our old OSTER BLENDER - simple, works perfectly and love it! One of the first classic appliance I have Marty and I love it and would not think of replacing it at all! I also have the bigger version of your little cuttie and that too, now sits in our appliance garage with the blender. My latest fave is our Jura coffee machine, perhaps, our most advanced and most expensive kitchen gadget yet. I wrote about it actually in my blog today! Hope you have a great Labor day weekend Marty!

  11. I am not much of a gadget person these days. I am cooking out of a tiny kitchen now and can't spare the space. I used to have everything known to man but found that a mandoline and good knives can to everything in less space. I do keep my coffeepot and the combo toasteroven/toaster on the counter. They are both used several times a day. When my current microwave dies I will get an under cupboard model and save the counter space.

  12. I love kitchen gadgets and as I get the money, I am always getting or replacing more! I just moved this spring, to a smaller home with a much smaller kitchen and few cabinets, so I have many gadgets on the countertops, such as my KitchenAid mixer, knife block, malt mixer, utensil canister, small food processor, microwave, canister set, and toaster oven, and on top of the ice box is the toaster! This list does not include the stuff I did manage to stuff into those sparse cabinets, or items that are hanging on the kitchen walls! The items on the countertop are all things I use daily, but I wish I had more space so I could do some of the decorating that you do in your kitchen, Marty. It really looks lovely

  13. I am not really a gadget kitchen person. The only gadget I have on my kitchen counter is my Mixer and I use it the most 4 times in a month ( I might put it away ). The other gadgets are Microwave and toaster oven ( we use them almost everyday). I do drink coffee every morning. And my husband been telling me to buy one of those coffee maker. But I'm satisfied with an old fashion way :) I do wish to have a food processor though. I love yours. I might get one on this coming Christmas as a gift for myself :) Have a great week Marty !!


  14. I have gadgets but most stay in a drawer or under the counter. My favorite is my Cuisinart Power Stick. It blends my smoothies in a flash. However, it gets washed then put away. My coffee pot is the only thing I keep out. I like the size of your food processor though, Marty. Not too big!

  15. I don't have any counter for now... I use an old table to get dinner ready, so I can't keep anything on it except very useful stuff like oil, salt and pepper! But every night, I fall asleep dreaming of all the beautiful things I'll have on my counter someday!

  16. Hi Marty..I have one of those by the same maker (except mine is RED, of course, and a bit larger. I did the same thing. I no longer put mine away either and it has a permanent place on my counter top..crowded though it may be.
    I used it almost daily, especially when fixing meals with lots of chopping. Nuts, onions, carrots, grating cheese, bread crumbs..and on and on. Isn't it wonderful?!

    What is so crazy is that I had it for years and had no idea what I had!! Yep. That's true! 6 years to be exact. Then one day I pulled it out and found that it makes REALLY QUICK WORK of making deviled eggs and from then on, I was off and running. Now we are close buds, my Food Processer and I. :)

  17. My hubby is a gadget guy, he loves to cook and likes his gadgets close to him. After he is done in the kitchen I usually put all of the gadgets up except the Kitchen Aid (permanent). Love your kitchen, Marty...and your small gadget!!

  18. Marty, my husband who does most of the cooking, isn't a gadget person. He is pretty basic when it comes to his kitchen tools ~ sharp knife, a select few copper pots and pans, and a few other things. We do keep our Nespresso out on the cabinet and enjoy a coffee every afternoon.

  19. We've been thinking of getting a little one for quick chops, so thank you for spotlighting this one. Always glad to hear when something is recommended.

  20. Hi Marty..
    I suppose I am as we do have several gadgets that we use quite often.
    The only ones I really leave on the counter are the coffee pot, and keurig brewer.. (yep we have both) :0) and about half the time my kitchenaid stand mixer. The rest get put away after using them. (food processor/blender/bread machine/hand mixer etc.)

    Love your kitchen décor!

  21. What a perfect size to use quickly and keep out on the counter! Thanks for sharing at TTF.

  22. I love my small chopper, but keep it under the counter. My favorite kitchen gadget that I use all the time is my salad spinner! I wash my lettuce and blueberries and spin, spin, spin. Another one I use often is my hand mixer, a long wand with a small blade at the it too!
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  23. Marty,
    I am for sure a gadget person, I think I have just about everything imaginable, or at least my husband thinks that I do. I love trying out new gadgets all the time, though I don't think that I have a favorite one.

  24. Love those mini choppers! I am a gadget person but only because cooking is a passion of mine and there is always something going on in the kitchen. I love vignettes as you know, so I manage to stage them in other areas of the kitchen. I always enjoy the lovely vignettes on your counters! Have a great Labor Day weekend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. I LOVE my gadgets! Our Kitchen is small so appliances are out. I just got a VitaMix this spring and LOVE it so much that I got rid of my food processor this week! I can make smoothies to hot soup!

  26. I am not much of a gadget person either. We try to keep as many things in drawers and cabinets as we can...especially out of the reach of our 2 little girls. ;)


  27. Marty,
    I'm NOT a gadget girl. . .
    but my beloved Mother~in~Law was nicknamed "Grandma Gadget" by our sons!
    I have that same food processor, but must admit, I've never used mine.
    Better get it up on the countertop and give it a try!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  28. I am interested to hear you use this small cuisinart all the time~I use my big one often but many times I just chop by hand thinking it's too much trouble to dirty up something~you're right though, if it's not out, you won't use it. I think kitchens with empty counters means there isn't much cooking going on in there!

  29. I still have my food processor that I received when my husband and I got married 24 years ago.It's not a cuisinart but it works great.Hmmmm don't have any appliances on my counters other than my coffee maker :-)

  30. Hmmm, I do not think I have a favorite gadget. I do love my Pula Deen knife set though!:) Thanx for joining THT Marty!

  31. I leave the Kitchen Aid mixer out on the counter. It is just too big to put away. Thanks for sharing Marty!