Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Fix For The Patio

Summer has definitely done a number on our yard, my flowers look terrible.  We are still in the teens (113 yesterday).  We won't get any real fall weather until around the end of Sept., so I need to try and spruce up the patio for the last hurrah of summer.

So much better with some new plants and flowers.

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Before - -
I found a few perennials and a couple of plants that will stay year round.  The palm will go in the cream pot you see behind it and will be something that will last year round.  That will be a good thing as Martha Stewart always says.

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A variegated bougainvillea will go in another cream pot on the opposite post.  It can take the heat too and will be a year round plant.  I love the foliage.

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  Vinca, such a sweet and delicate little plant, but it can take the heat, so it will replace some really tired and dead petunias in three wok bowls.

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 Like this one, and

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 These two.

It always amazes me that a dropped seed can sprout anywhere, even the crack of concrete.  (I just need more dropped seeds.)
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Yeah, part of it is planted.

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Love the palm, so pretty, plus DH planted an ivy to grow up the sphere.

This is a fabulous tall sphere that was at Hobby Lobby on their 80% off garden closeouts. It will look amazing when the ivy climbs up it.  Super bargain for $9.

Ok, the patio looks so much better - -
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 Now if it would just cool off enough to get out into the rest of the yard.  The weeds have literally taken over and it looks shameful.  Pray for cool weather soon.
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When the yard gets weeded and the other flowers planted, I'll show you the rest.  Looking better so far.

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  1. Very pretty Marty, those hot days can just fry our poor little plants. I don't know if I could handle 113, whew, that is blasted hot! All your new plants look so fresh and Vinca loves the heat so it should do really well and I do love the pink and white!!
    xo Kathysue

  2. Gorgeous bougainvillea. Some of my flowers are getting kinda ugly too but I am not going to replant here in Minnesota. Frost will come in September.

  3. ll your plants are great Marty! I love Vincas cause it is hard to kill um!;)

  4. Looks beautiful Marty. I hope I get to see it in real soon!

  5. Looks great! Mr. Decor arrives home tonight and has taken 5 days off. Guess what's on his "honeydew" list? :)

  6. Those vinca plants will put a smile in your heart - love the pretty colors! Your patio looks great, Marty!

  7. it looks great now Marty. I dont know how ya'll keep things alive at all in those temps. sheesh, thats way too hot for me.

  8. How pretty, your patio looks, Marty! I don't think I can take 113 degree, I was sweltering in 90 degree this summer in the northeast! Considering how harsh our winter is I never thought I would ever complain about the heat until this summer:) I love variegated bougainvillea but alas it just won't grow down here with only three months of summer:( Loving your topiary finial, what a great price! Have a wonderful evening! hugs, Poppy

  9. Your patio looks great Marty! I dont know how you can handle 113 degrees, I melt anywhere near 100! I'm loving all your new additions... cant wait to see more! :)

  10. Oh, I thought that our summer was bad . . . I can not imagine it being in the teens.
    Poor you, I'll bet you can not wait for some cool September weather.
    Thank God for air conditioning :)
    Have a good week and think cool thoughts,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. Your patio looks beautiful! I am loving all of the greenery. My petunias didn't make it either this year. I feel your pain on that one!

  12. WOW and I thought it was still hot here. Poor gal!

    Your refreshed patio plants look great, Marty!


  13. I can't imagine having such HOT weather! I feel for you, cause I used to LOVE the hot weather, but I can't take it anymore. All of the new plants look great, I love the vinca:) That sphere is FABULOUS and a steal!!!! Have a good weekend, and I WILL pray it cools off for you!

  14. You did get a good deal! I so wish I had a patio covered like that. I'm sure you spend a lot of time out there when it isn't so hot.

  15. I agree Marty, the plants truly made a huge difference!!! Pretty flowers and palm is so refreshing on the eyes!

  16. It is the lack of rain here that is doing my plants in. It has been very hot and humid for us too, but nothing like 113! Ouch! Your new plants look very fresh and pretty. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


  17. Marty,
    I know how these 100 plus days can take a real toll on a yard in no time at all. 113-that is blazing hot. Your new plants look great and I have always enjoyed the look of Palms-stay cool if you can.
    Warm Hugs,

  18. Hi Marty. Your patio is looking so good. I know how hard it is to keep flowers alive when it is so hot (I lived in Florida). Love the sphere you got and what a great deal!

    Take care.

  19. Your back porch is looking so pretty, Marty. I love the sphere. Great find!...Christine

  20. It looks lovely, Marty. You are much braver than me. I'll be trying to revive our yard some time next month. For now it's all about getting the house painted and then I can clean up and plant. Did you get any rain over your way? We have had one storm after another roll in and roll right out without dropping any of the wet stuff. I'm convinced we are living "Under the Dome!"

  21. Looks great Marty! We have had so much rain in New Jersey that the weeds are unbelievable! My yard has never looked this bad!

  22. Love the volunteer popping up in the patio, unexpected and so pretty. Can you talk a little about the sunshade you are using on the side over and above the table and chairs? Is it a blind or screen? Can you lower it? Always looking for ideas to shade areas on my patios, I have dropcloth curtains on one end and they help alot and I like the look.
    Thanks, Dee

    1. It is a roll up shade made out of shadecloth that we found at Lowes. They carry them all the time and it is wonderful. We have it mounted under the eaves and then we use some twine hooked over the ends of the bottom rod to hold it back towards the fence. I love it. We have had it for several years and it is such a help with keeping the patio cool and shady.

  23. Your patio is lovely, Marty. One thing about weeds...they grow in all weather conditions, don't they. Vinca is my new favorite plant...so versatile! ;)

  24. Remember the very easy, non-chemical weed killer:
    1 gallon vinegar + 1 cup salt + a few drops dish washing detergent. Mix together and spray or pour over weeds (carefully so as not to spray anything you wish to keep alive as this will kill all vegetation).
    Hang in there - September will be here in a blink!

  25. Marty,
    Amazing patio, dear friend!!!
    I know all to well those triple digits from two Summers in a row!!!
    You have done an amazing work at keeping your planters fresh and vibrant!
    We are back to Summer temperatures, however the promise of rain is for the weekend!
    AND, yes. . .due to all of our rain this Summer. . .
    it's time to get back to work in the Gardens here on the Prairie!!!
    Have a marvelous time in the Garden, dear one!!!

  26. Your new plants look lovely. I can't imagine 113 degrees either. Hoping for cooler weather for you soon!

  27. Thanks Marty! I couldn't tell what type of shadecloth it was because of the angle of attachment...great idea, better than hanging straight down. I love the sun but is does so much damage to furniture and umbrellas.

  28. How do you keep your grass so green? Darling! I love your back yard. :)


  29. Beautiful patio, love the new plants! Your back yard is not the only one with weeds, between the rain and then the heat, I don't know if I will ever get mine cleaned up.

  30. For someone who has such hot weather, I have to say your grass is very green! The best thing we did years ago was install a sprinkler system. Prior to that our grass and our landscaping really didn't look that great at all. Once we did that, things changed so much our yard was featured on the cover of a local magazine!

    The variegated leaves are my favorite. There's something so 'textural' about them that I just love.What a difference a few plants made, and you got some great deals too. Always helps ;).

    Stay cool (if possible)!

  31. It looks just beautiful. Our lawn that was so green last week is looking slightly brownish on top. I AM NOT NOT NOT ready for fall.

  32. 113?? You must be another Arizonan, like me. Major kudos to you for even caring what's in your outside pots -- let alone getting outside to DO anything about them! They look wonderful!

  33. So pretty, Marty. I agree with you. My Petunias require so much more work than the Vinca. I've about decided to not get Petunias again. Mine are still blooming, but they look so shabby, because it has just been to hot to spend the time out there dead-heading them. I love your $9 buy at H.L. What a deal. And it even looks pretty with nothing growing on it. laurie

  34. Hello Marty!

    Where do you find the enthusiasm this late to work on your flowers?? I am watered, weeded, and plain burnt out- hate the end of summer with the too hot days that just fry everything! But, yours look great!

    Mimi @ A House Romance

  35. Your patio looks much fresher than mine. I haven't gotten brave enough to confront the triple digit heat!

  36. Your patio looks beautiful! What a nice place to sit down and relax. We had such a hot Summer also that this year I didn't plant any flowers. I knew they wouldn't survive. Enjoy your day!

  37. your patio looks great, very beautiful.nice place.

  38. Such a neat and uncluttered patio. I need to downsize..no really, I do!
    It only reached 107 here today..and has already dropped to 100. It's like walking into an oven out there. Awful.
    I hope your weekend is a bit cooler.

  39. I love what you have done. You should come party with us and show of your creativity.
    Have a great weekend!

  40. Your patio looks lovely. I know it has to be quite some job to keep it looking good in temperatures that high. The variegated bougainvillaea is beautiful. I think you have inspired me to get out today and work on decluttering and freshening up my patio.

  41. Your yard and patio are just beautiful. I wish mine looked half a great. And here I was moaning about 96... but that is in the house or was, seems to have cooled off a lot just the past few days. Only 92 in the house right now because it is overcast. I am admiring you for doing all that yard and patio work in such extreme heat.

  42. the heat of summer is really on now! Your backyard and patio look wonderful and inviting - you've inspired me to spruce up my garden! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,