Monday, September 2, 2013

August Projects Review

Do you ever try to think of where the time has gone and what did you accomplish.  Sometime it doesn't seem like I get anything done until I sit back and take a look at my posts, then I am reminded that I did get a few things done.

First on the list was a little paint and stain project to Turn Tacky to Gold.  I gave you a tutorial on how to take some really tacky figurines and turn them into gold treasures.  They look like real brass.

Next I added some Green/White/Brown decor to the living room.  I showed you several versions of this color scheme by just changing a few pillows.

My new sewing machine that I got for my birthday had me on a roll, so I created a whole new color scheme for the family room..  I coordinated some checks from the living room into the new colors to tie the two rooms together.

When I found my "new man" lamp at goodwill, I had to do a littler repair and I showed you How to Find The Right Lampshade for a lamp.  He looks fabulous on my desk.

Finally I spruced up the patio with a few new plants.

September means we are leading into fall.  It won't cool down here until October, but I already have my thinking cap on for some fall projects and decor.

How about you, are you ready for Fall and do you have a ton of projects mapped out.  Be sure to come back this afternoon and link up to Inspire Me.  We all want to see everything you've been up to.

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  1. Just look how productive you were! A great month of projects! I know what you mean about not feeling like you've done much until you look back at your posts. I feel the same way...and then I look at my kiddos and they are still growing big and strong, so I must have done a lot of cooking this month too ;-) Hope you are enjoying this Labor Day! Have a super week!

  2. You've done beautiful work! Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers!

  3. I can't wait for it to cool down. I've been chomping at the bit to get outside but it is just too HOT.

  4. Those are all great posts! The one where you change the tacky dogs into classy dogs is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing how you did that.

  5. Marty you have such great elements 'thruout' your lovely home that I will never stop commenting, but my fav is that lamp with the handsome gentleman...I truly covet it!
    Have a wonderful September.


  6. The mirrors are what I'm coveting, but I love all of your changes. Lovely!

  7. What a great idea to review your month! You've done a lot and it's all lovely. You should be very proud!

  8. I do like your review of the month. It's nice to remember what was done. Here at my house it was a pretty much do nothing month, but I've been enjoying a few day trips around and about and have lots of good memories of family times. Wishing you a Happy Labor Day and a great September!

  9. Marty,
    Amazing indeed to see all we accomplish in a month's time within our homes!
    I love your vignettes on the book shelves and the desk!
    You, truly, inspired me to get my sewing machine out
    and make pillows this month, dear friend!
    September is Annual Vacation time for us. . .
    so NO major projects until we return in October!!!
    Thanks for the re~cap!!!

  10. You have a lovely home Marty, and you're truly talented with vignettes! Love the idea of putting your month 'in review'.

    Thanks so much for joining our Blog Hop on Thursday. We are so happy to have you!

  11. Since I seem to thrive on Fall and Winter and look forward to it all through Spring and Summer..of COURSE I'm heavy into getting ready. Checking out adding to my Fall collections of goodies, although I don't need a single thing. :) Yes, I would say you have done a LOT! Your bathroom is my VERY favorite.

  12. You sure had a productive month Marty filled with great projects! Your patio and planters look great!

  13. Another Awesome August Marty! Fall season is here so I'm betting September will be even more fantastic!

  14. What a great party, Marty. Thanks for hosting. Your patio looks great!