Sunday, October 20, 2013

Decorating Tips From A Designer

I think we get so use to seeing our things that we really don't see them at all.  I had the pleasure of having a friend and her designer here the other day and she was kind enough to critique a few things..  It was so interesting to hear her input.  I made a few changes.

The master bedroom got the most subtle of changes, but it really is better..  I showed you the picture after I changed out the drapes.  You can see that post here.  This is the way I had it.

She edited some of the pillows and added my mink throw.  It seemed to warm the space up and it really did make the settee look more inviting.

The throw helped to ground the settee and made it look as though you could lay back and snuggle up for some quiet time and a good book.  She's right, it does help tell a story better than all the pillows.

Another area she suggested a small change was in the dining area on the buffet.  This is what I had.

When I did my fall display on the dining table, I didn't change the buffet, while there is nothing wrong with it, it could be much better.  This is how I changed it out.

 Again her suggestion is so much better than what I had.  This ties in some natural elements and finishes off all the details.  You can see how I created the feather bouquet in this post.

Plus it also compliments the rest of the living area.

Another small change she suggested  was to swap out and change a couple of pillows on the sofa in the family room.  Here is what I had.

Instead of all different pillows, she repeated the floral pillow to add more interest to the room.  I was emphasising the check pillow since I have the check runner on the breakfast table and wanted to continue the check theme from the living/dining area.  Her comment was the check still carries through, but now this room has a pattern and identity of it's own while also complimenting the other room.

There weren't any earth shattering  changes that she made (although I am sure she could have changed a lot), but it was really interesting to listen to her and especially about editing and paying attention to detail.

Her best suggestion was to look at a room from all angels, then walk away and come back the next day or in a few hours and look at it again from all angels, really paying attention to all the details.

It's so fun to have a professional to learn from, I had a great time and really enjoyed their visit.

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  1. Interesting to see how the small details matter :-)

  2. Awesome! We all get blind with all our details, infact small changes, BIG diffirence. I guess, I need her in Stockholm.
    And even you Marty? LoL'

    Happy Sunday, gorgeous Lady.

    Hugs from D`Box,
    /CC girl

  3. It is always nice to have constructive criticism look at your decor with a new eye for the details. Your home is lovely.

  4. Your home always looks lovely, Marty! Even though we are not all professional designers, I think we follow some of the same rules -- we just refer to it as "tweaking!"

  5. How fun to have a professional come in and give tips and suggestions! Although your home always looks fabulous, it's fun to see how a small change can make a big difference!~~Angela

  6. Oh, that would be fun! I bet she'd have a hey day at my house! Yours looks stunning as always!!

  7. How nice to have a friend who is a designer give you tips.I love how you styled it yourself Marty.But she made beautiful changes as well! Your home is gorgeous!

  8. Oh fun! What a neat idea to get another perspective. I do like the natural elements on the buffet. They added softness and movement. Everything looks beautiful. (though I though it all looked pretty good before too)

  9. Marty,
    Very interesting post and great tips!!!
    The Master Bedroom looks so~o~o luxurious with the throw on the settee!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us. . .
    and for letting us in on some great tips for our own homes, as well!!!

  10. It's nice to see thingswith a (sligthly) different eye.

  11. Everything looks terrific. Isn't it great to have someone else give you their input. Just changing a pillow or flower arrangment can make a lot of difference. Like the changes.
    Have a great week Marty.

  12. Hi Marty,
    Your master bedroom is lovely and I think the fur throw adds a nice touch of warmth. Overall I'd say that your decorating skills are pretty darn good.


  13. Loved seeing these small changes! Great ideas...

  14. That was interesting Marty!
    Your home is so well done, it's hard to make it look much prettier.
    I do like the idea of a new set of eyes, especially trained ones.
    It's cold and dreary here today, quite the change from Phoenix last weekend.
    Hugs friend,

  15. I think your house is stunning and you probably could have taught her some things-love dee x

  16. Everything in your house is perfection my friend...your Little changes are always Fabulous changes, I love small turn arounds, specially when I don't have to go shopping for nothing, instant gratif! Your bedroom is woon!!! I'm working on my Halloween table for Tuesday...not exactly doing a great job, lol! Have a great week.

  17. You know, there have been times that I never noticed something about my house until I saw it on my own blog. LOL! Even while taking pictures, I sometimes don't notice things until I see it on the blog. It's always good to have another perspective. :) Your home is always so lovely. I enjoy seeing how you decorate. :)

  18. I've always heard that the key to tying things together is in the small details. You already have a great sense of style, but what a treat to have a designer give you tips, everything looks wonderful!

  19. It's fun to get ideas from someone new especially someone you consider a professional. I've had someone out twice over the years. The first time I was knocked totally off course and ended up with a southwest style couch. Yuck! The second time, when we first moved in our last house, I had a lady out who was so helpful. She walked around making suggestions while I wrote it down fast and furious. She told me to get bigger accessories. That was good advice.

  20. You're always welcome at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Hi Marty, I think it's wonderful that the pro only had a few suggestions--clearly, you have a gift for decorating!
    Dee :)

  22. The changes she made seemed so small and yet made such a nice impact! It was really fun to see how a very small change can make such a difference..I loved it the way it was..but I love it all this way too!

  23. Interesting, Marty! Everyone has a different opinion on change. Small changes=big results.

  24. Your home looks beautiful Marty! It's always nice to have another set of creative eyes give you their perspective.

  25. Little changes can make a big difference. It's always fun to talk to someone and get a fresh perspective on your home.

  26. you are so right, Marty - we get "stuck" looking at our things and a fresh eye with subtle changes can really add a new perspective! Everything looks beautiful - love the new touches! xx, b

  27. Such small changes, but great impact. You have a great sense of style Marty and I loved the way it looked before, but it looks even better now.

  28. That was really interesting to see the little changes and how much of a difference they made! I love the throw on your settee - that does indeed look a lot better than all the pillows. Sometimes when I make changes in my decor, I have to walk away for awhile and then look again later, and like you said, from different angles. So then I might change things up again because there is something that's just not "right"!

  29. The throw does make a dramatic difference! Fresh eyes and all that! Your bedroom is luxurious!

  30. Oh, I love the subtle changes. And I would LOVE to have a designer come and edit my home. How fun!!

  31. My thought is that she didn't have much to change! :) As in your room was already lovely. It does look great with that throw, though! : )

  32. Your bedroom is absolutely stunning. I love your headboard as is, but your lucky in that if you wanted to change it, imagine a gorgeous pale French Grey/blue over the woodwork on the headboard to lighten it up.

    Lee :)

  33. Great tips! And your bedroom looks wonderful. I'm hosting a fall wreath giveaway that you should enter!

  34. This was very interesting, but I also think it proves we all see things a little differently when it comes to decorating. I really love your bedroom, very inviting.

  35. Great tips! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x